SHINY Hatsune Miku COSPLAY MAKEUP tutorial by kawaii model Kimura U |木村優の初音ミクきらきらコスプレメイク

Today's challenge will be to master the cosplay make up for Hatsune Miku This time I won't do a plain Miku cosplay but add some special glitter for a shiny Miku look! First, let's start with the foundation

I use a white powder foundation The pad should have longer fabric hairs for a perfect result I decided to use this shaver to fully remove my eyebrows In cosplay makeup, people often use eyebrow eraser, to make them less visible I wanted to get an even beautiful result, so I decided to fully remove my eyebrows Ah, my eyebrows are gone! My eyebrows are disappearing! And they are gone

Next wipe off the hairs Oh dear Using the brightest color from the concealer palette, I will conceal my shaven eyebrows even more For the eyebrows I will use the same color as Hatsune Miku's hair These blue eyebrows are hard to blend in naturally, therefore I will add this lighter blue as well

For the eyeshadow I will also use this blue-green color and a sky blue for a gradient eyeshadow look Point here: It is a very vibrant color, therefore I will apply the strangest color first If you apply too much it cannot be undone, so apply the shadow little by little and spread it out Apply the eyeshadow on your lower lash line up to one third of your eye, at the outer corners Now I will apply the lighter color

Next, I will use this white eyeshadow I will apply it at the inner corner of my eyes and just below my waterline to make my eyes look bigger cover the inner corner of your eyes I will use a liquid-type black eyeliner to frame my eyes First start at the outer corner of your eyes with a longer stroke

I'm trying to stay right on my eyelash line and work it in Once I reach the inner corner of my eye I will add a little accent there After that I will line out the lower eyelids Again, from the outer corner, I will only go in one third of the eye If you make a wrong dot, you can take a cotton bud and blend it back in

I will use this type of fake lashes Point here: Try to make the distance between the real and fake lashes as close to zero as possible I split the lower lasher into two and apply them to fit the natural shape of my eyes Using a mascara I will blend my natural and fake lashes together First, I apply a bit on the solo hairs

Then I will mix the fake and real lashes with the tip of my mascara Since this will be a Kimura U makeup style, I want to use this glittery Miku color In order to make the area around my eyes look sparkly If you apply the glittery right under your pupils, it will look like a teardrop Teary eyes will look bigger, therefore applying the glitter right under the eyes is an important point

Then purposefully apply the glitter on the tips for the eyelashes Next, I will use the concealer to hide the natural color of my lips I use a pale lip gloss Next, I will manicure my nails I use the same blue green Miku color

So, how did you like the glittery eye makeup for Hatsune Miku? Please feel free to try out too! Bye Bye!!

Source: Youtube


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