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Advice that I would give for my younger self: to not limit myself on things I can do just because of my skin I promise you that it will get better

Hey everyone my name's Madison Today I’m going to be talking about my skin journey with hormonal and cystic acne And how my journey has guided me to my everyday make up routine So I’ve grown up with very bad cystic red acne I would wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and just find more and more breakouts that eventually just started to overtake my face

I went to the dermatologist and they prescribed me a pill to take every day that some of you may know as Accutane After taking this medication for a little while it really damaged my mental health I went in to my dermatologist and they took my off of that and they prescribed me to Spironolactone Your skin first purges before it heals So it gets worse before it gets better

I was left behind with a lot of scarring, texture, and redness I later got microdermabrasion It basically is shedding new layers of your skin My confidence definitely skyrocketed after my skin was clearing up I was finally able to make eye contact again with people

And not think the only thing that they were staring at was my skin I appreciated my skin so much more than I did back then And it was something that I value so greatly now Now I’m going to be running you guys through my everyday makeup routine So first I’m going to be going in with my favorite primer

So next I'm gonna be going in with my foundation I used to apply a very full coverage heavy foundation that even added more texture onto my skin I love this foundation because it is medium coverage So it still lets the skin breathe I’m then going to go in with my concealer

Just to spot conceal anything and brighten up the under eyes I like to apply this in an upside down triangle underneath the eyes Then I’m going to go in with a translucent powder And I’m going to be setting the under eyes as well the whole face Now I’m going to be going in with my bronzer and applying this to the hollow of my cheekbones, forehead, and jawline

Just to give a little definition to the face So I’m going to be applying this pinkish tone blush on the apple of my cheeks Just to add a little more color to the face And next I’m going to be going in with some highlighter I’m just going to be just first wetting the brush so it makes the highlight a little more intense and vibrant

I’m gonna be going in with my favorite pallete and using this kind of burnt orange brownish shade as a transition, and this goldish shimmer to apply on the lid I’m then going to be going in and doing my brows with my brow pencil and then later setting it with my brow gel I just like to follow the natural shape and of my brow and use hair like strokes to fill in the brow I’m gonna be going in with my favorite mascara and just applying this to the top and bottom lashes I’m then going to be going in with this pinkish toned liquid lipstick

And last but not least, I’m gonna be going in with my setting spray I was so embarrassed and ashamed of my skin that I always tried to push it aside But I wish I would have gotten help sooner So if you have been through something similar to my story, I hope you got something from this video You're all beautiful and it will get better with time

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