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Hey guys, it's Susannah and happy Self Care Sunday! We are going to be talking about one of my favorite topics today natural skincare I view natural skincare as a form of self-care

10 minutes where you can take some time to yourself, in quiet, it's not a time for judgment or self criticism This is your time to just take a breath, be with your breath, be with the touch, applying products, enjoying the aroma, and just breathing Before you get into the fray of your day or if you're winding down at the end of the day, whenever you can just really take in those moments as a form of self-care and skincareThe thing about it, however, is that, the sobering fact is us women we apply 200 plus chemicals to our bodies on a daily basis; from the soaps, deodorants, moisturizers, lipstick, whatever it is, layer upon layer, and you know, it's a real chemical soup Some of these ingredients are known to be toxins and our skin is our body's largest organ and we are absorbing a large percent of what is applied to it In fact many products on the shelves are actually detrimental to our skin health and the opposite of what they're trying to suggest and they actually disrupt our skin's ability to achieve homeostasis – what it needs to do to self repair and and heal So I invite you to look at, for example, David Suzuki has a 'Dirty Dozen' list, check out those ingredients and see where you have them in your products

We consider what we eat and we try and eat more greens and more plant-based and pressed juices and so on We need to look at what we're applying to our skin as well and see if we are helping or hindering the situation So with that in mind, let's move forward and look at some of these delightful products The Virage skin care line, of course, we're talking about doTERRA here and they utilize their essential oils – hands down THE best essential oils that I've used in over 20 years of using essential oils and skin care crafting and massage and so on Really potent stuff Beautiful quality They do not, these essential oils, do not disrupt your body's natural healing capacities, they support them They support your 'microbiome'

So it's a pleasure to use them and they're so multifaceted; I've just detoxed most of my home cleaning products- laundry, this and that, and skincare of course So the Virage skin care line – let's start with the first one

There are four products in the Virage skincare line that come together Andthis is the skin care cleanser, it is a soap-free cleanser

so you're not stripping your skin It's a gentle cleanser and it contains wild orange, melaleuca, basil It's high in amino acids and different lipids like coconut oil and olive oil that nourish and hydrate the skin Next up is the toner and it has ylang ylang, coriander, palmarosa, cyprus in a base of aloe and witch hazel

So it's very toning for your skin and soothing & protecting & rejuvenating I like to keep it in the fridge We were somewhere very hot a month ago, and I had this in the fridge I'd just spray it on my skin and it felt so good! Another little tip: if you're getting all dolled up to go out somewhere and have got some makeup on and you want to "set" your makeup You can do a gentle mist and you're good to go! The moisturizer is lovely

It's light and has geranium, juniper berry, jasmine, myrrh, sea buckthorn berry – I love sea buckthorn berry for the skin – and a base of aloe & shea butter It's rich and high in vitamin E & fatty acids It penetrates the skin and nourishes & hydrates Lastly is the serum and I love facial serumsthis one is absolutely divine The ingredients are so, SO luxurious! Frankincense, lavender, helichrysum, Hawaiian sandalwood, myrrh, rose, all in a base of squalene macadamia and jojoba oil I think this is really foundational to skin health

Your skin will thank you for this:) I put a small amount I don't even use it every night

I put on a small amount and my skin just feels so soft and hydrated in the morning The oils that are in this are also in the Immortelle Blend, which I'll talk about in a minute But this is a treat! Oh my goodness Moving on to the Mud Mask The Mud Mask, everyone loves a mud mask! It just says to your whole body and mind "It's time to chill out" You cannot do a facial mask when you're in a rush! I guarantee you that

This mask has myrrh, juniper berry, and grapefruit, in a base of Kaolin clay and Bentonite clay I use just a thin layer on my skin for about 10 or 15 minutes – sipping a cup of tea & relaxing I wipe it off with a warm cloth If you are about to go to an event, or photo shoot of some sort, this is a great way to treat your skin before hand Something like that

I'll interject a little DIY here; If you want to make a face mask, you can go to the health food store and buy a jug of bentonite clay You could try mixing, in equal measures, with apple cider vinegar Apple cider vinegar smells strong, it puts a lot of people off but it is so great for your skin so, half-and-halfor if the cider vinegar is too much you could just use water, add a couple drops of either lavender or frankincense or geranium or juniper berry, something beautiful for your skin

So you can DIY a mask Also, it's great to exfoliate your skin, doTERRA has an exfoliant but I don't have it You can make one so easy with stuff you have in your kitchen It's not a problem, it's a nice thing to do once or twice a week You can grab some olive oil or fractionated coconut oil with some brown sugar Again, a drop of geranium or juniper berry and give yourself a facial exfoliation once or twice a week

lovely Moving on to some of the Floral Touch Roll-ons, rose is absolutely a TREAT! It is a beautiful oil As I've said before it's an expensive oil It takes a tremendous amount of work to make just the smallest amount of oil Look into it

It's really quite interesting just to see the process and you will respect this oil so much more Knowing what goes into it It is absolutely lovley, as I said before there is no oil more beautiful for your skin That is pretty much the bottom line I use it directly on my skin with the roll-on, I'll roll it along the sides here

my crease here just to soothe and heal my skin & give it some love If I have a little bit of a blemish then it diminishes those sort of imperfections Beautiful and smells so great So feminine and It's just DIVINE to use and Immortelle

Oh my god! This ain't no slouch either! This actuallythankfully came with my 'wellness box' (LRP) this month in Canada This is what came with the monthly orders and I'm so thankful because I've actually, in all the years of using essential oils, have never purchased something like this for for myself, it's absolutely divine It's a master skin healer It has frankincense, Hawaiian sandalwood lavender, myrrh, helichrysum and rose If you don't know about Immortelle as an oil research it, it's fascinating

Also called 'Everlasting Flower' and that speaks to some of the anti-aging properties it has, and indeed, it's a skin oxygenator, a skin cell rejuvenator and has many protective and healing benefits If you have a skin wound or a scar you could try Immortelle with some melaleuca, or tea tree oil, to help heal the scar tissue Ok, I guess next up we'll talk about HD Clear, HD Clear is for oily and acne prone skin, my teenagers love it, you know I do too actually, even at my age! So there are three components to HD clear I only have two I am missing one, which is the moisturizer

So I had the Foaming Face wash and the Roll-on The foaming face wash for acne prone skin is not gonna strip your skin dry, but it is degreasing It is gonna purify and cleanse your skin in a healing way It's not going to strip the living heck out of it It has melaleuca eucalyptus, geranium, ho wood, litsea, it soothes and calms your skin your irritated acne prone skin

It has wild orange, amino acids and algae extract White willow bark to smooth and soothe skin So this is a great product to use to cleanse your skin The roll-on is potent It's herbaceous

It's strong You don't need a lot just a little bit on your blemish or a thin layer over your skin I use a use a very thin layer, or just directly as a spot treatment But it is potent, and the the major player in this oil is black cumin seed oil Now, a lot of people have a hard time with this idea, hard to wrap their mind around the idea of putting an oil on oily prone skin

Black cumin seeds is another oil that you should really research It's history is very rich It's a very, very cool oil If you have acne prone skin and clogged pores you want black cumin seed on your skin What happens is there's this idea that you want to dry the heck out of your skin when you have acne

when your skin is very oilybut it actually creates a rebound effect and your skin becomes more oily It's an endless cycle and more acne So, consider working with some of these oils to treat your acne It also contains, oh, I don't have a list of essential oils that are in it but certainly oils like melaleuca or tea tree oil are in there It has essential fatty acids and amino acids So it's skin loving Just because you have acne prone skin doesn't mean you have to destroy it to treat it! You actually want to love it and give it things that are gonna help it heal and resolve

So, mmm, oh, you know what? Let's talk about Correct X Correct X if you have an acne scar, you could use a bit of melaleuca with a drop of Correct X on a Q-tip applied to your acne scar or blemish It's gonna help as well So Correct X is for wound healing and abrasions, but it does not contain petroleum Genius!! Why are we using petroleum on our skin people, please? Correct X is something that every family should have in their home Body care; I talked a bit the other day about self massage

with something like an unscented fractionated coconut oil You know what? Let me just say first, I've got my dry brush here, dry brushing is so, so, so, great for your skin On a daily basis, if you can, after the shower

Dry brushing your skin, working from the feet and always working up towards the heart Working with the circulation, the circulatory system Work clockwise at the stomach, always working towards the heart dry brushing I like to even put a couple drops of essential oil on my dry brush, frankincense or grapefruit work great and brush over the whole body Then do a little massage with unscented fractionated coconut oil, and you can add the oil that you want to use

One that is going to support you with whatever you need on that day Whether it's just to smell great, that works, but these are more than just a beautiful aromathat's just a beautiful by-product

They are supportive in so many different ways, for our stress level, immunity, all of these The beautiful healing potent properties of this plants, these plant medicines So on a daily basis, you can take an ounce of your fractionated coconut oil, add five drops grapefruit and experiment, get the metabolism going, do a massage So fantastic So

The body butter, and anyone who knows me knows I that I make a mean body butter! I love to make it but sometimes it's nice to just not DIY I'm just gonna check my camera here It's giving me a message Okay Sorry! It's telling me to wrap it up let's do that:) Finishing with the body butter So it is again, it's just nice to have something made for you and to treat yourself to something lovely like body butter, that, you know, you can enjoy and you don't have to make it yourself

even though I like making it, sometimes it's nice to have it made for you! So body butter, this body butter has shea butter, cocoa butter, wild orange, douglas fir and frankincense It smells delightful

It smells very grapefruity & citrusy and refreshing So you can give yourself a self massage with that Natural skincare, a little bit of self-love So wonderful, and of course when you have your little "tool kit" of essential oils, there's so much you can make; from cleaning products to personal care, To support you emotions, your immunity, headaches this that and the other thing! look into it, it's so great:) So many things you can do with your own little apothecary in your home So I'll leave it at that I'll leave it at that for now, and I believe it's Mother's Day if you're watching this on Sunday so happy Mother's Day, and remembe,r you don't have to be a "mama" to be a MAMMA! If you know what I mean, oh my goodness, okay Let's wrap it up Nice spending this time with you Enjoy your skincare as self-care Until next time

until next Sunday Not sure what the topic is gonna be just yet, but it'll be a good one! 🙂 Be well

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