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Hi, guys! James Charles here, the newest taste of CoverGirl Happy holidays, everybody

It is officially that time of the year I am so excited to see my family and friends and give everybody all the cute gifts that I've picked out for them, and of course, attend all the holiday parties as well Today I decided to teach you guys how to do this super fun and easy pop-of-color look using the new TruNaked Jewels tone palette I went with this bright blue But you can totally do whatever color you want, maybe even green, purple– whatever you want to match the holiday season

If you want to learn how I created this look, make sure you keep on watching I'm first going to start off by priming my face using my truBLEND Primer for combo skin And then for my base, I'm going to use my Clean Matte Liquid Foundation Once my foundation is all laid out, I'm going to conceal and brighten my face, using my Outlast All Day Concealer To set my face in place, I'm going to use my Clean Matte Foundation Powder

To bronze and sculpt my face today I'm going to be using the Blush in cinnamon toast Now, this technically is a blush But you can really use it for bronzer, because it is a warm-tone brown It's absolutely perfect It'll just give the face a nice warm sitting-by-the-fire holiday glow

Next, I'm going to start off by sketching out my brows using the TruNaked Eyebrow Pencil in the shade espresso Next, I'm going to grab a little bit more of that Outlast All Day Concealer on a flat-top brush and just sculpt out the brow I'm also bringing a little bit of that concealer onto the eyelid to serve as an eye shadow primer And then, of course, I'm going to get that in place using my powered foundation, so we don't get any creases on the eyelid I'm going to go ahead and do the other eyebrow off-camera so we can save some time

Then we can finish off the face All right, I finished the other brow And now let's go ahead and move on with the rest of the eyes For my shadow today, I'm going to be using the CoverGirl TruNaked Jewels Palette It is their brand-new palette with all beautiful colors, perfect for the holiday season

I am so pumped for this palette All the shades are so cute Now, since I am James Charles and I'm always doing something crazy, and this is for a holiday party, I feel like everybody will be wearing black and gold smokey eyes And will they look cute? Yes You know they will look amazing

But we want to look cuter I want to do something different So I think I'm going to skip out on top shadow today and use this bright blue shade in the middle of the palette on the lower lash line for a fun pop of color that will literally have everybody dropping their eggnog I'm first going to start off by lining my waterline using the Liquiline Blast pencil I'm also going to pop a little bit of that on the actual lash line, just to serve as a base for that shadow

Taking the blue shade from the palette on a small angled brush, I'm going to begin to buff that into my lower lash line Then I'm just taking a clean pencil brush to buff out those edges, to make sure everything is nice and blended out and we have no harsh lines And then just to be extra on the holiday season, I'm going to take the little applicator from the palette and a little bit of my favorite blue glitter and pop it right over that blue shadow Next I'm going to curl my lashes, and then, of course, apply my So Lashy Mascara I just popped on my favorite pair of falsies for some extra drama

And now I'm going to go ahead and apply some highlighter Remember, everybody, you're goal is to be shining as bright as all the lights you used to decorate your house this season, ha-ha And then to finish off this look, I'm going to apply my Katy Kat Matte in the shade crimson red And there we go, guys That is the completed pop-of-color look, perfect for this upcoming holiday season

I really hope you enjoyed this video And if you did, don't forget to give it a big thumbs-up and subscribe to the CoverGirl channel down below There is more content coming soon Don't forget to follow CoverGirl on all their social media to keep up with all the news And if you want to follow my make-up journey, you can check out my social medias as well

Just search James Charles All right, guys, thank you so much for watching We will see you next time, and happy holidays Bye!

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