My 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine! 💆🏻✨#beyu

What's up, everyone? So for the past few months I've been pretty much religiously following the 10 Step Korean skincare routine And so I thought I would share with you guys which products I used because they've really helped to clear up my skin

So, Step 1 is using an oil-based cleanser I am using the All Clean Balm by Heimish to remove all my makeup I've been loving this one because of the convenient and clean packaging It comes with this little spatula and the formula is very gentle but efficient I just take a small amount and massage that onto my skin until all of my impurities dissolve and melt away

And then I just rinse it off with water Step 2 is to double cleanse with a water-based cleanser to get rid of any remaining residue So I'm using the Neogen Green Tea Foam Wash which I love and I'm actually combining this with step 3 which is to exfoliate I've been using this exfoliating brush from the Ultimate Skin Spa System from Vanity Planet I'll normally use the daily cleansing brush and twice a week I'll use the exfoliating brush

This brush Is supposed to cleanse six times better than if you're to wash your face with just your hands And it's made out of this quick drying non-pore silicone to resist bacteria buildup So it's more hygienic than other facial cleansing brushes This has been a holy grail in my skincare routine because I feel like it truly deep cleans my skin every night And so I have an amazing discount of 70% off if you're interested in getting one yourself and I'll leave that code for you down below

Ok, Step 4 is toner Everyone raves about the Son & Park beauty water and this is probably my most used skincare product It contains Willow Bark and Papaya extract to get rid of dead skin cells and it balance out pH levels and it's also super hydrating because it has lavender and rosewater and orange fruit extract in it Step 5 is essence which is the heart of Korean skincare and for my 21st birthday, my mom got me this beautiful limited-edition Sakura essence from SK-II This essence specifically contains over 90% of a magical ingredient called Pitera which transforms all five skin dimensions in texture radiance, firmness, spot control and wrinkle resilience It basically keeps you from looking old and maybe it will help me stay forever 21

Step 6 is using a serum After hearing so much about the Klairs Vitamin C serum, I had to give it a try The Vitamin C in this product is an antioxidant for anti-aging, protection and brightening skin to really even out the skin tone It also fades brown spots, keeps skin firm and reduces fine lines Step 7 is probably my favorite

Sheet Masks The one I'm using is an extra fancy one from Dr Jart I normally do this 1-2 times a week But there was a period where I was trying out a new face mask literally every single day It's a quiet, meditative skin-nourishing ritual that'll make you feel like a legit princess This one required me to leave it on for, I believe half an hour to 45 minutes

So I just put it on, chill and look like a freak *yas, slay it gurl* Okay, it's been half an hour And I love sheet mask because you're giving a maximum treatment to your skin And when you peel the mask off you can notice the difference right away And I usually like to massage the leftover serum onto my skin to really make sure it all absorbs

Step 8 is eye cream The area around your eyes is the most delicate part of the face So it's important to take care of them Especially if you're like me and you stay up late staring at your screen for hours This is gonna help to reduce wrinkles and restore firmness

Step 9 is moisturizer I am applying the Aqua Gel from Nature Republic And I love this stuff especially for the summertime I don't want anything too thick or sticky on my face This one's lightweight and cooling

And it helps to just make my skin glow The last step is actually sunscreen But since it's the nighttime I'm actually applying my acne treatment And I've been using this one from Glytone It contains micronized Benzoyl peroxide

And my skin seems to love this stuff because it's not too harsh, but it is definitely effective And I love the gel consistency of it So I'm just applying that to all of my little problem areas So I added in a little bonus step because I do believe your lips are part of your skin And they do deserve some love

So this is the wonderful Laneige grapefruit lip sleeping mask You only need a little bit of this and the next morning your lips will feel soft and supple and extra hydrated Plus the grapefruit one smells insanely good Alright! That is my entire skin care ritual that I do almost every single night I know, it seems like a lot But it really only takes me less than five minutes for the most part And it's quite therapeutic to pamper myself every night I love you guys! Don't forget to like this video and #beyu And I'll see you guys soon


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