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– Hi everybody, and welcome to the BalancingAct I'm Julie Moran

– And I'm Olga Villaverde Alright, I have a question for you – Yeah? – Do you use something called Groupon? – You know, I love it – You do? – Because I find great restaurants using it – It's a great way to experience things in your community

– It's so true It also helps support local businesses, and we'll be having our own Groupon experience today on the show, so stay tuned for that – Lots of fun Also speaking of fun, our Forever Freckled sisters are back, and they're sharing their thought on this, look at this, this really cool new electric toothbrush – Cool, I love the color

– Yeah, it's redesigned and reimagined And that's a tease – Alright, we've got all that and more on the BalancingAct and we are starting right now so stay with us – Do you Groupon? I know I do, because it's an easy and savvy way to save money on things I do every single day Plus, saving money is smart, not cheap

We sent lifestyle expert Jenny Isenman around town to show us just how she and you can Groupon (Calypso music) – Jenny Isenman here, Jenny from the blog Listen, we all get busy, I'm a mom, I work, but it's so important to take time for yourself and for me today is the day I booked an amazing day of experiences, I'm here at Blue Skies, we're gonna have so much fun and I did it all on Groupon, so let's go So I absolutely love the water, I thought kayaking would be the perfect experience

I simply typed it in my Groupon app, I found a great place near me, it had wonderful reviews, great ratings, I knew it was gonna be an awesome experience And what I love about Groupon is normally I would be paying double But I'm getting this experience, exactly the same, but for so much less – Alright, so here's your life jacket – Okay, great, thank you

(cheerful music) Do I have to come back? I am not ready but I'm gonna come out anyway That was great, now I am onto the next I've worked up an appetite and it's time to get something yummy to eat with one of my besties who I don't get to see too much Let's go! Hi! I'm so glad you could do this – I know

– Oh, my favorite Cheers – I know, I'm so excited – Mm, Baha's the best – So good

– Hey ladies, I have a table outside for you (Calypso music) – There are so many choices with Groupon but I am really glad I picked this one The food is amazing, the service is great and with Groupon I save big (Calypso music) I am stuffed but I think I might have time for one more thing, and with the money I saved so far today, let's try and find something else on Groupon (Calypso music) – Thank you! I could so get used to that, and you can too

All you have to do is download the Groupon app and there's a world of great experiences just waiting for you Christina, girls' day next time? Please? – You got it, Jenny Are you ready to experience Groupon for yourself? Head to Grouponcom and start enjoying Of course there's always more on our website, TheBalancingAct

com – Online education at the collegiate level is more popular than ever In fact, 70 percent of all students enrolled in college are non-traditional adult learners And their median age is around 34 and women are heading the charge Not only do online educations give a great return on investment, but the convenience of attending class from practically anywhere fits the needs and schedules of today's busiest goal-oriented women

And here with all the insight and personal experience are Ren�e Hamilton-McNealy, a Columbia College graduate, and Columbia College's senior director of Marketing, Brad Wucher It is so great to have you here today – Thank you, it's a pleasure to be here – And Ren�e I'm so excited to talk to you, you have such a great story You're a veteran, you're an artist, you're an entrepreneur, tell us little bit about yourself

– Thank you So I've been in the Army for 19 years, and made the rank of a Master Sargent I also advocate for veterans and ran for Miss Veteran America 2016 And as an artist, the human body is my canvas so I body point live for events and different shoots, things of that nature – Wow

– Yes – You know, and I know you're a Columbia College online graduate We're gonna hear about that But Brad, tell us a little bit about Columbia College – So Columbia College was founded in 1851 as the first institution of higher learning for women west of the Mississippi, and since that time we've been accredited for over a century, providing education at 35 locations nationwide and we really feel that that's part of our mission, to change lives through education

Which is why we currently serve over 20,000 students both online and in-seat – And what do you think sets your online program apart from everybody else? – Three things Flexibility, cost, and speed So the idea is that if you wanna go as fast as you possibly can, you can create a bachelor's degree in less than three and a half years – Wow

– And then the flexibility with the online education system is such that you can take class when it works best for you So for a busy adult life that's got work and family to deal with, you can find a way to fit that in And then lastly is cost, that's the biggest scary factor for everybody to enroll and our cost is extremely affordable – Well Renee, what inspired you to, you know, want to get your online education at Columbia College? – Well what took place when I was called to active duty after September 11th, I pulled out of the traditional college that I was attending and I met one of the education service officers for Columbia College at the military installation and she pretty much showed me the program and how I could complete classes online so that I didn't have to put it on hold until my duty was done And I started with two classes and it just was awesome, I loved the pace, everything about it, and I continued on to complete my bachelor's online

– That's fantastic And Brad, you guys really pride yourself on supporting the students, right? – Absolutely We understand how scary it can be to consider going back to college, especially after you've been out of school for a while and the expense and all that, so we try to develop, even in an online environment, a very good relationship between our advisors and the student So that there's a support there at every turn on which classes to take and what path to follow And then beyond that after you get out of school you have to be able to put the degree to work

And so we provide career counseling and career service support for an entire lifetime at no cost to our students – Well Ren�e, what would you say to those folks out there that are watching today that say "I can't do this, I can't do this" What would your advice be? – Just take a moment to just remind yourself of what you truly want, and be gentle to yourself in the process Set incremental goals and celebrate each step of the way and maybe just start with the one class and go from there, move at your own pace because you never know what a journey will be like until you get started – And Brad you said a little bit, you spoke to this, but it's affordable, right? – For a non-profit private institution, we're about half the cost of the national average and that makes a big difference

And then when you combine that with the availability of financial aid, it makes it so easy for people to find a way to get the degree they're seeking – Wow, and where can folks find out more? – They can go to ccisedu and learn all about our online education – It was just so great having you here today You inspired me, I'm sure you inspired others out there

And to find out more you can also go to TheBalancingActcom for more information Great having you guys here today – Thank you – Thank you so much

– Now it's time to get an education on a futuristic and innovative new electronic toothbrush Our Forever Freckled sisters are back with us to show us how to up our smile game – Hi, I'm Carrie Greenberg – And I'm Dr Katie Friedman, and we're the sisters of Forever Freckled

– As busy moms, professionals, and bloggers, we want nothing more than to provide you with useful information to moms, parents, and kids – As a board certified pediatrician, I can't stress enough the important of good oral hygiene That's why we're so excited to be testing out these new oral health products by Foreo – We're trying out the Issa toothbrush products – The Issa, the Issa Hybrid, and the Issa Mini

– I'm trying out the Issa because I have more sensitive teeth and the Issa is great for more gentle cleaning of the teeth and the gums – And I'm trying out the Issa Hybrid, which is great for stronger teeth and provides a more vigorous clean I love how the width of the brush is wide enough to clean both your teeth, your gums and your inner cheeks at the same time I really like the silicone material I feel like it's different than my everyday toothbrush

And I can tell that it would give a really great clean – The silicone is great because it provides more hygiene and less bacteria – Next up, the Issa Mini which is great for kids five and older – As a pediatrician and a mom, I can tell you first-hand that it's really hard to get your kids to brush their teeth so here's some great tips to help you out One, let them pick out their color

Get them involved – I love purple – Two, make it part of their routine Make sure that they brush their teeth at morning time and at night And three, the fist time let them skip the toothpaste

Let them get used to the toothbrush itself and then you can introduce the toothpaste It's really hard as a mom to get your kids to brush their teeth for two minutes So the bright colors and the vibration really, really helps What's great is it has this feature it actually lights up after two minutes, so the kids know when it's time to stop brushing their teeth – That's awesome, I love that

My son's really gonna like this So I got to try the Issa Hybrid, and I loved how my mouth felt It felt healthy, refreshed and clean, and I loved that it made my teeth feel strong – There was an option for me because I do have more sensitive teeth, I felt like the Issa gave me a really good strong cleaning but didn't irritate my teeth and my gums I love how convenient it is

You only have to charge it once and you get 365 uses And with the Issa you only have to replace the brush head once every year – Yeah, I've had other toothbrushes where I've had to change the brush head every month The Issa has eight different intensities, so if I want a quick brush or I want a deep cleaning it's got me covered The Issa is really like the electric toothbrush reimagined

– So if you wanna brush up your teeth-cleaning routine head to Foreocom for all the information or go to Foreverfreckledcom And when we come back, learning more about vein health Don't go away

– Deep vein thrombosis The leading cause of death in a hospital that's preventable But what is deep vein thrombosis? How can you get it and who is at risk? Joining us with all the information is Dr Chris Pittman, medical director and CEO of Vein911 vein treatment centers and his patient, John Williams Thank you both for joining us

– We're thrilled to be here Christina – And Dr, let's start by just explaining to the viewers, what is deep vein thrombosis? – Well, let's start with what deep veins are and where they are Deep veins are actually veins in the middle of our leg in the muscle And they are separate from veins that are under our skin that tend to cause a lot of people obvious problems like varicose veins and spider veins but they're two separate systems and the deep veins take 98 percent of our blood back to the heart and for all sorts of reasons blood clots can develop in these veins in the middle of the leg and sometimes, the blood clots are a little bit like Jell-O, or a Jell-O worm inside the vein

And sometimes these blood clots can break off and they float up through the body to the right side of the heart and into the lungs and cause what's called a pulmonary embolism And we all understand what choking is, it's easy to understand, but when you have a big enough clot, these Jell-O-y worms that go up into the lungs, they prevent blood from absorbing oxygen And so they can cause shortness of breath and very quick death at the time – And there are obviously risk factors, we have John here who is a patient of yours and John, how did you first discover that you had deep vein thrombosis, or DBT? – I was experiencing some strange sensations, symptoms if you will, in my lower legs I had pain, throbbing sensation, so I had visited with a physician who noticed deep vein thrombosis in my leg – Okay, and what other kinds of risk factors or symptoms should we all be aware of? – The main symptoms you may have with a deep vein thrombosis is swelling and pain, or just swelling or just pain

But those are the main symptoms Anybody coming in to the doctor's office complaining of pain in the legs that can't be explained is generally gonna get an ultrasound to rule out a deep vein thrombosis – And are there any other kinds of tests that we should be aware of? – Ultrasound is really the main test Of course the history and physical and the other components of a medical exam play into that but ultrasound is really the main modality that we use to diagnose vein issues – And how do you treat something like this? – Treatment for DVT is generally gonna be blood thinners and compression

Compression hose help a lot of people I'm wearing some right now – Let's see 'em John, do you have some one as well? Let's see – I do

– They look just like nice dress socks, too So you can wear 'em on a TV interview, right? – Compression hose are not like grandma's old medical hose, they're sporty, they make 'em casual, they make 'em dress, and if you have a high-quality, measured, fitted pair of compression hose they are wonderful things – And finally let's talk about prevention – Standing for long periods of time isn't good because your calves aren't moving So walking around is obviously good, staying well-hydrated

Assessing the patient's risk with a Caprini Score and I believe we have more information at the American College of Phlebology's website, healthyveinsorg where people can learn more about their risk for DVT – Okay, and John, any advice for people who may think they have some risk factors that the doctor just spoke about or symptoms like you had? – Yeah, I would just say not to hesitate In my situation I was under some treatment through a physician and I still had some symptoms and I just didn't quite feel like I had all the answers So just be persistent and seek out a physician, Dr

Pittman and his team has been great for me And I'm glad I didn't wait, I think it's something that you should certainly put at the top of your list – Thank you both so much for joining us and for sharing information that could save lives – Thank you, Christina – To find out more about deep vein thrombosis or to assess your risk go to healthyveins

org or phlebologyorg We'll also have information on our website at TheBalancingActcom – [Woman Offscreen] We're in an exciting time, we're in a phase called precision medicine

– Developments in instruments, imaging and surgical techniques have improved the outcomes and feasibility of laparoscopic surgical procedures – This branch of medicine is now recognized as the four-pillar cancer killer – [Man Offscreen] We have the diagnostic technology – We are learning new things about how this body works – And I noticed after a couple of treatments all of the sudden he's up, anxious to go out and walk, and, you know, my husband was back

– Chelsea's test came back negative A big relief to our entire family – I think there's a lot of power in bringing people together who have FH so that they can learn from each other – They just inspired me to maybe do that for the next person – You know the Angelina Jolie affect, that instantaneously sparked conversations, understanding

– I'm part of a study that's gonna help people in the future I knew that this had an opportunity to be something really great for me and other people – You know, such a great show today I was so inspired to think that, you know, if you're that kind of person that can't get to a college, a brick-and-mortar building, you can get your college education online – If you work two jobs, if you're single, if you've got children, you can get it and do it

I love it What's great also is this toothbrush – Love the toothbrush Love the color – Forever Freckled sisters

– They are fanstastic – Alright, before we leave I'm gonna give you a little surprise about me What me to tell you something about me about toothbrush and teeth? – Yes How many times a day do you brush your teeth? – I wasn't gonna tell you that, but at least eight, 'cause I have a lot of Cuban coffee – Did you hear that? Eight times a day

That's why when I'm trying to get in the bathroom off the dressing room she's in there brushing her teeth all the time – But guess how many cavities I have – How many? – Zero – Oh my God – How many do you have? – I have one

(laughter) – I beat you – And I wish we could say it was all because of the toothbrush but we love the toothbrush, you guys gotta check this out Also check out our new Instagram site, Julieandolga – That's right, you'll see crazy things regarding Julie and Olga See you next time

– Alright, so long everybody, have a good one (cheerful music)

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