My Natural Skincare Routine With Essential Oils

Hey good people its Khadijah aka the Oily Geek and today I want to talk to you about a question I've actually been getting a lot which was surprising for me but a lot of people have been asking what do I use to wash my face, to take care of my skin which is surprising, maybe not so surprising I am going to be 45 years old this year and I have noticed a lot of people, a lot of women around me, that's when I tell them my age they are surprised

And honestly, I have been surprised by some of the ages that they've been telling me And I know a lot of it has to do with what I eat and genes but let's be real I mean I know a lot of people have heard the saying 'Black don't crack' but I'm more of a white chocolate so I do have concerns about time marching across my face I actually used to be very self-conscious the of my neck but it has gotten so much better since I've started using some of the products that I'm going to talk about So why don't we get started so the first thing is I wash my face with Young Livings body soap actually which is kind of funny

Their lavender oatmeal body soap is what I use to wash my face I love it It's not drying out at all Lavender and oatmeal is fantastic for skin and it's fantastic for my face too So in the morning, I use their ART light moisturizer and I'll put a dab of it in my hand and I'll add a drop of lavender and Frankincense

Lavender for lavender is really good to just it's very soothing to the skin It's very good for evening out the tone and Frankincense is just the bombcom for keeping time from marching across your face So in keeping with the whole time marching across your face I make my own little nightly blend that I've put together and I put a couple of drops of the Patchouili oil which is also good for keeping time for marching across your face, Frankincense And I use this every night wash my face with the lavender oatmeal and I rub it all over my face rub it on my neck and that's what I do

If I happen to, like it's that time of the month and a little friend pops out like I have a little friend right there I will use Tea tree oil and sometimes Purification These oils are really good for taking care of any clogged issues that you have going on on your face So yeah, those are the products that I use, that is my skincare routine I wake up

I wash my face with my lavender oatmeal soap and use my moisturizer, a drop of frankincense and lavender and then at night I wash my face again and I use my little concoction of a jojoba oil with Frankincense and Patchouli oil You guys have any questions? Let me know and if you want to talk one-on-one about clearing the toxins out of your home and getting started with essential oils the link is at the bottom and can't wait to hear from you Love you, bye

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