How to Lose Weight? – Drink to Reduce Weight Fast – Tamil Beauty Tips

How to Lose Weight? – Simple Drink to Lose Weight Fast – Tamil Beauty Tips Hello friends You are watching Tamil Beauty TV

Obesity is a common problem faced by people in all age group Some people will diet or do heavy workouts but when you stop exercising there are chances for regaining the lost weight In this video we are going to see how to reduce weight with a juice Wash coriander leaves and grind it in a mixie Extract the juice out of it

Coriander leaves improves our metabolism and flushes out toxins which causes weight gain It is good for digestion and when you take it you will get clean and clear skin It helps to maintain blood pressure and cholesterol level Soak 1 tsp of cumin seeds in 1 cup of water overnight and heat it and add with the coriander juice Squeeze half lemon and add the juice in it

Before adding lemon juice check whether it is warm Cumin seeds flushes out toxins and helps for weight loss Take this water in an empty stomach Don't make it in bulk and refrigerate instead make it fresh and drink Pregnant women and lactating mothers should avoid drinking this juice

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