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My daily skin care routine Good morning, cara Darling My name is Sibong! Oooooooooopah! Today I'll show you my daily skin care How To Have Flawless Skin How to be beautiful like me Thanks for asking me in the comments

Because people have asked me How do I maintain good skin In the comments I have been questioned How is my daily routine with skin So I just washed the face This is a foam soap I use every day Do not spend too much I say do not invest a lot of money in a soap it's just to clean I bought at Daiso, a $ 2 store I paid for it 1 dollar Okay my skin is still wet Prepare a damp cotton Still not moistened so I will put

a little bit of water Usually when you do this in the bathroom, right? Dai does not have to worry if it will wet your pants But because I have to show you now So a wet cotton And then you squeeze That's it, right? And this is the toner I'm using Here it says: "Toner with hyaluronic acid" Put some Look at the mirror And pass They taught me that this process is important Because right after you wash your face with a cleaning foam There are still some scraps of products on the face So to clean more deeply For the sake of hygiene a hygienic life This is a skin moisturizer I'm using this Physiogel moisturizer Again you do not need to invest so much in a toner and cleaning foam But maybe in a moisturizer Why will you moisturize? And moisturizing is one of the greatest "characteristics" One of the functions you need most for your skin Spread Wonderful! And right after the moisturizer Maybe we'll need a sunscreen

This is called Children's Daylong SPF 30 Maybe in Korea you do not need this Because the sun is not so strong The sun is not super strong (because it's winter in Korea) Maybe in Australia The aus aus # I think it should be applied to avoid cancer (skin) Because I was told that in Australia there is a high rate of skin cancer Because there is not much ozone layer That's what the scientists say, so I'm applying a quantity like this and to give light beats is important you have to give light beats Like a cobbler Imagine that Jimin is dancing in your face

Hit, hit, hit DNA! Done! This is basically my daily routine of skin care That I apply on my beautiful / gostoso / wonderful face Ah! I forgot the lip balm This is called Ointment LOL

Actually this is not a lip balm, but I I love applying because my lips Because in Korea it's winter It's a c% $ & * cold

Then that's it! The skin routine of a normal Korean-Australian boy Daily Daily This is the end of my skin routine But when I have a special event or a special meeting If I have to do a shoot that needs something more Of more confidence in myself I apply this Mac base This is the color NC NC 15 Mixture Spread evenly Legal And now this step is very important the next step This is a makeup sponge In the bos I mean in a poop format Kind of format of poop Give light beats So that the base on your face will be absorbed best For a softer skin texture Maybe you need this shit

I mean #Pele_impecavel So this is basically My daily makeup that I do every day In my opinion To have flawless skin it is very important that you have a mother and father who already have good skin and You have to have a good dermatologist (he said it wrong) I say A skin specialist So Did you like it?

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