One Brand Focus: Troiareuke Top Picks + Skincare Routine ⎮H+ Products & ACSEN Line

Hey Guys and a Warm welcome back to my channel and today I'm Really Excited To introduce you to my newest segment which I decided to call the one Brand Focus where I do a thorough review and demo for you Guys on a specific chosen or requested Skincare/ Beauty Brands I've Had a Few of you Asking to do specific brands in the past and so I thought this would be a great addition to my channel Today's One Brand focus Will be on one of my favorites Troiareuke, and I will Be showcasing a Step-by-Step skincare and beauty routine using exclusively Troiareuke products in my possession so make yourself comfortable and let's get started! As you can see I still have a face full of makeup and so The first thing I'm grabbing is the "Acsen Oil Cut Cleansing" which as the name suggests Is an oil-free clear gel type cleanser that can either be rinsed off or wiped off

This cleanser removes all traces of makeup dirt and oil from your skin and since It contains papaya and lotus extracts, it is great for acne prone sensitive or oily skin types Some people may prefer to use their hands and fingers to apply the gel cleanser But since I tend to wear quite heavy eye makeup I personally prefer to use cotton pads to remove the makeup first Just a side note here, this cleanser can function as a makeup remover But on days where I don't wear makeup I generally use my hands and massage the cleanser into my skin before wiping off Next I'm going in with a "PIT cleansing Milk" and this is an all-in-One Cleanser which includes a point makeup remover, oil cleanser and foam cleanser, and it also helps to thoroughly clean traces of BB and CC creams due to its semi nano sized particles that can penetrate deep into the skin I like to use this to cleanse any trace of makeup left on my skin, and the one cool thing about this cleansing milk is that you can also use it as a quick mask! Just massage it onto your face and leave it on there for Three to five minutes before rinsing off or wiping off

Here i'm going in with my usual face cleanser to wash off any excess residue left on my face and Yep this is the only non Troiareuke product in this video! My current face wash is the COSRX Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser for those of you wondering After cleansing my face the next step is toner Toners help to shrink pores, restores the Skin's pH balance and adds a layer of protection to our skin that is why this step is crucial Currently I've been rotating through these four H+ Healing cocktails alternating each day based on my Skin specific needs at that particular time If I have no particular skin concerns then i usually fall back on the green one which is the "Anti Trouble Formula Ampule" I love how refreshing and soothing it feels on my newly washed face and I like to apply the five-step application while I use these Healing cocktails as it maximizes absorption and best results in your skin

If any of you are interested in a more in-depth overview of how each color benefits your skin then you can check out my full review on all four colors right on this link here! If I'm not going out anywhere in particular or just spending the day running errands, then I like to apply the "ACSEN UV Protector Essence" before I go out One thing I like about this sunscreen is the fact that it Functions as an essence while still protecting your skin from the damaging UV rays It helps protect skin aging and wrinkles by blocking UVA and prevents skin cancer by blocking UVB It absorbs quickly and acts more Like a skincare than a sunscreen which I love, and there's no streaky marks or gray overcast either! And of course on days when I do need to go out I will either go for the H+ cushion or the H+ cream So let's start off with The H+ cream first

On a fairly easy and casual day out when I do need to look at least decent this is what I like to use! It is an Aesthetic SPA Recovery Cream with three functional cosmetic effects Anti- Wrinkle, Whitening and UV protection This is what they'll apply on you after Troipeel Treatments or any other facial procedures since it is also a resurfacing treatment Contrary to what many believe it is not technically a BB cream because unlike the BB cream you can actually sleep in this For best resurfacing result, I had rhis on me for three Days without washing my face after my Troipeel Treatment and believe it or not my face was still perfect afterwards Some People also like to use this as makeup base

An on days when I do need more coverage, I like to go with my H+ cushion like the H+ cream, this cushion also comes with a three functional cosmetic effects and it also acts more than just a cushion! It is a moisture shield and protects the skin from external factors in the environment, which in turn aids in anti-aging due to reduced moisture lost And finally last but not least, in my Troiareuke collection is the "ACSEN Pore Control Mask" that I recently picked up for myself and I really do adore this mask guys! It helps remove sebum and tighten pores and has a great anti-inflammatory effects on the skin It also contains Kaolin Clay which is excellent for those with skin eczema, Gum Tree Extracts that gives a nice cooling effect on the skin and Grapefruit Extracts which helps to reduce the redness This mask also has a lovely and relaxing scent to it and the texture is very creamy and soothing to the touch! The mask slowly hardens as soon as it comes in contact with the skin so you have to work pretty quickly and the recommended masking time is only 2-5 minutes which is great for people on the go After the designated time frame, massage the product in with some luke warm water before rinsing everything off and I assure you your skin will seriously feel completely hydrated and moisturized afterwards! Alright guys so this pretty much sums up my first "One Brand Focus" video Which "One Brand Focus" would you like me to do next? Please Let me know and comment below and please give me feedbacks on this first one also! Thank you so so much guys for your support and I really hope many of you found this video useful! And if you did please help by liking and subscribing to see more reviews and fun travel videos from me

I truly appreciate all of your support! Thank you so so much again and I'll see you in the next video Bye!

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