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Hi guys, this is Linda! Today I will show you a rather simple look, This look! It is really just some eyeliner, mascara, fake lashes and lips I'm going for Less is More today, And it also happens to look great, so let's go! To do this look, I need an eyeliner! I need lashes And I need a mascara! It is really a simple look, but sometimes, Less is More So I will begin applying my eyeliner I use Kat Von D's Ink Liner in the color Trooper It is in an intense black color and it is both waterproof and fat resistant, So it lasts forever, you can work out with it, maybe swim? I haven't tried it though But you can probably do that too! Anyways, it lasts forever and it doesn't get smudgy on your eyelids after a while which is probably the best quality for a great eyeliner I begin by applying it pretty far down, here I follow the shape of my eye upwards If it gets un even, not to worry You can easily fix this later with a brush and some concealer One down Now I will show you how to correct it by using a concealer But I will do it later when I am finished with both my eyes Okey, one brush I don't have any product or anything on it at the moment, Because sometimes it works without any products, and if it works it looks much better than if you were to use concealer Which it probably won't Alright, it doesn't work That's why I will use some concealer now, or foundation Foundation was the closest so I will just apply a tiny amount, and it has the same color as my own skin tone it is not supposed to be lighter, but the same color as my skin Ops, now it got a bit blurry for you guys The purpose of this is just to even out the eyeliner When this is finished I will actually go straight for the mascara, I will not curl my lashes Since I am wearing fake lashes as well I don't feel the need to do it I will use Too Faced's Better than Sex mascara And try to apply this as close to the roots as possible When my lashes have dried I will do a tight lining With mascara and a skewed brush it looks like this I add mascara to the brush and then I press it upwards in between my lashes, To erase the space between my lashes and my skin I have actually already started on the tight lining when I first applied mascara So I don't need to do that much, but with other mascaras it can be very difficult to get all the way down to the roots and then you need to work more with the actual tight lining While I do this, I will also paint my bottom lashes, and I will do this with this brush as well

I think that it's easier since I happen to have tiny lashes So I apply some mascara on the brush again and then I make sure that I add color all the way to the roots here as well I think that a thin, skewed brush works the best If the mascara gets smudgy, remove it afterwards when it has dried Don't try to fix it while it is still wet I know I have said it like a hundred times but I will say it again Since I know that some of you will still try to do something about it while the mascara is wet Which will result in a real mess Just because of that I know made a mess of my own

Well, it doesn't really matter Now it is time to apply my fake lashes I have chosen a pair of lashes which I bought when I went to Tokyo, so unfortunately you can't get them here in Sweden But I am sure that there are similar ones here These resembles, well, spider legs or a doll's lashes, and I really love it when you get this spider legs/doll feeling, I think it looks great So I will use these ones At the moment I don't seem to have any special glue, I only have one of these which comes with the package which isn't the best, but it will do for now after this film I really need to go and get some So if you have any tips on glue which doesn't contain latex and is available here in Sweden, I will much appreciate your tips! Okey, now I have added glue on the lashes, and now we wait a few seconds Before you apply them These lashes are pretty wide, But I want them to, since you get the impression that you eyes look bigger and wider since I have added my eyeliner a bit further from my eyes, I will get a much wider impression of both my lashes and my eyes I think I can apply it now Or not Now I have glue on my tweezers, that is never a good idea, I can tell you that Okey, now I will just make it stick It looks great, I think Let's do the other one And it's the same thing here, add some glue, wait a few seconds and then apply your lashes Now, If you want to, you can create an inner wing as well in the corners of your eyes, and I will do exactly this I will use an eyeliner brush, and some eyeshadow a black eyeshadow, which one doesn't really matter I like it when it is not pitch black but a bit smokey and I don't want to much here in the inner corners, but just a bit Alright, this is enough I think Especially when the look is not too extreme, like this one As you can see I have already done my lips

I was a bit lazy since I have a pimple, right here and it hurts like hell So I am actually afraid to remove this lipstick So I will leave it on, The name of the Lipstick is Charming, I have both showed it on my blog and on instagram It is from The Balm Called Meet Matte Hughes I can't really say it The most gorgeous color in the world, My base is also finished from before, I basically just wanted to show you a nice and simple look with "Less is more" eyes, just some eyeliner and some lashes and then you are done I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you don't forget to subscribe to Bangerbeauty and I will see you all next week, Bye!

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