Olive oil for skin | 5 beauty tips with olive oil that you can not miss

5 beauty tips with olive oil you can not miss Olive oil helps us maintain the line, as it has features that facilitate the transformation of food, and prevent the ingestion of harmful fats and sugars

You already know olive oil and you have heard about its remarkable health features But now you are going to add to the knowledge knowing that olive oil is a major ingredient for some beauty treatments, and for that reason we want you to offer five beauty tricks "Liquid gold" as the protagonist You know that the natural is always healthier and also helps you to be radiant and at a low costs Better impossible Do not you think? 1 Olive oil to retain the figure

We already know that the oil is part of the well-known Mediterranean diet, but now we know that, in addition to reducing the chances of suffering some health problems, it is perfect for our figure If you add to your diet the habit of taking a spoon of olive oil daily, to lose weight and to keep it in it too Olive oil has characteristics that facilitate the transformation of food, preventing the absorption of harmful fats and sugars 2 Olive oil for a shiny and healthy hair

One of the biggest problems of hair is drought, causing it to break and in some cases to fall To prevent hair from drying out, use a weekly mask with olive oil, applied mildly thereon If you also put a slightly warm towel on your head, you will add moisture to the hair, which is found in gloss and health Leave the towel until it cools down and not wash you hair until the other day, your hair will look radiant 3 Olive oil for a perfect face

If you enjoy the benefits of cosmetics, you may wonder how they maintained their skin in ancient women who came to us as a reference to beauty Simple centuries ago Women already benefit from the properties of olive oil, applied to the skin ashes as if it were a cream and let it absorb it You do not need much quantity, just a little drop, and your skin will thank you very much The dry skin will be blessed with its moisturization 4

Olive oil for a soft skin You may have noticed that hair removal, exposure to the sun and others causes a dry and unlit well what some ice fails to relieve exfoliate the elbows and knees is a rule that you should always maintain, but if at the end of the peel you add a touch of olives oil, you give a dry area an opportunity to look smooth to the maximum 5 Olive oil as a make-up remover

And of course, even if the subject matter, we can think of taking advantage of this beautiful oil, when the end of the day of makeup, and you were your face nothing like that the use of olive oil as a makeup remover, clean and he feeds and leaves the skin smooth and soft You will be surprised by the results of these tricks, but you must be constant the best work only if you take care of you, be consistent in use Grab it !!

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