Kawaii Loli-Punk MAKEUP TUTORIAL by Melo Shirayuki from the Japanese Lolita Idol group Meltia

It's punk but with a hit of cute One straight line

Right here I am Melo Shirayuki of the Lolita Idol group, Meltia Today, I will try the Loli-punk look Start! I used a BB cream from MAC I applied a concealer from PrimaVista under my eyes

Apply it thoroughly The base foundation is also from MAC Pad it on softly Not too strong but with a light touch The white eye shadow should be applied on the whole eye Then put on the light brown shadow on the eye lid

After that, apply a darker brown on the edge of the eye lid Draw the eyeliner a little longer, pointing downwards That done, let's mark our water line with the eye liner With an eyelash curler, please curl the eyelashes up as best as you can Now I'm creating a double line with a even darker brown

Apply this purple eye shadow below your eyes Use this to emphasize the area on your lower lid Apply a decent amount of primer in order to keep the lashes in place Apply a generous amount of mascara in order to blend in with the fake lashes For the eyebrows, create a straight parallel line and at the end, please pull it a little downwards

There are fake lashes which have a hard base In such cases, wrap them around your finger That makes them softer and easier to apply later For the highlighter, I'm applying it on the nose and the chin in a straight line After that, please shade your jaw line clearly

Since Lolipunk has an image of red lips, please apply a good amount of gloss With the eyeliner, I'm drawing a cross right under my eyes This will make it look more punk-like, while still having a hint of cute I created a half-pigtail hairstyle Lolipunk girls generally have pigtails, that's why I chose this style

The hairstyle is still looks very sweet so I added the blue extension to add some rock'n roll to the style Please try it out For the contact lenses I chose a matching blue color with the hair extension The key point is not to look too punk, but not too soft and sweet either Please check out my other videos as well

Bye bye It's Meltia! When I woke up in the morning, I had no eyebrows Let's go left and right, left Ni-hao – To Takadano baba -No, it's the Sobu line

-Get on the Tozai line and – Heidi went that way

– Heidi? Oh my god! What the heck?

Source: Youtube


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