Priyadharshini (PD) Reveals the VIP Product in Her Skin Care Routine

Apart from all this there is also one important and secret product! There is one best product! Over the years I've used it, I had stopped using it, I missed it, I've come back to it! A product that is very close to my heart is this, coconut oil Coconut oil is by far the best beauty product that you can ever find

You can possibly replace all these creams and products with coconut oil and use Like I had already told you If I say that I used only coconut oil every day then its a lie Similarly, I wouldn't say that I use only these creams every day and avoid coconut oil Again strike a balance between, which are the days you can use coconut oil and which days you can use skin care creams Coconut oil gives your skin a sheen, it emulsifies your makeup

Sometimes I add a drop of coconut oil to my foundation while doing my makeup So I use it in many ways Coconut oil is by far the best product What I'm about to do now is my favorite beauty regime To Coconut oil, I like to blend Essential Oils

Each oil has a different and nice smell This is lavender We call it 'single cure for all disease' Then Orange oil gives you freshness Lemongrass oil helps to get rid of dandruff and itchy skin

There are a lot of essential oils It is a separate subject I'll talk about the ones that I have brought here today Peppermint oil gives you a nice freshness for the whole day Geranium oil is a sweet smelling oil that makes your day sweet

One more important therapeutic oil, I've not seen many people using this Oregano oil You can take this oil orally But check for the edible one Not all oils are edible

While using the edible oil just use one or 2 drops I even add them to my salad Oregano oil works wonders for your skin, digestive system, hair and everything If you ask me for my best and happiest beauty regime, it will be blending coconut oil with various essential oils That is my fun task

I've shared the 3 rules Night prepping, next morning routine, and which product should be used for how many days Decide this according to your skin type and most of all keep it simple Simple is the best rule and it works out best as well

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