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Hello Friends I hope you all are doing great today and I am Madhura and welcome back to yet another post on MadhuraStyle So today it's the Haul video and it's my first haul post so if there's any brand that comes to your mind when you think about a domestic product in India then for me at least it's potentially now it's been quite some time i started using this potentially product and I mostly I'm really happy with everything I got means are considering the quantity and quality they are decently priced it isn't available online are nowadays they have a lot of little Ultimates I can't say it's a hundred percent natural but yeah it comfort Lissa chemicals and after all it's perfectly people for my super sensitive skin so it's going to be a whole as the less the video alright first thing first so let's talk about potentially rose face wash I love everything that personals roads of rebounds rows of charges for lotion problem just everything now I have been you think these are rows of face wash park quite some time now and i must say it's really good let's go have a normal to combination skin like a during winter my skin dance super super dry and doing somewhat it's super early and one more thing that I would like to mention that my skin is super super super sensitive like I must complete before extracting a to use this potentially through space gosh i have never are tired never used any soul our place Josh for my space just for the simple reason and no matter how expensive are a ho

the grandees our body where they came but any type of pricey are planted please wash our lift my face on my skin on my face dull ete did all the time for using these rows fresh wash i was using of basin and honey of four of washing our cleansing my face so yeah this potential little fresh marsh is really gentle on your super sensitive skin after using this face wash our your skin tones really soft yet graci now as far as the fragrance is a consent it's not so strong roads of smell in fact it gentle and mild and it lingers on your face what about an hour to have about after cleansing now since it's a gel paste it doesn't a leather-like so but it just washes off easily after you use it and it really soothes your skin and makes your skin salt now the good thing about this potential little face wash it's an expensive it's just 45 basis for 60 grams i wash my face are typically times a day using this face wash and it lasts me for up to three weeks it makes your skin soft smooth and glossy and its really gentle on our sensitive skin it causing this sturdy packaging and it's a travel-friendly and they do side of these of play squash is it doesn't lather like so and other thing is it's not completely natural as the ingredients listed on this packaging it does the contents are some chemicals now let's talk about potentially mogra party canceled this sort of my take back your entire patterns most like mogra after sharp it feels like you have been sharp with actual graph laws really most fantastic now it comes in this white and pink carton box and it has this transparent liner to provoke you and this voltage card our interests of quality this is this rating of $PERCENT based and green plastic signs of smoke pot this is a really very mild and gentle cleanser as it contains all natural ingredients like name I'm glad Lucy hold the elevator which is really good for your skin this is an investor so which is improved with extracts from more grass laughs I think it's really good for dry skin as it gives your skin soft and moisturized all the time now the bras of this potentially more body cleanser is business school and the smell states for longer time it gives your skin soft and moisturized and its really good for dry skin and the cons are negative side of the soap is only it is also really freaked as come back to other salts next is this up potentially on name and other fist back it comes to mint are likely in color and it smells like a main column it is not so strong it has a premierepicture middle booting not or to pick which is I think a really useful in has a great application now generally i take a generous amount of this is back and misogynist all over my face public to quickly minute and living on my face Polly chordify to 30 minutes to dry out completely no it does give a little burning sensation on my acne pond area but this type of discomfort generally course after few minutes of application and to remove this face back i add a splash of water and allow it to moist and folic 22 minutes and then we'll sit down with a cold tap water this has really a cooling properties and it really has to do all I and dirt from your fries no I have acne small break out unless your forehead all the time and it has really helped me to minimize goes of breakout now I can't say it works completely are on your acne or break out but at least the good thing is it doesn't make them first so it makes my skin soft smooth and clear I'll frost on the working about this place back is a it's really inexpensive Archie it's like just 60 degrees for 60 graph it's easily available prevent it gives your skin soft smooth clear and oakley and the cons are we getting side of this is back is honestly it smells a little weird for me not so good and it doesn't work correctly on your acne the next is this potentially case country shit a shampoo now I have a dry hair with frizzy ends and this shampoo is a in deep brown color and is your attorney as compared to other shampoo the smile after shampoo is my but it's really very pleased and now generally I time you are any shampoo with some water before I playing it on my hair it does create a good leather and after using this shampoo my hair foods of soft product list and manageable with a healthy shine I don't need to use any conditioner i also found that it's useful in you're addressing hair fall and are tender and shot the shampoo really makes your head or soft clean and protect them from everyday damage but it's not really good for oily hair as it may make your head more crazy and flight now the bras are good thing about this sample is smells good it creates good clatter of which washes of easily it has student no reference or dryness of your hair and make sure makes your hair soft and give a healthy shine and the gods are the only negative side of the shampoo is a picture is stupid on early $YEAR s and it's not suitable for only hair the next and the last product on my to-do list is this a potentially body mr now this hundred-person national and it does not compare any harmful included this is a primarily a combination of lake almanor arise length is somebody canceled extra I always make sure to use this at least once in a week and it really has me to get rid of a skin cells it has to do is contact sports and skin blemishes now I to use this body open i think our papers went up this open boy at a rosewater Elvis ru of potentially rose quarter and but these are just a single drop of vitamin E oil mix that up really good and applied all over my face and leave it on like 4 20 to 30 minutes or until it price of completely and then our is it up with a cold water it really has me to get to your soft and a growing skin instantly apart from that it's a beneficial in exploiting your skin it has to do is your weakness car it has to remove your unwanted facial hair and it's beneficial in improving your skin complexion and that's all for today I really like to use all this potentially products on a regular order on an everyday basis i hope you liked my to this video if you liked this video please hit the like button if you have any restaurant traditions queries please sleep that the comment box below and please remember to subscribe it's free and develop opposed to get informed about mellitus poor so many this video thank you for watching to take good care of yourself see you soon and remember to give money

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