hi it's Tracy welcome back to my channel and today I'm going to teach you how to create this makeup look this is what I'm calling my late summer glow makeup this is perfect for those days when it's really really hot you don't want to put a bunch of crap on your skin but you want to look pretty you want to have that like inner glow and a little pop of color on the lip so make sure to keep watching if you're new to my channel hello I'm Tracy I put out brand new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos every single week so make sure you subscribe to my channel so that you never miss out and for everyone make sure that you click the little Bell notifications right next to the subscribe button so that you're always notified when I have a brand new video so let's get started with this late summer glow makeup look so the first thing that we wants to start with is obviously our skin I'm going to actually pull my hair back just a little bit so that this is out of my face as we say so obviously no wake up here probably crazy eyebrows first thing I want to start with is toning mist so I'm going to use this Caudalie au de raisin this is one of my favorites just give it a good rip so good during the summertime so refreshing then we're going to go in with a little bit of eye cream eye cream always first who don't dilute it so this is my new do anti-aging all types of skin eye cream and I absolutely am obsessed with this stuff they were kind enough to send this to me out which is really smart because I absolutely love it and it was smart because I'm totally going to order this when this runs out which is going to be soon so I just kind of pat this in you know first place that we aged ladies is in our eyeballs so that's the first step then I'm going to go in with a little bit of lip balm this is something I actually have a little bit on but I wanted to talk to you about this this is the limb edge lip sleeping mask I know I'm not going to be going to sleep but it is the best it's like got this really nice very berry scent and it just makes your lips feel like super moisturized but also like plump as we're discussing so a great thing to do I have some pimples right now really happy about that just kidding not at all so I'm going to use this is my burts bees herbal blemish stick so just I don't know I've got a couple on the side of my face is there nothing with major but anywhere you've got me a little bit give them a little zap with this this also smells really good if you know just like a blend of some oils and really good for your skin so next up is moisture this is my fresh vitamin nectar moisture glow face cream I love this stuff it smells really really good it's nice and light it's great for an everyday type of moisture and always do your neck too don't forget about that now you might notice I'm not putting a ton of it on I shouldn't leave it like this right the reason being it's summertime and it's hot out so I don't want to feel you know greasy so bring this into your skin now what I would do normally is maybe put a little bit of vitamin C serum on first but in all honesty I actually ran out of my garden C so that's why I'm actually using this fresh because it gives me that feeling that I would have put on some vitamin C so that's just a nice light dose of my moisture everything is good skin is prepped nam this go let's get with the makeup it's summertime and I changed my routine I'm always switching things up and lately I haven't been doing foundation at all what I have been doing it's about $4 which is kind of crazy this is the wet and wild was it called photo focus concealer oh but run don't walk get yourself this I actually learned about this on YouTube that is a great sub out for the sharpness sharp so this tart-shaped tape which you can't really get your hands on is always sold out so this color for me was this light medium beige and it is the perfect perfect thing for my skin especially now like I said with when I'm not wanting to wear foundation so I just put it you know underneath my eyes here I put it around my nose okay I go under my chin cover up those bad boys on the side of the face anywhere where there's like this coloration any pimples but also where I want to brighten up my face so in the middle this color for me is honestly like I feel like they made it for me I discovered it actually when I was in Bermuda while we were on vacation and I had a spray tan I had a spray tan and I didn't I didn't want to wear foundation because you know the color of my skin is obviously different and I'm not one of those girls that has like a couple different colors for foundation this color was what I started using and it's just I mean it's amazing I really have stopped since then so just with my Beauty Blender sometimes I use my fingers to it blends still perfectly so just for the sake of today I use my Beauty Blender it's this I already pre moistened so it is you know just lightly damp a little dancey dance I love this stuff on my lips I always – I mean concealer put a little bit on my eyelids you know just even with the Beauty Blender or if I'm using my finger and I'll just tap my fingers you know and the reason why I do that is I don't really have a leave use primer I think like at that time not me so um yeah I mean that's it easy I am pretty fortunate my skin is actually pretty dang good for you know full life here so comfort food so that's it okay so voila done with that next up I want a bronze it's summer time I was like looking a little bit like I have a little bit of sun and I don't really get that much fun especially on my face so this is butter bronze or the best this is physicians form I think remember Physicians Formula butter bronzer it smells oh my god it smells so good it smells like you're on vacation so I'm just using a brush like this just taking a few swipes of it and just anywhere where you would get done so I always start with my forehead the reason being that's where you're going to get the most done and make sure especially if those of you that are fair like me get into your hairline because it looks really weird when you have like a tan forehead and then all the way your hairlines don't be mindful of that the cool thing with this too is that you don't have to contour you know you're basically just using the bronzer as like the contour movement a little bit more here so now good stuff on my nose on my chin and I always go underneath here as well that would be called my chin that's where I go underneath okay so just you know warming up the skin getting it ready for this day I'm going to meet my girl we're going to probably have a little a pair a tevo together a little cocktail okay so that is that's it I mean that's not totally it but that's it for the skin for the most part I do it's funny this concealer I gotta tell you it's four dollars like you got to get this the wet while concealer it doesn't get creasy and you know it doesn't crease on my eyes that's a good thing so you don't necessarily need to powder but you can so I am using I just carry my powder in an old container that used to have Laura Mercier powder which is also one of my favorites but I have also discovered the Tarte smooth operator I like this a lot I just liked tarts products because they're not you know scary ingredients so just on my Beauty Blender you'll see a little bit of that and I'm just going very lightly if you're over 25 don't powder heavily because it's going to make you look old straight up okay so very very lightly that's why I'm doing it with a damp Beauty Blender and notice I'm only doing it here not powering my whole eye because I didn't really put concealer underneath there number one and number two if I powder there then it could get creasy it could make you look dry and that's not me you want I always powder the middle of my forehead because I do and to get a little greasy alright mess it with the product light touch light touch so important we'll keep that open cuz once we do the lashes all right then what's next we're going to go into eyebrows so I'm going to use my Anastasia Beverly Hills brow Wiz this is in taupe you've see me use this a gazillian times but it is the perfecto color for me so I always just sort of brush up the eyebrows first and then fill it in you know just like feathery strokes here with the brow pencil okay you want it to look natural my eyebrows are really short actually so I always extend mine a little bit longer but you don't want it to go really past there you see how I just you know put the pencil to the corner of my eye and angled it out that's where you want it to go to and I actually don't mind kind of shorter so you'll look prettier if you do it that way okay and then same thing on the other side you'll see my new favorite brow thing coming up in just a second that I've been completely obsessed with my girlfriends are like can you please stop freaking talking about it so then once I filmed it in I brush them up again and I'm brushing them up to again you know just kind of blend it but also just to make sure that the shape looks good and that I didn't miss any button it looks pretty good okay so then next up is the Holy Grail product that has really changed my life and that is the glossier boy brow I mean there are not words to describe how I feel about this product I have crazy colicky eyebrows and I'm also not going to lie I'm starting to get grey freaking eyebrows I have a lot of gray hair I'm lucky so this covers them and it just looks really great so the only thing I do do I do do is I clean it up just so it's not really thick because this does come out this is a blonde color they have any clear they have it in I don't know black and brown but blonde is the color for me do a little bit too much but here's the cool thing I messed that up and it doesn't really like you can just use your fingers and fix it okay so then I'm doing the same thing that I was doing with this fully with the Anastacio I'm just brushing it up and then at the end I just you know comb it down a little bit this gives you it just gives you like a really beautiful youthful fuller look in your eyebrows it holds those puppies in place like a mofo which is also a really really cool thing and that's it so I love this stuff like honestly it's worth every penny it's the best glossier like you guys are the bomb for making them okay so then let's get into eyes okay it is summer I want to keep it light I want to keep it fresh this is what I'm wearing today to meet my friend so I'm actually going to go in with this color pop and it's Lala it's a super sharp eye shadow I've had it for a really long time so it's a nice sort of bronzy color and I'm just going to use my finger put it on my finger so voila and just tap it into my eyelid just using the fingers I feel like that sort of it kind of just melts it also into the skin that's what you want in the summertime you never want anyone being my girl your makeup looks great that's not what you wanted all you want them to be like wow your skin looks amazing that's what you want them to say so so I'm just you know swiping this in and that's the same time also padding it in that such a pretty color and especially if you blue eyes or green eyes this color like this isn't have to be this exact color but something along these lines it's going to really really give you you know just a little poppy pop okay so that is that and then we're going to go into to take a brush now I'll just use my pretty basic brush I'm going to go back in with the butter bronzer in the crease of my eyes I just do this just to define the crease a little bit okay not a big deal again we're not going for like a heavy drawn-out like done up look this is just daytime it's going to be about four o'clock meeting my friend for a tea or a glass of wine or something I'm not sure what we're doing but take a little walk in the Highland No the world is our own we could really do anything okay and then just make sure that that is blended that there's no harsh edges there then this is really cool I'm going to take this pencil okay this is from NYX it's the jumbo eye pencil and this is in the color pure gold okay and I'm going to line my waterline with this so I'm going to see if I can do this while walking it will try so cool such a cool color and then I'm also going to go in that inner corner like just in that first little bit from the corner there you know what I'm trying to say here from the very inner corner just out ever so slightly now it looks kind of crazy right now I know don't worry we're going to blend everything nicely okay so this color is so cool you can use this as a whole I shadow if you want great I love it then we're going to do something kind of weird I'm going to use my Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat and this has been the color pillow-talk and I'm actually going to use it as a little bit of eyeliner underneath my lower lashes I'm just doing that just because I want this sort of warmer rosy color as opposed to a brown right sometimes I'll use my bronzer or brown eye shadow underneath but today I'm just wanting to kind of keep it in this sort of warmish color that looks so pretty so that's that then we're going to curl and put on mascara so I'm going to just pause this and do that right now so one sec so I just put on a couple coats of the l'oreal lash paradise with luminous mascara this mascara is awesome it's something new for me and I absolutely love it so I think you would love it too you're in the market for new mascara don't forget that summer times how do the heck out of those lashes especially if you're like me and you like a lot of color a lot of lash products on the lower lashes so I just take in the cap my little container here just a regular old eyeshadow brush with the same face powder that I would put on and I'm just powdering the ends of the lashes and you're doing that just because it's hot girl and you don't want to have mascara you know running down your face which is not a good look okay so that is that I'm going to show you two options with this as well so with this look running okay so that's that then we're going to go into cheeks so I've got this is the glossier cloud paint and this is in the color pop I love it looks like real paint so all I'm going to do is really small just a teeny little bit like it that much okay you can see it just like the smallest little bit you don't need to waste it I mean it's an amazing product it always it's buildable you can add more and that's just you know for a cheek so this color is so fresh and so mmm it's just like a little flush to the best color I know I would close one eye when I put on blush I don't know why I do that so yah just kind of apples of the cheeks and then blend it up and back okay so yeah so such pretty color it's like you just got out of like a hot yoga class not like a super hot yoga class but like a kind of hot yoga class okay I think that actually is enough for me okay then we're going to highlight which is you know I believe that once you are past again like 30 it's all about smoke and mirrors so this is a new product that I just discovered and I freaking love it it is the NYX away we glow highlighter i love it because first of all it's just awesome the color is just fantastic, have lots and lots of different colors this one is what is the daytime glow, daytime halo and I picked that one because you know I'm not that girl you know that always want to have a wet face or like major highlight i like my makeup to look pretty natural you want to do that especially as you get a little bit older so it kind of comes in that applicator it looks sort of like a lipstick thing so I just kind of put you know a bunch of this on my hand and then I use my fingers and then I use blush for different areas so with this from my hand I just take a little bit and then I'm going to highlight the cheekbone and it's just good the most I mean it's just been a fantastic absolute gorgeous gorgeous color that I gives you okay so it's just this really nice highlight effect not too dramatic not too light either and what's also really good about it it's very like I really know how to describe it like fine what I mean by that is this like it's not chunky and sometimes highlighters can feel like chunky on your face and this one does not and it doesn't look chunky which also can make it look weird and not attractive so I just took a sort of a dome smallish brush and I'm going to highlight underneath my brow bone okay smoke and mirrors girls that's what it's all about and that we do once you get that glow on people like oh my god you look so great it's like just my highlighter wear inner corners okay actually need a little bit so the only thing with this is it does kind of it dries a little bit especially since I put it on my hand first we can't really apply with this thing I was getting really weird so you know just I always just go bit by bit and build it up okay so inner corners of the eye just in that little V same thing on the other side even though it's summer don't be afraid of using a little bit of highlighter you want to look like you're glowing you don't want to look like you're greasy okay words to live by I take this same brush and I just go down the center of my nose just a little bit okay I might even just put tiniest little bit on my chin just here so we're adding glow into the middle of the face I love it on the nose now I had a little bit of extra here's what I'm going to do collar bone make them pop I think this is so sexy at night like when you highlight your collar bones so gorgeous but why not do it during the day who cares right so everything is blended I mean all of this is just so easy it's like perfect for summertime okay lip so we're going to go into that Charlotte Tilbury pillow top I always just blot it I'm going to keep it real on my arm a tissue if you have it but like why not use your skin its your skin and it's clean right this color is amazing I was super late on this um so and it's so great what I love about this is you can really over line the lips but you won't look fake at all so starting at the bottom and I just go in a little bit so it just makes my lips look a little bit fuller and then on the top now on the top don't start here in the middle start on the side it makes it easier for you to fill them and make them a little bit bigger so see what I'm doing here and then I go into the center okay and same thing on the other side and then I always just check it so this looks even ish do I look weird right and then fill it in all the way like Charlotte Tilbury is a friggin genius in this color now I would honestly just stop here you know you could completely completely go out just looking like this you know it's nice it's fresh I love this color so much in fact last night I went out I feel a bit faint well no I'm not going to do this I'm going to do something a little bit brighter but what you can do is use this same highlighter this NYX awaywe glow in me what is it called again daytime halo you could put a little bit of it in the center of your lips you know and then put like a clear gloss if you want or even just a little bit there and on the Cupid's bow done that's what I did last night was like a sort of smokey eye and it was awesome I could also if I didn't want to use this I could use sort of a pinkish gloss this is Laura Mercier in tulips like as gifted at Sephora or something but it's a great color and that combination is really nice but I don't know I thought I'd be cute today and since I have on these sort of colors with this little jumper I'm going to do a sort of mixture blend mixture blend a mixture blend a lipstick and mixture okay so these two colors they're both from Avon they sent these to me and I love them I have a ton of colors so this is a nourishing lipstick and this is cherry blossom and this color is what is this color mellow melon and I think it's a really nice combination the two together so that we're going to do today so this is first cherry blossom which again in and of itself would be like totally fun I feel at this video that you've really really long so thank you for still watching this I do appreciate it okay so that's nice but why not add a little bit more room and make a custom color so now I'm going to add this sort of orangie color over it and it just gives it a little bit more pop so good it's sort of like a very sorbet type of color which I love and always make sure that you don't have it on your teeth okay so really really nice color my lips feel moisturize it feels great so again this is my blend I'll leave everything linked down below the last little bit here you don't have to do this at all but just again with that away

we glow highlight or just a tiny bit on my hand and I'm going to take that same brush that I use to do underneath my eye at center of my nose and I'm just going to very lightly highlight not that lightly the Cupid's bow okay let's just the very top don't feel too far out there to look like you're sweating that's groose and then if you wanted to you know have a little more fun to have a very small not that small another little bit in the center of your lip why not highlight summertime look like a babe everyones ones like going on you're so naturally pretty I totally just know how to put my highlighter on okay and it just gives you that leg you know it looks like you're pouting in a good way that's it okay now one other option I'll give you one more little trick here so if you wanted to make this just a little bit more intense you could also add like a little bit of black liner I'm going to do just a tiny bit you don't want it to be strong you don't want it to be forceful so what I'm going to do is just in the lashline take just this is a wet and wild black eyeliners not even about that just a very small bit just like really putting it into my lash line and then I'm kind of obsessed as if lipstick color by the way and then do the same thing on the other side okay you don't want to leave it like that that would just be weird okay we don't want any harsh edges we want it all nice and smooth so then what I do is I would take an angled brush or you could even use a dome brush it doesn't really matter when you use an angled one today and I'm just sort of lightly blending that in okay almost sort of like going in and up and the reason why I'm doing that is to just sort of diffuse the color so that it is not a sharp line okay you don't want a sharp line not on the summertime okay late summer cocktail you know I'm going to Italy soon who can't wait It's going to be amazing okay that's that now it did I feel like some of my eyeshadow has come off I'm going to go back in with a little bit of that color pop okay and that is in la la nice and just on the lid just to intensify it slightly and that is it I'll come in a little bit closer so you can see the eyeballs I mean how good is that right such a good look I hope that you really love creating this look with me if you did make sure to give it a big thumbs up and make sure to leave me a comment down below let me know if you tried any of these products or if you have some really great products also i'd love to hear from you what are some of the videos that you would like to see next I always love hearing from you so do let me know that's it for today you are awesome love you as always and I'll see you next week

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