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Hey guys, so I know it's a little bit too early, but for today's video I'm going to show you guys a prom look together with a couple of dresses from Windsor that I know you guys will [rock] so hope Guys enjoy and don't forget to [subscribe] so to start off I always like to Spritz a little bit of the fresh Rose floral toner all over my face just to kind of hydrate it and freshen it up before I apply my makeup And then I'm also applying a little bit of scotch tape by the edge of [my] eye to serve as a guideline for my eye Shadow and The first shadow that I'm going to be using is called Red ochre from the Modern Renaissance palette I'm applying that on my crease area with a fluffy crease brush and Now with my morphe m 330 brush I'm going to be taking the shadow called [maneater] from Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette and I'm going [to] be directly focusing this on the cut of my crease and this shadow brush is actually really good for this, so highly recommend So yeah, [I'm] just going to be taking the same shadow and just kind [of] gradually building up the color I'm Still going to be taking the same shadow called maneater but except this time I'm going to be applying it with a flat shader brush All over my eyelids

I'm just kind of like gradually build up the color as well just to kind of intensify the look Here I am going back with my morphe M330 brush just to kind of help blend in all the eyeshadows seamlessly And then I'm also going to be curling my eyelashes which are pretty much already non-existent So what's the point? Really you know and then also taking off the scotch tape and also Blending in that harsh line because I don't want that to be [that] visible You know what I mean, and then for eyelashes these are called Vegas from lily lashes My favorite so [far] and then I'm also going to be lining the upper lash line [with] some ink liner and this is the Kat Von D tattoo ink liner in black Moving on to the face I'm applying Becca's back like priming filter and just going to really give us that luminous Glow that we want from prom so like it's like a little essential and then I'm also going to be moisturizing my lips because I don't want that crusty for later for foundation I'm applying Too Face's born this way foundation Which is my all-time favorite This is like my fifth [bottle], so I use it religiously and then for concealer I'm applying this too faced born this way concealer as well [and] light Underneath my eyes on my t-Zone on my chin and also underneath the halls of my cheeks And then I'm [using] Laura Mercier's translucent setting powder to set my concealer And I'm going to be applying this for ever I basically applied Concealer I Really love to cream contours So I really suggest you do especially for prom because it's going to last you the whole night And that's not going to smear or smudge or anything like that, so I really [suggest] it So I'm using Anastasia's cream contour kit To make a blending job a little bit easier I'm spritzing a little bit of Mac's fix+ on my beauty blender and then blending it out Now I'm taking whatever is left over from my crease brush from earlier and applying this on my lower lash line I'm using Mac's blush and harmony to set my contour and to also act as a blush obviously So I'm going to be blending this in on my contour and just kind of gradually blending it in on my cheeks as well And then for highlight, I'm going to start off by applying this kind of cream highlight from colour-Pop It's called wisp and then on top of that I'm also Going to be setting my highlight because I could not forget to set anything like I always set everything so I set my highlight with this highlighter from Lena lashes, and it's called Lemonade Highlight, Palette, so yeah For my lips

I actually forgot What color this is because the kind of like the tag fell off or whatever But just is from Lena lashes as well And it's basically a really pretty deep wine red color so that's, [that] the whole look I'm a spritzing my face with urban decay setting spray, and that's it Now this first dress is called the elaine black sequined slit formal dress and this one has a slit at the side, which I? specifically love I love slits when it comes to dresses because I feel like it brings a lot of elegance to the look and I Really love it So this one is just a plain black sequin dress This next one is called the [kelly] black Metallic Glitter dress and this one girl is my favorite one has that crisscross back and also have slits in both sides So it shows off a lot of legs which I totally love I don't mind that Now this one is called the Sasha Burgundy formal dress and girl This is the type of dress that would make you look like you have to enter a wedding [by] to work that walk Like this dress is so pretty it has one big slit in one side and just kind of like flows right here So I love when the wind like kind of just catches the dress it just looks so pretty [so] I love it So these are all the dresses that I personally picked out from Windsor let me know down below which one of these dresses is your favorite one and also Do not [forget] to [subscribe] to my channel And maybe drop a thumbs up if you guys did enjoy this video, [and] I will talk to you guys soon (Music playing) Okay I gotta turn up now put some music on

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