How to Use Natural Cleansing Milk – Natural Skincare Products – Part 1

Would you like to learn how and why to use natural cleansing milk in a bit different way as you're doing with your ordinary one? So watch this video! I'm Zane from Atlantis Skincare and today I want to demonstrate how I'm using my natural cleansing milk And it's a bit different because when I'm making my cleansing milk I'm adding so many good stuff, like Aloe Vera Extract, different waters and hydrosols jojoba oil, rosehip oil, Vitamins, essential oils

So, to get maximum use of all the goodness in the cleansing milk, you should do it bit different as usual At the start I'm applying very very hot water, like, it's nearly I can't even keep my hand in so I will demonstrate how I use my cleansing milk at my cosmetic routine

So basically this is very hot water, and you can use any small towel And just apply to your skin for 10 seconds Hot water opens your pores and your cleansing milk can work much more effective so while your skin is damp, apply your cleansing milk on your face and again, wash it off with hot water You see, all the cosmetic is on my towel So, and at the end you simply just dry your skin dry your skin with tissue Just to prepare it for the toner So, this is part 1 – Cleansing milk Thank you!

Source: Youtube


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