Louise’s 6 Week Challenge Journey with Natural Instinct Skincare

I struggled a lot with acne and a lot of pigmentation of my skin from acne scarring and that is like the most annoying thing about my skin right now but I didn't like it My skin really made me feel insecure having all those blemishes and not being able to naturally wear it and shows my skin to the world

It took a toll on my self-confidence as well I just wanted to have clear skin I dabbled into natural skin care a bit in the past however it didn't really work for my skin and like looking into them they did have a lot of chemicals so they weren't completely natural My favourite result was the fact that my skin felt so smooth My makeup applied so effortlessly and before, I couldn't touch my face

It was very painful and now I can touch my cheeks and be like it's so soft, I love it!

Source: Youtube


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