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I'm going to be showing you today how to make a hibiscus water it's actually like the fountain of youth and it's also called Botox plan as it helps with wrinkles and acne and helps regenerate basically the cells in the collagen and why it does that is because it's super high and natural AHA's alpha-hydroxy which are very important factor and cell turnover rates for our skin and other things so i'm going to show you the way that I concentrate and make the Hibiscus water you can also do this roses and stuff but I like this because it helps like moisturizer your skin as well so let's get onto the show Start with your hibiscus flowers and what you're gonna be doing you can see already I kinda did a couple of them taking the green off but leaving the rest of the stem inside of it so the way that I do is they actually tear down the green also make sure you can get all the little buggies and stuff and you want to definitely make sure you rinse them off really good especially if there were some types of pesticides or anything has been used to treat them, So just leave it like that

ok the next you're gonna fill it up with distilled water you want to make sure you use distilled water because it had all of the proper impurities that properly removed and stuff So this is actually like a vegetable steamer and then take a bowl this like about like almost the same size or close to as possible and then you're going to put lid on it but first before you do any of that just in case there was any treatment or anything done on them you want to actually bring it to a boil with the flowers in there and then put the lid and the rest of this on The reason is a lot of the stuff that gets used as you know I'm things to treat plants and other things is they use have a lower boiling point rate than water itself so you're actually like letting them evaporate first and get out of there ok so now that you see that there's some steam, if you can see here but, soon as you can see some steam starting to rise up from the pot set this over it and putting the lid on you want to make sure that you have a lid that doesn't have like a little steam spout so i had to use a different one that doesn't it's a little bit bigger than this you can also use a plate that started dripping outside of the thing so don't use actually a bigger lid because it will actually end up dripping off the sides I just noticed so a plate actually works really well because it's dipped inward these make great hair decorations too so after I finish letting the concoction cool off the amount that I had collected from the steam from the concentration in the bowl I packaged it up in a cute little bottle that I had and you know I just continue to do it as it gets low slow And just put it on a cotton ball to use it like a toner once or twice a day

I felt a difference right when I first started using it I swear I felt like the difference the first time but could have just been like in here but definitely I saw a difference after using it for a little while so you will too well thank you for watching this tutorial on how to make your own hibiscus water or Botox plant water and don't forget to subscribe and we will see you next time if you have any questions for feel free to leave them below thanks Bye

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