InstaGlam Zombie Makeup Tutorial (Part 2 of InstaGlam) (CC)

(music) Good evening In this video, I am literally letting out all of my artistic expression of what has been on my mind lately

IN A FUN ZOMBIE WAY! All of the products I used today will be listed somewhere around the video Also don't forget to follow me subscribe to my channel If you have any questions, comments, concerns, feel free to contact me

Part one of this video is not about judgement, it's not about how people even do their makeup it's about the fact that even I can look completely different online When in reality, i'm in my pajama pants with my slippers on Without even realizing it, social media can affect our minds a lot more than we think It can be used for good But it can also completely change our minds about the way that we see our bodies, the way that we see ourself the way that we see our faces?! On social media, and even in some of the fan mail that gets sent to me, I see a lot of young girls girls trying their best to keep up with what they see online, or the "latest trends" and I'm not messing around, I have BINDERS FULL of fan mail I read everything that's sent to me Because you know, I love you guys and hand written letters

I see comments and get letters from young girls as young as ELEVEN asking me how to do a contour video on how to contour their nose because "their nose is too big" and they hate it and they think they're ugly, and they're not pretty or they wish they looked like someone else (ultimate Lex sadness) Even on MY social media, people comment that they want to look like me I mean, THANK YOU, but I always reply, "Why look like ME, when you can look like you?" Everyday, I see people that are changing themselves just so they can try to keep up with trend I can literally SEE the change And it's not a matter of people changing, because people change! but it's a matter of are they changing because they WANT to change

? or are they changing because they feel like they have to change, or pressured to change? Like they're not supposed to look the way they do, or like the way they look isn't good enough It's not that I don't like "glam" makeup, it's not that I don't wear "glam" makeup, I wear "beauty" makeup! I mean, it's not the same as "glam" makeup, but i'll wear it! I even have a beauty channel, which you can check out right above (joking, but totally serious) But the thing is, I wear it because I LIKE to wear it because I WANT to wear it Not because I feel like I've been pressured by social media to look like someone else or for me to HAVE to wear that kind of makeup TO BE on social media Right now, as we scroll through our social media, all we really see is glam makeup and you're all like "THAT CONTOUR THOUGH" Which is fine! I was on a social media site not THAT long ago and they recently shared a picture of a girl with beautiful makeup on, and she was a very beautiful girl (joking) No, I'm not talking about me, thank you! I went to scroll through the comments, and literally all of the comments were that her eyebrows were too thin and telling her that she's ugly because of her eyebrows and @ tagging all of their friends I swear to God, I am not talking about me My question was, WHY does it MATTER what size her eyebrows are, and how does that take away from the makeup that she did? It's because it's something you're not used to SEEING on social media So, people think it's wrong I hear people saying that they want to start makeup accounts, because they REALLY love makeup but

they're not pretty enough and I'm like, "What do you mean?" "Well, you know, because I don't have like the lips and" WHAT DO YOU MEAN!? If you guys run into me when I'm shopping, or I'm at a restaurant, I don't have makeup on! I usually look like This!? I just ate actually, so that's a good example that I look like this AND I DO MAKEUP FOR A LIVING! I don't even have makeup on for this video It really doesn't matter HOW you wear your makeup You can wear all the makeup in the world that you want or you can wear none at all, what matters is that you aren't changing yourself, or what YOU like You're wearing your makeup the way that you want to, because that's what YOU want

Not because you feel like you're pressured by social media that you have to change the things you like or that you HAVE to look a certain way Now obviously, this doesn't apply to everyone There are people who are perfectly fine and are very happy with how they do their makeup, and that's awesome But I personally hear, personally read, so much that they want to be like someone else, and it hurts me If you like wearing just mascara, you wear that mascara, and you rock it

If you like wearing glam makeup, you wear that glam makeup, and you rock it If you like Botox, lip injections, chemical peels, Hydrafacials, you go ahead, but make sure you are doing those things because that's what YOU personally LIKE NOT because of what other people say, and NOT because of what you see online Remember that Photoshop DOES exist in the world The nice thing about tutorials is that you can't Photoshop them! at least I don't

I don't think not that I know of!? Life IS NOT about having the most "likes," the most "followers," the most "comments" being famous o

O If you want to influence other people, do it by being a role model and the best way you can do that, is being yourself Veins, wrinkles, acne scarring, thin hair, and all You can wear your makeup however you want just as long as you don't lose yourself in the process Don't be afraid to be who you are, because creativity is who I am

Just in case you want to be a zombie, I prefer Rob Zombie, but glam zombie's fine too, I'm starting off by laying down scar wax all around the edges of my face You're going to want to take the scar wax and make it into a little "worm" and then smash it on your face You also want to make sure you have a LITTLE bit of makeup remover on your fingertips, or else it's going to stick to yourself, and you're not going to be happy Also don't get this in the carpet If you're going to smooth with a tool, a spatula, things like that, have makeup remover on that as well

This will be the skin that's lifting AWAY from the zombie To create the skin that would be lifting away from MY face, I am applying more wax in certain spots, but this time blending it towards the center of my face (music) Using the [makeup] spatula, you can then just flip up the edges of the "skin" Using an alcohol palette, I am then filling in the center of the holes blood red You can use regular makeup for this if you want, it does not have to be the alcohol makeup To give the rips more depth, I am also going back with black alcohol based makeup

(music) Using pink eyeshadow, I am creating "minor irritation" on my "actual face" To get the zombie skin texture, I took a sponge and ripped out little holes so it looks like Swiss cheese and went ahead and applied my regular light green body paint Lightly tapping it will give you more of that textured type, veiny look I am then repeating the process by using a dark green and light cream body paint (music) I'm using dark brown body paint to contour my cheek bones, as well as my temples I'm also contouring areas such as my collar bone, neck, and my shoulders This will start to give it a more sunken in, zombie effect (music) Using black eyeshadow, I am just hollowing these lines out just to make them more 3D

(music) and of course, I finished up with some blood since you are a "beautiful zombie," to come follow me (DUN, DUN, DUNNNN!) (music) Always be yourself, unless you can be something cooler than yourself

like Rob Zombie (joking)

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