MAKEUP PEEL OFF SHIELD FOR ACNE! | Etude House Liquid Patch!

Hey, it's Feii, Oh, what is that here? Oh what is that i hear? (another review!) Today I am going to be reviewing this!! around summertime There was a huge wave of this peel-off shield to protecting acne from your makeup I did a review on that as well so if you want to see then you can check it out, while I was in Korea I found this little bad boy And it does the exact same thing So this is the Etude House ac clean up liquid patch, and what you do is you put it on your acne your pimples or Anywhere that you have blemishes? (Feii Goes silent) You know and then you apply your makeup right on top what you do at the end of the day is peel this layer off And it's supposed to have your face makeup free From your Makeup duh the idea behind it is free your acne from touching makeup, okay, so let's begin ummI'm not too sure if you're supposed to apply your skin care before this But I'm assuming you could so I didn't do it I was a little bit too lazy, (so i just skipped it you know

) now when you open it, It's such a nail polish or glue (Glue? I don't know

Glue) It does have a jelly consistency I'm gonna go ahead and apply a really big layer right here why not?? it is clear and cold I feel my Acne Acting up already *flaming* uh

it doesn't smell good smells it smells a little toxic Okay, it is not really dry so as you can tell Okay, maybe I'll just work a layer here Apparently this side dried

I have to go do something but it is Shiny, now i'm going to go ahead and apply it right here a thick layer again, it's very sticky, so it doesn't spread as evenly I don't like how there is a tube sponge i don't know what you call this

an applicator, the other one you have to use your hand and it's a little bit like Messy I'm very curious if this will do well with like Pores Why don't we just put a little bit on our nose, i'm just curious

what if it works well with pores?? right on the bridge on my nose Not too much, I'm gonna try to make it thin what if this clogs my pores OH MY GAWD I'm gonna go ahead and let that dry now

this already tried There is an outline right now, and that is not look too good so for the other video where I? Reviewed another liquid patch that one I applied too thin of a layer and a lot of you guys are like go for a thicker layer I don't know on another thought I think I just have to reapply this There's just no way that this will not stick out under my foundation AAH

(Then Feii tries to remove the Liquid Patch on her cheek) i am inflamed! I'm gonna go ahead and apply Foundation, and if you guys want to see me do a full foundation routine let me know and I'll do that on my vlogs Channel, i didn't put any Primer on tuck my nose look at that This has become really inflamed

so i'm a little bit worried (Then Feii tries to but some foundation on her face) As you guys saw I applied a thinner layer this time around and Same thing if you look closely at my nose You definitely see the outline you given It is not for your pores I'm at this side of my face I mean it looks a little bit better but See

the Patch itself and in person, you can definitely tell I'm either peeling underneath I look dry or something's wrong like man I thought maybe this could be a good pore eraser kind of thing you know

nope, it is too visible There's no way you can wear this out It really looks like I'm scabbing and like I'm peeling here I'm gonna go ahead and peel this off because if you can't tell it actually emphasizes my acne this bump What are you tryin'n to say mothda Fucka (Then Feii peels the Foundation off of her face) I mean I least some makeup didn't like leak through pretty much still clear It's like skin It smells like something chemically toxic and glue

togetherno I'm going up Ew Oh my god i actually had it really high hopes for this product

But apparently it was actually worse than the first one I tried I will give this a 0 nah that's too mean

(you got it feii 🙂 08 Out of 5 if I were to rate it, I get it like it's a liquid patch And it's supposed to protect your acne your blemishes your pimples whatever from your makeup Etc, but I don't know what it is but it has to be the formula that it's just not working I recommend if you use this you should be using it to only on like one pimple or like maybe one spot And who knows maybe this is meant before just spot concealing as you can tell I don't have only one spot on my face, i have multiple That is it for this reveal Don't forget to like this video I'm waiting guys And don't forget to join the FeiiBaeFanbam by subscribing Until next time Captions by Ultimate Despair(aka your subscriber) please like this video and subscribe to Feii (she's awesome) and don't forget to leave a thumbs up! (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b

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