recreating vines that cured my acne

hi it's Divya G What does the G stand for??? the G stands for Get ready to witness the absolute worst video you've ever seen in your entire life

Get ready to go to Specsavers because you're about to become blind I can't afford socks so please don't- don't- don't- sue me (pls) Three months ago I was watching a vine compilation (as you do) and I had an idea and I thought, you know, what if I make my own vine compilation? Except I recreate them? I don't know why I thought that was a good idea So this is just a precautionary disclaimer for what you're about to see Some viewers may find it disturbing and offensive so don't say I didn't warn you

why am I doing this who knows we do it for the vine *painfully clears throat at that reference* Maliha: Daddy? DO I LOOK LIKE- Happy birthday bittccchh happy birthday Maliha: So you're just going to bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift? Happy birthday? *bad recorder plays* it is Wednesday my dudes aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Maliha: Hi? Ok Do you hear that? Maliha: We must be getting close Hold on I am CONFUSION why is this one Kansas but this one is not Ar-kansas? America essspplain! Esssplain! WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S ARE-CAN-SAWWW WHA- miss Keisha? Miss Keisha? Miss Keisha! Oh my f* god she f* dead Maliha: has anyone ever told you you look like Beyonce? Nah, they usually tell me I look like Shalissa Maliha: Who tf is Shalissa? Me bit- Maliha: Because I knOw Maliha: Somewhere, deep down in my heart Maliha: I still love you WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA a-a-a-a-a-a-a That was bad hi my name is Carla Shaw

you can stop at five or six stores or just one I don't need friends they disappoint me John I want a divorce *Mind Heist swells slowly in the background* divorce hah hah hah hah it's not funny John I know it's been coming for a long time well divorce HEHHEHEHEH why do you always laugh when I'm upset 🙁 Ooo every time you say divorce you just look so cute (tru ty <3 uwu) HEHEHEHEHEHEHE Maliha: YOU READY TO F* DIE?! I'm a bad bitch you can't kill me !!! 😉 That was so shi- LOOK AT ALL THOSE CHICKENS Me: She doing this shit // Maliha: She in the tub Me: I'm washing me and my clothes Maliha: She drunk as fuuu BITCH I'm washing me and my clothes hey I'm lesbian Davis: I thought you were American (wow who is that MILF) *breathless sobbing 🙁 * you know what I'm about to say it Maliha: say it say it Okay I don't care that you broke your elbow Maliha:Who is the hottest uber driver you've ever had? UMMM I never went to oovoo javer HUZZAH (sza) Is that real? hello? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ahhh AH WHY AR U RUNNING?WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? ERM thank you for watching I can't even asked people to follow my Twitter and my Instagram or subscribe like cause after that video the only thing I can do is say can you please remain subscribed? Ok I'm going to go revise now ok and ok ok ok I-er-hmm- HI EVERYBODY welcome to my home birth video OOOH GOD Sophie: OH F* I WASN'T FILMING I turned – *wheezing* YOU LOOKS LIKE YOU'RE TAKING A SHIT Aarushi: Maybe I am

*continues dying* Maliha, sick of my bs: Can we film this now? Me: John, I want a divorce HAHAHAH *cackling* Maliha: HAHAHAHA don't fall Behind the scenes *more thunderous cackling* Maliha: Has anyone de-bl-um-d-bh BEcAuSe I kNow sOmEwHErE *aggressively* look at all those CHICKENS- Hello?*chokes on water* *beautiful melodious singing* Shut up! Yes Maliha: ARE YOU READY TO F* DIE?! I'M A BAD Bi-heHUWHEUHUEHAHA go back *Maliha laughs like a door squeak* Me: F* // Aarushi: No on cares // Me: I actually can't Aarushi: Three- Three- Two- One AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Aarushi: Divya why- why are you creating fake bloopers? *clears throat* I've forgotten how- I've forgotten how it goes Maliha: We must be getting close I want a divorce

TEEHEEHEHEHEHEHEH Davis: That was – No it wasn't fiv- Maliha, I've pissed myself HEUEHUEHUEHUEHEHHEHEHHEHEHEHEHehehhehe Maliha: Who else would do this with you? (tru) *tries to hum the background music*hahahaha maybe I should just not do the music I feel like I'm in finding nemo Maliha: Why? Because you're in like a puddle? *wheezy laughter* (also that hairline that baldspot wow) Maliha, still sick of my bs: What was that for? Nothing was funny

Aarushi: It was for the fake bloopers sToP Maliha: Ok wait let me- I need to compose myself YoU DON'T EVEN HAVE LINES!!!! *lil wheezy laughter* Davis: You hold it for too long AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH-*gets stuck* OO my god- wHA-*cough* I have exams o shi- *Davis snorts with laughter* sTOOOPPP Davis: Stop holding it for so long! *more giggling* KEEP GOING!!! Aarushi: Wait- What do we make you do? Aarushi:why am I doing this again? do that American ac- do something in an American accent Davis: howdy Me: oh my god Davis: I actually legitimately can't do it Maliha: because I knOW *laughs* Maliha, in pain: ow-hahaha Me: Wait can you move that way a bit actually That way a bit Little bit back Actually little bit forward Maliha: I can't Little bit sideways, 30 degree angle like Hurricane Katrina? More like Hurricane Tortilla Storytime! Someone commented on one of my old videos and they're like "why do you try so hard with all your references and all your memes? why are you trying so hard to be tumblr and relatable?" and like ha-ha hello? Excuse me? Why am I such a try hard? Well

I you have to try hard at anything in life if you wanna succeed you know expand your horizons I'm just a hardworking person so that *duh* sometimes (at the music that decided to play on shuffle) Wow sure telling me this and telling me that *incoherent mumbling* Nants ingonyama bagithi baba sithi uhm ingonyama hi it's – oh- eugh – hi?? Ariana Grande focus on a me I can't tell if it's focused

What does the G stand for? the G stands for god please forgive me for what I am about to show you ahahaha because you know I am a try hard I have to try hard at my exams and I have six left so RIP I used to end my videos like this because I was hunger games Trash yeah like that is mahogany

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