Lady Gaga Bad Romance Look

GIRL SCENE OF BIG EYES IN THE TINA Hi all I will show you How to have these crazy and bulging eyes of Lady Gaga in his Bad Romance music video

If you watch the whole video You will see how I generated these googly eyes by computer TRANSPARENT DRESS The dress is a transparent tablecloth I cut the mold and transformed it into the transparent dress that Lady Gaga used in the tub scene We will do something a little differently First we will use the false eyelashes

Prepare several tabs and apply a thin strip of glue Apply the tab near the line of the tab Tap and hold it in place We apply the tabs first because it is easier to form the silhouette of your eyes, before creating and exaggerating the white part near the bottom tab ADIVINASTE

ONE MORE Now I think I'm using four tabs They are many but they help to create the exact look I want LIQUID EYELINER Now with a liquid eyeliner PRACTICE FIRST delineates above the false eyelashes to redefine the line

DELINEA ABOVE THE TABS FOR MORE DEFINITION It is time to redefine the eyebrows If you are going to wear a wig, Especially if it's for Halloween, Make sure your eyebrows are defined smoothly You want your eyes to stand out, not your eyebrows TRANSPARENT EYEBROW GEL I always recommend passing a clear eyebrow gel, so that the hairs are hard It looks better, right? PURPLE SHADOW It is time to use the purple shadow similar to its appearance in the video

Place the shadow in the eye sockets Follow it, and use a windshield wiper movement The purple will help create shadows, and the eyes will look deeper With the bright white shadow, apply at the center of the eyelids Highlight your eyes

Do not forget the eyebrow bone Highlight all the high points of your eyes CLEAR THE INTERNAL EDGES TO LIGHT THE EYES WHITE DELINEADOR USA WHITE DELINEADORA It's time to use the eyeliner Of course, delineate the water line This will open your eyes and help exaggerate them

REMOVES THE REDNESS I forgot to do this, because my eyes are usually red when I wake up In this case, I need Rhoto V to reduce redness Always use Rhoto V 15 minutes before using your contact lenses I do not recommend using it often because it is not for constant use BEFORE You can see how red it looks

Two minutes later, my eyes are whiter Amazing EXTEND YOUR WATER LINE To exaggerate the eyes With a creamy white eyeliner WARM THE DELINEATOR IN YOUR DOLL Exaggerates the white of the eye by extending it

This will generate the illusion of bigger eyes Here is how to apply the lashes before It helps to give a guide on where to start and where to end Take your time for this part It should be tuned near the lacrimal PURPLE SHADOW UNDER Now apply purple shadow below the white line This will create a shadow that will provide a three-dimensional look

This will look more realistic This is the hardest part for me, the lower lashes Only because I always find it hard to accommodate them So take your time Applying the lower lashes will make that the exaggerated eyes look more realistic

DURAZNO RUBOR It's time to use a matte peach blush Similar to the one used by Lady Gaga in the video With a flat blush brush, Brush the blush well Your cheeks must look very peachy PINK LIPS COLOR MEAT Ends with a pink flesh color

This is a Maybelline lipstick OPTIONAL BLOND WAIST This part is optional, obviously Wearing the blonde wig Prepare your hair Always use a hair band to keep it still Here is the wig

I boiled it so it looks more curly Accommodate her All right We still lack something Yes

Circle Lens to complete the look The Circle Lens will make your eyes look bigger You can have them in cute packages, like this one It comes with contact lens clips to pick up the lenses And carefully, without pulling your eyes, use the lenses

Do you see how big they look now? Now you're done How did Lady Gaga to have those eyes? Generated by computer It is not a secret Tap your face to follow it Make sure it's even And it enlarges the eyes with programs like After Effects or Nuke It looks really weird, I know, but you must admit that it looks amazing

HAVE FUN! Lady Gaga knows how to innovate I love this look Have fun with him Sure you wonder what I do next I take everything off and go to sleep

Good luck

Source: Youtube


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