“Natural Solutions for Caring for Your Skin Through Chemotherapy Treatment”

(music) Our next story is about a personal journey of one inspirational woman that has led to a new career path which will soon be benefitting women and families everywhere

Joining me is Gina Maisano, two-time breast cancer survivor and creator of an exciting new skincare line, and Dr Randall Feingold Also, Dr Ron Israeli from New York Breast Reconstruction Associates, who helped Gina along the way so much more than just medically Good morning to all of you

Good morning Gina, I want to start with you, and thank you so much for being here It's my pleasure Your story is so powerful and inspirational to so many women out there who have faced breast cancer Tell me what happened

I was first diagnosed in 2001, and I did the chemo and the radiations and the surgery, and I thought I was all done with it And then it came back five years later And so I had more chemo and more radiation, and I started to notice that my skin took a toll, and my hair was awful when it grew back And so it led me to look for ways to make myself look better as I was healing And it then led to me creating our skincare line

God bless you Dr Israeli, let bring you in because so many women out there can relate to this, and I'm sure you've seen many women out there like Gina experiencing these side effects during treatment Why is it? Yeah I have seen many women like Gina, and what happens with cancer treatments is that they damage the skin

There's chemicals in chemotherapy, radiation can damage the blood supply to the skin, and fortunately products like Gina's, I've seen them work and be so effective for patients without having any of the toxins that so many of the products that are available today have And Gina, did you try to use regular products while you were going through this, and is that why then you came up with your own line? I did try to use other products, and I found they were very harsh and irritating Then, I looked them up and I did a lot of research, and I saw that they were actually toxic and could cause cancer So, I made a little lab in my kitchen, and made things that had nothing harsh in them, nothing that was toxic because here I am fighting cancer with all of these drugs, and then I was putting toxins on the largest organ in your body which is your skin Sure

So, I didn't want to add to that I wanted to make it better Before we talk about the product, Dr Feingold, let me bring you in because I want my viewers to look at this statistic right now, and I'm going to read it for them And it's really a fascinating one that I've found

There are more than 1,000 toxic skincare ingredients allowed here in the United States, and they are completely banned elsewhere, some potentially cancerous So, are there no FDA regulations on this because that's alarming? FDA does not regulate cosmetics the way it regulates medications And as Gina said, once you put it on your skin, it's going to rapidly absorb into your body So, we were very careful to omit many of the common cosmetic ingredients that had the potential to cause cancer or to alter hormone metabolism and raise estrogen levels in our patients That would not be good for a breast cancer patient

Of course So, let's talk about this What is it called? Beterre Beterre That's beautiful

What does it mean? Where did you get that name? It's "better from the Earth" Oh, that's fabulous Because all of our ingredients are plant based, but they're also studied ingredients This is a natural product line that works It has been studied

We worked with a botanical chemist and created a line that does what it says, but it doesn't hurt you And Doctors, what I love about this, it's an experience that she had which led to create an amazing line which can benefit women everywhere Yeah She was diagnosed 14 years ago, and since then she's done everything she can to help other women You know, she's had two critically acclaimed books that she's written on breast cancer recovery

Wow! She went on Capitol Hill to talk about breast reconstruction awareness, which is another important topic And this is the kind of dedication and passion that she brought to this project Gina, is this only for cancer patients, if I may ask? Oh, no See, when we first started, I started it for people who were in treatment And they brought it home, and their families started using it, their friends started using it, their husbands started using it

I see you're holding the foot cream I am I noticed foot cream because I'm a runner, and I don't want anyone to look at the bottom of my feet, but they're not attractive Okay So, the foot cream originally was created for the burning you get in your feet when you go through chemo

And then all the athletes were using it It smells beautiful And if you keep it in the refrigerator and then you put it on after a run It's cooling because it's got a lot of peppermint in it, and it just makes your skin super soft It smells lovely

Dr Feingold, I noticed that it's packaged in glass Is there a significance with this? There is It didn't make sense for us to create toxin free products and then put it in potentially hazardous packaging Even the plastic in bottled water can create dangerous byproducts when exposed to heat in sunlight, so we thought it was safer to use glass bottling even though it's more expensive

Great point Gina, it's must be so rewarding to hear from cancer survivors who are using it I get them also from their friends and family who don't have cancer They love using the product I was looking at this one, real quick before we say goodbye

This is the Golden Elixir Tell me how to use this I just spray it? You just put a few drops on Ooh It's a marvelous oil, and you can use it from the tips of your toes to the tips of your hair

Oh, I love it To my hair? Yeah Oh yeah This is great Alright, for information on this fabulous line, where do our viewers go? Beterre

com We're selling it on Beterrecom as well Beterrecom

Thank you for your story God bless you Thank you Thank you for your inspiration Loved having you

Come back again Oh, sure Dr Feingold, thank you so much And Dr

Israeli Thank you, appreciate it And, of course, if you'd like — oh, it smells so good — if you'd like more information on this line of products, Beterre, go to our website, TheBalancingActcom (music)

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