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How to know skin type ? – Tamil Beauty Tips Hi Friends You are watching Tamil Beauty TV and My hearty welcome those who are watching our channel

Most of the people are unaware of their skin type Without knowing the skin type they use beauty products which is not suitable for them and get negative results First we should know our skin type All of us know that there are five types of skin Oily, dry, normal, sensitive and combination In today's video we are going to show how to find our skin type

Wash your face and go for night sleep without applying any cream or moisturiser Especially sleep under fan without using air cooler or AC Morning stand in front of mirror and check your face Forehead, Nose and area around nose and chin is called T-Zone Cheeks are called C- Zone

Both T Zone and C Zone will be oily for oily skin The reason for oily skin is excess secretion of oil in our oil glands Due to this we are suffering from pimples, acne and pores Oil block the pores and hinders the breathing of skin For normal skin T Zone will be oily and C zone will be dry

We get normal skin because oil glands secretes the exact oil for our skin and proper blood circulation Normal skin will be smooth and soft Dry skin will be tight with cracks on the skin During winter season white patches will be formed We can know that our skin is dry

Dry skin may be due to dehydration, Using chemical products or lack of oil secretion If you have dry skin wash your face gently and apply moisturiser before going to bed For combination skin forehead, nose and areas around nose will be oily and C zone will be normal Wash your face in the morning and apply some cream If you feel itching then your skin is sensitive

Avoid chemical products and use mild face wash and soap

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