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okay so this is all just pigmentation and acne scarring even my neck what is happening? Hey guys! Welcome back to "Beauty Within" so a lot of the problems that I personally struggled with is acne and acne is just one of the most annoying things that can happen to anybody because it's really confusing why it's happening what products to use what these products even do if you saw me one or two months before it would have been more like a crocodile texture skin and it was only a few affordable products that I picked up that really helped change the game so today in this video what I'm gonna do is actually break down a lot of the treatments and a lot of the ingredients that are used in a lot of acne related products and tell you what you actually need to help treat whatever acne problem it is that you have before we jump into the video make sure you are subscribed "Beauty Within" so you're up to date and also shout-out to "Audible" for sponsoring this video we have a unique link that you guys can visit wwwaudible

com/beautywithin and you get a free 30-day trial for podcasts for books that you want to read so I'll mention a little bit more about that later in the video but first let's just jump into why we get acne? so first of all I want you to ask yourself are you breaking out in the lower region of your face? so from like this nose area down so the cheeks, around the mouth even along the neck and just like on the jawline that's where I get it most so that's telltale sign number one that it might be hormonal and then looking actually at the pimple itself is it cystic is it just little bumps you know are they painful are they blood clots this all sounds really disgusting but it actually tells you a lot about what type of acne you could be dealing with and therefore you can get the right products to deal with it so if you answered yes for it's around the same time every month it's in the lower region of your face and they're kind of like just your average pimple then you're probably struggling with hormonal acne today that's what I'm gonna talk about with you okay so starting from inside the body our body naturally produces estrogen as well as testosterone testosterone! testosterone which is more commonly known in men but we also have it as well but it's just that we produce less of it as women hopefully I have a mustache it's like a and normally our body naturally just balances these hormones and keeps it at an even level but when it comes to that time of the month there's extra testosterone actually being made in our body and then that's when the body tries to like compensate and deal with it and sometimes it can't and then that's what produces the pimples! Yay so essentially it's just when your body is put off-balanced so because of this excess testosterone the body still has to let those hormones like flow somewhere and a lot of the time it is through the skin because our skin has these receptors that store almost the testosterone it's actually called "androgen" that's when it starts like creating more oils and then your pores are enlarged so it's like from the inside the imbalances as well as external factors and then yeah it just becomes like hell right so it's also important to know that testosterone travels through the bloodstream and the more of it that's in there your skin will produce more oil that's why sometimes you get like bacne that increases the sebum that clogs the pores and therefore you get pimples hope that makes sense and this is obviously even worse if you have naturally oily skin because it's like oil on oil and extra oil so it's just a big hot mess like a pizza on your face okay so knowing that now I want to share with you guys the two or three ingredients that are really important to look out for when you're trying to buy products to help solve this the first one is AHA "Alpha Hydroxy Acid" the second one is BHA "Beta Hydroxy Acid" these acids and exfoliants are actually really popular in a lot of skincare so how it works is that your skin has a lot of dead skin on the top and sometimes when you don't wash your face enough if you don't exfoliate the the skin just dies there and then it seeps into the pores and then your pores get clogged and then that's when a breakout occurs but the AHA and BHA exfoliant acid actually helps to unstick these dead skin cells so that it can shed off your face so just think of "Fantastic Four" the rock dude you know what I am talking about? imagine your skin is all scaly and dry and underneath is like a baby's butt just waiting to be revealed so the AHA and BHA actually helps to reveal that fresher younger looking skin so if you've heard of glycolic acid lactic acid or even mandelic acid all of these are actually AHAs and also AHA is normally preferred with normal to drier skin types okay so moving on to BHAs and an example of BHA is salicylic acid which is probably something that you've all heard of if you struggle with breakouts and pimples and things like that if you think that your skin has enlarged pores it has those tiny little bumps that aren't pimples but isn't a rash either BHA is kind of like a well rounded ingredient that will help to shed the skin from the surface and is water soluble so that means people with oilier combination skin tones will prefer maybe a BHA I brought my little bag here of the products that have really saved my life and I'm gonna share these with you the first product is this cleanser and it's from a brand called "Krave" and the person who started it was actually a Youtuber as well she's Korean and she's worked in a lot of skincare like works with a lot of skincare so this cleanser helps your skin arrive at the pH balance of 5 to 6 so that's a really healthy hydrated not too acidic not too dry level it's got matcha, hemp seeds, oats almonds, vitamin B5 so yeah I use this every day like I wipe off of my makeup with a cleansing oil and then I go in and clean it with this which is like the double cleansing method it's really important that when you pick a cleanser it's not stripping all the oils off your face start with a comfortable cleanser like this one from "Krave" for a toner I discovered this one from "The Ordinary" "The Ordinary" has a lot of these toners and serums and it's a little bit confusing because they all have these like really kind of scientific percentages of these acids which is why I'm trying to explain what they actually mean so this has 10% lactic acid which is an AHA I had this kind of disgusting planet universe of cystic acne as well as like little ones and they just kept popping up but this really helped to soothe it and it has 2% hyaluronic acid and hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring chemical in your skin that holds moisture this little thing was only like ten dollars still with me? so this is the TLC Glycolic Night Serum and this has AHA and BHA in it so they work in combination and really helps to neutralize your skin from within and it doesn't burn it's really good for sensitive skin it's a serum and it helps to like refine and retexturize the skin as well so if you're feeling really scaly this has been awesome and I think it's actually changed my life this little one is just the travel size that you got at Sephora at you know the isle of doom at the end okay so the next step is this "Murad Blemish Clearing Solution" and this is like a really light gel moisturizer I use it in between the serum and the moisturizer because it is so light this has been a lifesaver the active ingredient is salicylic acid it's only got like 0

5 so it's not heavily medicated but you can wear this all over the face so you don't really have to worry about it being like overpowering and especially for you guys with sensitive skin and it really reduced the amount of inflammation all over my face when I used it I think it was within the next two days after using this in combination with the next moisturizer I'm gonna tell you over one week like everything was gone I cannot be more thankful to "Murad" so yeah check this one out my last step is the "Clinique Anti-blemish Solutions" and this is the "All-over clearing treatment" and the reason I use this one last in conjunction with the "Murad" is because this "Clinique anti-blemish solution" actually has 25% Benzoyl Peroxide which is a really strong ingredient for acne but it's in a very little dosage and I was really surprised that it didn't smell really scary you know like acid but it was also very lightweight but it's just a teeny little bit stronger than the "Murad" so I think you could pick either or if your skin is a little bit more sensitive maybe try "Murad" and then finish with another moisturizer otherwise if your skin is pretty normal you're just trying to fight hormonal like me I would actually suggest this one because I think it is a little more effective this one also helps to control excess oil I would use all of these at nighttime so these are like the four products that I cannot thank enough you don't understand how bad my face was it was like bumpy from the inside it was like cystic it was tough like it was just disgusting and anything I tried to cover over with didn't work any you know like the drying lotion "Kate Somerville" has a drying lotion it's pink nothing worked so the difference between getting the skin care that treats it from you know within your skin versus those drying pimple creams is that the pimple creams will dry out your like surface skin and then it will start peeling but these creams help flush it out almost like just push it out so I think you really need to like look into more targeted skincare versus just a quick solution especially for hormonal acne alright so I know that was a lot to digest lots of learning lots of products but I just want to go back and thank "Audible" for sponsoring this video so we have a unique link for you that will give a free audiobook and a 30-day free trial and for those of you who don't know what "Audible" is it's pretty much a website and an app that lets you read books listen to podcasts it has a bunch of other entertainment you can browse their huge array of audio books as well as podcasts that's something that I do you know just listening on the train in New York City to pass time it's kind of comforting to listen to someone read a book for you my favorite books on you know like self-development self-esteem, confidence or just like you know positivity I read "Big Magic" that's one of my favorites it's on like creativity and also "Solve for Happy" which I'm still trying to get through I'm in love with it you know it's all about personal development and you know just understanding life and if you guys are interested in things like that I would highly recommend so when you go to the link or you can just text "Beauty Within" to 500 500 you'll get a free audiobook as well as a 30-day free membership trial so no strings attached all the details are in the description apart from that that's all I have to share today let me know if you guys have any other questions or if you're confused about anything that I mentioned in this video I know it's a lot to take in but really understanding why things are happening on your face and your body will really help you go out and buy products to really target that problem and you know not waste your money you know things that you don't actually need make sure you click 'Subscribe' and see you in the next video!

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