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Hi it's me Michelle from Lab Muffin Beauty science and today I'm going to be reviewing some products from Krave Beauty Krave Beauty is a new brand launched by Korean skincare YouTuber Liah Yoo who kindly sent me these products to review

They don't usually ship to Australia yet so I'm really grateful that she sent them to me so that I could actually get my hands on them and try them out really early So far there are two products available: Kale-lalu-yAHA and the Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser Krave Beauty is built around the idea of simplicity: that the basics of skincare should be basic, and skincare should respect your skin And they've definitely delivered with their first two products Krave Beauty is also vegan, cruelty-free, alcohol-free, dye-free, fragrance-free and essential oil-free

Firstly: packaging I personally find packaging really important and I like things to look nice on my shelf and Krave Beauty does look really good There's lots of natural colors with the packaging There's even really nice natural colors with the paper packaging on the outside as well I'm almost afraid to throw it out because it's so pretty

There's a photo of the star ingredient on top for both I really like that it's got the instructions on the back which i think is really important because if you chuck out the paper packaging you're just left with this So tells you how to use it, how often to use it, really nice coding as well – so it shows you morning and night – so it's got like a little sun and a moon every single day applying to wet skin Unfortunately Krave Beauty only ships to the US and South Korea for now, but they do have worldwide shipping in the works Kale-lalu-yAHA Kale-lalu-yAHA is the first of the supplement series It's got 5

25% glycolic acid at a pH of 35 to 4 so it's weaker than most exfoliants you'll find, but it's not so low that the glycolic acid is like a vanity ingredient that does nothing, The glycolic acid is in a base of soothing and hydrating aloe water and butylene glycol It's also got lots of antioxidants in it which are great for potentially reducing free radical damage So it's got kale, spinach and parsley extracts It's also got lots of hydrating and soothing ingredients which I think is really really good So it's got hyaluronic acid, panthenol, which is also called vitamin b5, allantoin

Allantoin is particularly good for calming down irritation, so if this very gentle exfoliator does actually cause any irritation it won't be as much of an issue, because you've got these anti irritants in there This product is really gentle and I think Kale-lalu-yAHA is really really good for beginners who are just starting to use an alpha hydroxy acid It's really good for flattening out texture, dealing with congestion, clogged pores, and give you that glowy look It's recommended that you use this two to three times a week but in reality, if your skin is quite used to alpha hydroxy exfoliants, you can probably just use it every night I've been using it every night

The most similar product that I have in my stash to Kale-lalu-yAHA is Pixi Glow Tonic Pixi Glow Tonic has 5% glycolic acid at pH 4 to 5, and the lower the pH the more active the acid is So Kale-lalu-yAHA is a little bit stronger than Glow Tonic Glow Tonic also has aloe vera as the base as well, just like Kale-lalu-yAHA It's also got a few different extracts like witch hazel and horse chestnut and they're both above 5%

And it's also got a tiny bit of ginseng extract The big difference between the two in my opinion is probably the fact that Pixi Glow Tonic is fragranced and it's not a particularly weak fragrance, it's sort of moderate but it can bother some people Kale-lalu-yAHA is actually cheaper than Glow Tonic – it's $25 for 200 mL versus $15 for 100 mL And this is in US dollars, so this is how much it would be if you bought it in America In Australia Glow Tonic is actually a bit more expensive, so Kale-lalu-yAHA is an even better bargain

I personally find that Glow Tonic is nice but my skin loves exfoliation, so I prefer a stronger product Kale-lalu-yAHA has also got more humectants, and it's a bit more hydrating on my dehydration prone skin And it's light and gentle enough that I can use it daily I've been using Kale-lalu-yAHA on my face right after cleansing It's recommended that you use it on a cotton pad, so you pour a little bit out and then swipe it over your face

But wasting product hurts my soul a little bit, so I use it without the cotton pad and I just pour it on my face pour it on my face I pour it on my hand and then I pat it on

So I guess the palms of my hands are probably going to be really nice and glowing soon I find it really nice to have Kale-lalu-yAHA as an option in my stash There's not that many products like this on the market It's perfect for hydrating skin and giving you gentle low-key exfoliation without worrying about stressing out your skin too much, especially if it's already irritated from other ingredients like retinol Make sure when you're using any alpha hydroxy acid product you use sunscreen as well

Alpha hydroxy acids can cause photosensitivity for a week after you use it It doesn't really matter whether you use alpha hydroxy acids in the morning or night since the photosensitivity increases for so long afterwards anyway, but I personally prefer using it at night If you haven't used an alpha hydroxy acid product before you might get a bit of purging, but the soothing ingredients should reduce the chances of that And if you want to find out more about purging I've got a whole video about it and how to tell if your skin is purging or just breaking out So overall, Kale-lalu-yAHA: love it

The Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser This is the first of the Core Series and it's a very gentle cleanser It's $16 for 120 mL It contains a whopping 40% matcha Now if you look up studies on putting matcha on your skin you won't actually find any studies because matcha is not really the word they use in the literature

You can find green tea studies though, so matcha is actually a form of green tea which has even more antioxidants than normal Green tea contains chemicals called polyphenols that can act as antioxidants Antioxidants are substances that can soak up damage from free radicals Free radicals are really reactive species that have an unpaired electron Free radicals form from all sorts of things: so environmental stressors like UV light and pollution, and smoking if you're a smoker

They can also form from just normal biological processes So free radicals are important chemical messengers in your body, but if they're in the wrong place, because they're so reactive, they can attack other things inside your body, so things like cell membranes, lipids, DNA This free radical damage which is also sometimes called oxidative stress can build up and then it leads to things like skin aging The key antioxidant polyphenol in green tea is called epigallocatechin-3 gallate or EGCG It has 25 to 100 times as much antioxidant ability as things like vitamin C and E

Green tea also has a bunch of other polyphenols which are really antioxidant as well, and these are going to be really difficult for me to say: epicatechin, epicatechin-3-gallate and epigallocatechin The way Krave Beauty describes why they put matcha in this product is that they thought it it'd be awesome to splash matcha on your face every day and I totally agree This cleanser has a pH of 5 to 6 which is really good for skin So cleansers contain ingredients called surfactants which is what does the cleansing The problem with surfactants is that they can disturb your skin, so as well as removing the lipids from your skin which your skin needs, it can also bind to proteins in your skin and change their structure, which makes your skin barrier more leaky, and this also makes them more vulnerable to pH changes

High ph cleansers are really bad for your skin because they can change your skin pH for extended amounts of time The reason this is bad for skin is that it tends to interfere with the normal biological processes in your skin that help it grow and repair and exfoliate itself All of these biological processes tend to be pH dependent It's also got other nice ingredients in it like hemp seed oil, sweet almond oil and oat extract, which is really soothing for your skin Another ingredient in this cleanser which I think deserves a bit of cred is methyl gluceth-10

It's not a really well known ingredient probably because its name is so uncatchy but it's ingredient number 5 and it's been in a few products that I've been really liking lately Matcha Hemp Cleanser uses gentle surfactants: so it's got coco-betaine which is a zwitterionic surfactant, and non- ionic surfactants like coco-glucoside and decyl glucoside It's also got soap bark extract which contains more non- ionic surfactants I'm obsessed with gentle surfactants in my cleansers because of my dehydration prone skin My skin gets really sensitive when I use too many harsh surfactants – they make my skin really tight and itchy and uncomfortable and it makes it a little bit bumpy and it makes my pores look even bigger so gentle cleansing is probably my number one skincare need

Another thing I really like about this cleanser is that it has a metric buttload of glycerin in it – it's the third ingredient Glycerin is probably my favorite boring skincare ingredient It's a cheap humectant which is really good at attracting and holding onto water, and it's naturally already in your skin Glycerin seems to have more special properties than fancy humectants like hyaluronic acid – it can actually get into the stratum corneum and stay there for ages, so it's really really good for dehydrated skin The cleanser itself is a clear slightly greenish brown gel and it lathers up a little bit

It spreads really really well on your skin so you actually don't need very much I keep squeezing a little bit too much and then I end up washing my face and my neck is on my chest as well It smells a little bit chemically, probably because it's fragrance free I really like that this cleanser gets rid of extra oil on my skin without stripping it Afterwards my skin still feels really plump and soft and not tight or squeaky which usually means that my skin is drying out It's not amazing at makeup removal but it's OK at removing light makeup

I've been using it by itself on days when I stay at home and don't actually wear much on my face and I've been using it after cleansing oil on days when I do wear lots of makeup I've been using this daily in the shower and I even tried it in the morning over the sink once which is a pretty big deal for me I hate washing my face over the sink my bathroom set up really badly so every time I try to wash my face over the sink I end up bumping my head into the vanity, I use tons of water to try to get the cleanser off, it splashes everywhere, it goes all the way all over the mirror and there's little water drops on it afterwards, and then it dries and you have those little water marks and it really really annoys me And then when I try to wipe off the water marks I leave lint all over the mirror, and it's just impossible to get clean So I hate hate hate sink washing but I tried it over the sink

It doesn't work – well it works, but nothing works for me over the sink so unfortunately I wish I could this cleanser convinced me to start washing my face over the sink, but no, it seems like nothing is going to ever do that Overall I'm really really impressed with these products They're really gentle and soothing and they slot in so easily into my routine I'm not really surprised by how good they are because Liah's got similar skin to mine: she's got oily dehydrated and slightly sensitive skin as well, plus she's been reviewing beauty products for ages and she worked at one of the biggest manufacturers of beauty products in Korea so she's had tons of experience with products, and she knows what works well for her, and what works well for me apparently These are fantastic for dehydrated skin

I'm really looking forward to seeing what Krave Beauty comes out with next I've seen that Liah's been talking about sunscreen on her Instagram and I know she's a big fan of my favorite filters the Tinosorbs S and M so I can't wait to see those products Thanks so much for watching my review If you like my videos you can subscribe to my channel If you have any requests for videos please let me know! You can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook and of course I also have tons of beauty science on my blog

See you next time for more beauty science talk!

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