Skin Care Routine for Indian Men with Dry Skin | Men’s Skin Care

Hey you awesome people , Welcome to yet another video from Indian Men's Guide As you know my name is Gaurav and this is Indian Men's Guide and you are crazily khatarnak So this video is a continued part of the series of men's skin care routine so if you don't know your skin type then make sure you watch this video I'm dropping a link on the screen I will provide the links in the description too So if you know your skin is dry then this video is for you that how can you take care of your dry skin So without wasting anymore time, lets start the video But please first subscribe to my channel and I'll start the video Guys I will quickly brief you about on which key areas you have to focus As you know dry skin is very rough, dry and dull there is no glow on your skin So these are the key features we have to focus on through this Men's Skin Care Routine So the fist step is FACE WASH Guys as you know dry skin is very rough so we wont use any such face wash which will make our skin even more dry or damages it even more so we will have to see that our face wash should not have alcohol or paraben So I will give you some options for face wash These face wash include a moisturizing element like Glycerin, Aloe Vera Some have Coffee Bean Extracts which is beneficial in removing dull skin

It provides extra glow and helps you retain needed moisture You can explore other options too You can find some more options in the Description box below But make sure you use a foam based or cream based face wash bcz it will always have moisturising element in it Most commonly available gel based face wash are meant for oily skin

We have to wash our face two times a day Once in the morning, then at night So, at first we will splash some warm water on our face Make sure you use lukewarm water as it opens up your skin pores Then use face wash gently on your face to remove dirt and impurities Then we will wash our face with cold water as it closes pores again

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