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Hey guys, this is Mi-Anne, and this is Beauty With Mi Ever since I got my zipts zapped, I wanna say a year and a half ago at Dermalogica, I’ve been on the hunt for another facial that is as good for acne

I found one It’s at a spa called Skin Laundry, which has locations all around the US And the treatment is called the Laser and Light Facial It uses lasers to combat things like acne, inflammation, redness, brighten the overall complexion, and it only takes 15 minutes

I went last week! So, I’m gonna show you the entire process I’ll let you know what I thought, but first you have to make sure you’re subscribed Down below, you know the drill, red button, hangout with me every Monday, 11 AM is Beauty With Mi Day So, without further ado, let’s go to the spa I was a little bit nervous to go get this treatment, because I was afraid that it would hurt or sting, but as soon as I got there my nervousness just went away as soon as I met my nurse, Elyse

Hi Mi-Anne! Welcome to Skin Laundry Hi! My name is Elyse I’ll be the nurse performing your 15 minute laser facial today So, what we do here at Skin Laundry is a 2-part treatment The first is a Yag Laser, and the second is a I

PL, which stands for, “Intense Pulsed Light” Okay The laser will be the first portion where we’ll do 2 passes of your face

What that does is it targets pigments What will help break up any hyper pigmented areas And it’s also going to deep clean your pores So, anybody who has acne, breakouts, clogged pores, blackheads It’s going to vaporize dirt

During the laser portion of the treatment, you’ll feel a little bit of heat and prickling If you’d like a break at any time just let me know, but you shouldn’t have any discomfort Amazing Well I can’t wait to start After Elyse told me what to expect, what it would feel like, she brought me to the treatment table and I removed any residual makeup with a cleansing wipe

Then came the fun part While I’m doing the laser treatment, you may smell something, this is not your hair or skin burning, it’s just the vapors getting cleaned out I smell it You smell it already It smells weird

Okay, good So, that’s the smell of success That means your skin is getting deeply cleaned This one, I’m not gonna lie, didn’t feel great It felt like prickly, like I don’t think that I would have been able to withstand having that laser on my face for much more than like 10 minutes

Good thing the facial is only 15! And that was one pass We’ll do 2 passes How are you doing? Good Sometimes I can see stuff come up to the surface, I haven’t really seen anything like that with you, but it is possible that wherever there is underlying congestion can come to the surface If that happens, we call it purging, and it’s just a natural part of the healing process

We recommend that if you do have any purging, you just come back in a few days for another treatment that will help clear it right up So, once the first laser was done, Elyse brought out the IPL Machine

I’ll be applying some cold gel to your face The gel is just a water-based ultrasound gel It’s going to keep your skin nice and cool And the purpose is to help evenly spread the light, so it acts as a conductor for the IP

L treatment You will feel a little bit of heat, and mostly you’re just going to observe a very bright light Woah So, what does this one do in comparison to the first? It’s also targeting redness and inflammation

And it leaves your skin with a bit of tightened feeling So, after the treatment you should feel tighter, brighter, glowing, clean They both deliver light energy, but they’re delivering the energy in different wavelengths How often is it recommended to get this treatment? This treatment is mild enough and safe enough to do every other day Most people come between every 7 and 10 days

And that’s it And now I will apply and a little bit of toner Ooo And I’ll apply a little bit of daily moisturizer with SPF How does your skin feel? It feels good

I’m excited to see what it looks like Good Well you look great Take a look Oh

My skin looks a lot less red Is that just me? Yes It definitely looks calmer, brighter It’s healthy and clean So, what should I do now that we’re done? Our after care is very simple because the treatment is so mild and safe

We recommend that you reapply sunscreen every 2 hours If you do any manual exfoliation, like a Clarisonic brush or scrubs, just wait until tomorrow for that Okay Does it make your skin a little bit more sensitive to that? It can And we just don’t wanna over exfoliate

Got it Because your skin has just been exfoliated, so we just want to give it time It’s been a week since I've gotten the treatment and my skin has been really smooth The makeup has gone on really well over it I think that for the time that it takes to commit to the facial, it’s like a no brainer

Skin Laundry offers the first facial free, so why not, go check it out see if you like it Then if you wanna get another facial it’s $65, or you can get bundles for a slightly reduced price If you can’t make it to a Skin Laundry, or if you simply don’t want to drop the cash, which I don’t blame you There are a few things you can do at home that can give you a similar result, although they are not going to be a laser So, Neutrogena makes a mask and it’s called the Light Therapy Acne Mask

Now it uses blue and red light to target acne causing bacteria It is super easy to use It turns on! And you just sit tight really for 10 minutes It will automatically turn off and it’s essentially your mask, but you don’t have to wash it off, so you just chill, sit on the couch The second is much more traditional, but you know how much I love a good exfoliating mask

This is a San Francisco based brand It’s called Monastery, and this is the Exfoliating Glycolic Gel What’s nice about it is it’s very, very gentle mask I wouldn’t say it’s the same as the Light and Laser Facial, but it does give you that instant brightening effect Because it has the rose water in it, it is very soothing, so I don’t tend to get any redness from it

All around, a goodie So, that is it I hope you guys enjoyed this video If you guys have tried this facial, or if you are going to try it, please let me know down below And if there’s anything else you’d like me to try on Beauty With Mi please don’t hesitate to drop it in the comments as well

See you next week Bye! Thanks so much for watching guys Let me know what you wanna see next on Beauty With Mi in the comments down below, and click here to subscribe to Refinery29, and click here to watch another video Bye!

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