How to use Flat Top Foundation Makeup Brush? [Video Tutorial]

Welcome back to Nanshy! Today I'm going to show you how to apply a full face of make-up with just one brush! I will be demonstrating with a Flat Top Foundation brush and I'm using Nanshy's Flawless Foundation Brush, which is cruelty free and 100% Vegan! but you can use any flat top brush you have at home So let's begin with a clean face

And I'm prepping it with primer for smoother application and long-lasting finish First of I'm using a BB cream for liquid foundation apply a small amount onto the back of your hand and stipple your brush into foundation then begin stippling on the bridge of your nose, across the cheekbones from the ears to the nose, from the outer to the middle part of the chin stipple above and below the lip Get more foundation on to the brush and stipple across the hairline meeting at the middle of the forehead then stipple on the temples right between the ear and the eye, downward across to jaw line and fading in to the neck then blend the foundation by buffing it all out this brush is so soft, it's perfect for buffing, so soft even to blend out concealer, especially under the eyes first time applying it directly to my dark circles and padding it in with my finger to melt the concealer into my skin and with the brush blending it out with the same stippling motion How about cream foundation? Easy peasy I like to apply it directly from the tube on the same areas we placed the liquid foundation and stipple it all over and look how amazing this brush blends I'm watching it on playback and I'm like wow! Now if you wanna keep full coverage just keep stippling but if you wanna sheer coverage just buff it out If to use foundation as your concealer just apply and keep stippling inwards and make sure its all blended out Now that's flawless! This brush is perfect for powders as well I'm using this press translucent powder set my concealer with light stippling motions so as not smooth the work we've already gone the same thing goes with a loose powder

Just roll your brush on powder and tap off the excess and I'm stippling in on the areas they get oily the most and then the rest all over my face Next up – contour! I'm taking these two brown shades with the brush at the angle, I'm placing that angle on the hollow of my cheek the sculpt it out, that's what I'm talking about! Then blending in circular motions towards the hairline and down the jaw line and neck, then repeat on the other side don't forget to blend until you see no harsh lines and you can contour the nose with this brush as well just blend the bronzer on the side of the nose like this With that same bronzing powder I'm taking that pinkish shade and using it as my powder blush and lightly dabbing it across my cheeks How about a cream blush? just like the liquid foundation put a little bit on the back of your hand and dab your brush onto it, then take it to the cheek Now let's not forget about the highlight dabbing the brush on the highlighter I'm applying on the bridge of my nose on the top of my cheekbones with light stippling motions It's all about the stippling motion with this brush

and "voila" you basically done! I'm just gonna top of the look with some mascara and a little bit of lipstick and some glow mist the set the make-up Flawless and fresh looking Don't you think? Thumbs up if you like it! All the wonders that one brush can do, right? Who else loves the flat top foundation brush? Let us know in the comments below That's it for now, till next time Thanks for watching! Want to see more videos? Don't forget to subscribe and follow us

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