Is sun tan removal permanent? – Tamil Beauty Tips

Is sun tan removal permanent? – Tamil Beauty Tips Hi Friends You are watching Tamil Beauty TV and My hearty welcome those who are watching our channel

We panic to go out during summer but we have to go to office, school, college etc, Today we are going to prepare a juice and there are 3 benefits keeps your skin hydrated, prevents suntan, increase your skin complexion and glow Let us see how to prepare the juice and maintain our skin in summer Take 1/2 cucumber, Take a medium sized carrot and peel off the skin Cut these two into small pieces and put it in the mixie jar

Cut one tomato and add it also in the mixie jar Add the juice of one orange and grind everything well Now filter the juice Orange juice works in two ways It removes the sun tan if you already have it and prevents the sun tan in future

Lycopene present in tomato fights with free radicals and keeps your skin young and wrinkle free Excess sebum secretion causes pimples and tomato juice prevents excess sebum secretion and increases your skin complexion Our skin will glow when it is hydrated and cucumber keeps your skin hydrated as it contains 96% of water Vitamin A and Vitamin C present in Carrot increase the skin complexion and hides fine lines in the skin

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