My Updated Natural Skincare Routine for Acne-Prone Skin + Shower Routine

Hi guys! Today I'm finally going to share with you my completely natural organic skincare routine and also my shower routine, so I'm sorry that it took me so long to make it, but today it's finally here So let's get started! So in the morning it's really simple for me

All I do is wash my face with warm water while I'm in the shower I just get some water in my palms and just rub my skin and that's pretty much it Once I get out of the shower, I dry my face I still leave it a little bit damp and I apply some oils So lately I've been loving this combination of 2 drops of rosehip oil and one drop of neem oil, which is my current star ingredient

I'm obsessed with it It's antifungal, so it's great for any kind of skin issues and I just love it So I always apply my oils with damp skin and damp hands because that's how you trap that moisture on your skin and if you don't use damp hands, then your skin is going to be dry So that quantity will be enough mostly for my face and the remaining oil I'll just apply it on my neck, chest and shoulders That will also be still damp from the shower and that's enough for all that area

So I don't like using too much oil during the day Now for shower, I actually shower just with water and I've done it for years I just use this simple exfoliating glove like this I know that the Body Shop has very good exfoliating gloves, but this one is just from my local supermarket and it looks kind of like this It's very gentle and I just rub myself off and it takes off any kind of dead skin cells, bacteria or whatever needs to be taken off, but without disrupting my natural acidic mantle of the skin

For shaving, I still use the same Aleppo soap, which looks like this and it's brilliant for shaving And I still use my Gilette disposable razors because they just work the best for me, and it's the best price to value ratio Once I get out of the shower, while the skin of my whole body is still slightly damp, I use my beloved lavender whipped body butter from HK Natural Creations and I mentioned it in my previous beauty favorites, actually holistic lifestyle favorites from February I love this body butter so much because it's completely organic and all natural, and it smells amazing I apply that with some neem oil

So I just put some of that on my palm and I also drop a few drops of neem oil into my palm and I apply it on my feet, on my legs, and also on my arms and elbows because those parts are the parts that get really dry I especially love using neem oil together with this for my feet because I have really dry souls and I've suffered from that for all of my life They're kind of cracking and they're really dry No matter what I do, it never helps But I read that it can be due to yeast in the skin or candida in other words and neem is amazing for that

I started using neem and my feet are literally transformed So if you have cracked feet, try to add some neem oil to your body butter, it's going to change your life For deodorant, I use my DIY deodorant I shared the recipe a couple of years ago I'll link it down in the description box for you

I still use that deodorant, I still love it, it works really well, and I make a batch which lasts for probably 6 months and it costs just pennies, it smells great, it works great, and I love it Now probably a couple of times a week I also use a body scrub I haven't had a store-bought body scrub for a long time, but I kind of longed for something like that, so I got some Russian body scrub actually I got it on eBay and it got sent to me from across the world, but I love this brand It's called Babushka Agafya and it's a Russian brand

It's a kind of herbalist from Siberia She makes natural skincare and haircare, and I love her shampoo So I decided to get her pine nut scrub for the body as well and I really like it The ingredients aren't as clean as I would expect them to be, especially because it says 100% natural ingredients There are a couple of ingredients that are not that natural, but I'm still happy with it, it smells good, it works really well, and I enjoy using it

I'm just going through a stage, a phase where I really wanted something store-bought, but I'm sure at some point I'll go back to my DIY coffee scrubs and things like that But for now, it's great If you live in Eastern Europe, I'm sure you can just buy these in the shops and it costs pennies, but for me getting it shipped from across the world it costs quite a bit, but it's still worth it So evening routine is a little bit more complicated because I do a little bit more things to my skin and also it depends on whether I wore makeup that day or not, so let's divide that into three different parts: first, we're going to talk about what I do on a day when I didn't wear any kind of makeup and I don't want to treat my skin in any way, part two is if I wore makeup, and part three is if I just want to give my skin a little oil cleanse without wearing makeup First, very simple night routine when I don't want to do much

So just like in the morning, I rinse my face with warm water, I don't use anything else, and then I just apply either two drops of my favorite Vitamin E Enhance oil, which I also mentioned in my 2015 favorites and it's amazing, but I'm running out I just have enough for a few more days, so I'm trying to kind of transition to something else to use instead So I've been using the same mixture that I use in the mornings, which is 2 drops of rosehip oil and one drop of neem oil and it works great I don't do anything for my body in the evenings, but I often just wash my feet and I apply some of that body butter with some neem oil for the night, especially if I've been walking a lot or hiking and if my feet feel dry, then I will do that But otherwise, I'll just go to bed

I generally just take my showers in the morning, I don't think it's healthy for the skin on the body or the face or anywhere to be washed so often 2 or 3 times a week, regardless of whether I have been wearing makeup or not, I really like to treat my skin to a lovely oil cleansing method session I just love that, it's like my personal spa in my bathroom I find it really relaxing I've been doing that with all kinds of oils and they're all really great

I used to do it with pumpkin seed oil, which is amazing I used to use sunflower oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil – they're all equally great But what I'm using at the moment is a mixture of olive oil and neem seed oil Neem is great because it's anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, so it's great if you have acne, it's great if you have dry skin, it's great if you have any kind of peeling skin or eczema or dermatitis, or anything like that – it's going to be extremely healing for you So I take some of that oil in my palm and I massage it into dry skin

Make sure your skin is dry for the Oil Cleansing Method Otherwise it's not really going to work that well So I massage it in but not for too long, probably for around 2-3 minutes because I don't want to overstimulate my skin by massaging it too much Then I usually leave it on while I brush my teeth, so it stays on for a few more minutes Then I take a warm muslin cloth and I just wipe all that oil off

I usually do it 2 or 3 times So this muslin cloth is from a brand called Pai and I love it But I also use the ones from Balm Balm and they're also amazing To be honest, they're all equally amazing Once I'm done with wiping all the oil off, I just apply some more oil with damp hands

So either my vitamin E oil or that mixture of rosehip oil and neem oil, and I'm ready to go to bed Whenever I wear makeup, I could just do a normal Oil Cleansing Method like I've just explained to you, but I prefer to take off my makeup mostly before I do the Oil Cleansing Method because I don't like getting my muslin cloth all dirty and all brown with makeup, so what I do is I take a small cotton disc and then I wet it, I squeeze out all the extra moisture, and then I put a few drops of any kind of oil that I like using on the cotton disc, so at the moment I'm using sunflower oil, but it really doesn't matter They all work equally well And then I just wipe off all of my eye makeup Then it's time to remove all the face makeup

So I just take a bigger cotton disc and again I wet it, I squeeze out the extra moisture, I put a few drops of oil on it, and then I just wipe it all off Basically, that moist I know a lot of people hate the word moist, but I don't mind it

So that moist cotton disc and oil is going to work like a lovely, gentle makeup remover And then I just wipe everything off So at that point there's not much oil left Then I take a warm muslin cloth Make sure it's not hot, so I don't irritate my skin, and then just wipe everything off and then I also like to rinse my face with some cool water to kind of close the pores

I know they say pores don't really close, but it kind of feels like that because the face feels much smoother afterwards So I just do that and then I also apply some of that oil that I mentioned before, just before bed, either the vitamin E oil or the neem oil and rosehip oil mixture, and I'm ready to go to bed Before I go to bed, every single evening, unless I'm really lazy and tired, I always like applying that body butter and neem oil onto my hands, cuticles, and nails because it makes such a difference Overnight I don't wash dishes, I don't get my hands wet, so they really have a chance to be nourished and recover The neem oil addition really helped my cuticles

I used to have really peeling and irritated cuticles, but since I started using neem, they got so much better, so I'd definitely recommend getting some neem oil and just putting some drops into everything really It's amazing So this is all of my skincare and bodycare routine I hope that you enjoyed this video As you can see, my skincare routine is really not that complicated

There's nothing really expensive there It's quite minimalist and it works really well It keeps my skin consistently clear and glowing, and I couldn't be any happier with that So I hope that you will be able to take some of these ideas from me and introduce them into your own routine I really hope that you liked the video

Next week I'll be sharing with you my haircare routine as well, and also how I style my short curly hair, which also has been requested so much, so stay tuned, subscribe if you haven't already, and I'll see you in my next video Bye!

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