[Skincare Chat] I’m From Ginseng Serum Review

Hey guys it's your girl, Sami, and I'm back with another video for you guys A couple of months ago I received a package from WishTrend And they actually sent me I'm From's Korean Ginseng Serum — and i'm actually looking at it off to the side as well as a script that I wrote out for myself because I have no idea what I'm doing but props to the Youtubers that go by script that do this for a living, props to you guys because this is hard AF

Like I was saying, a couple of months ago I received the serum to review, but I never really spoke about it and it did make it into one of my videos a couple months ago, but, again, never spoke about it So it is time to have a skin care chat with me! That was so cheesy ~ [sparkly music] PSA if you guys like this type of video make sure to hit that LIKE button also make sure you SUBSCRIBE down below and turn ON the notifications that little bell see you get a little bell whenever I upload a new video which isn't often because I have a life, too, outside of YouTube And that means I won't be in your face often I love you, too, guys Back to the video

According to WishTrend's site, this serum is perfect for undernourished, matured, and dry skin, and/or — so you don't have to have all three of those conditions you can have one of them and this serum is the bomb for you Now the thing is I don't have any of those skin types BUT but I kind of have dry skin due to a lot of the acne medication I've been using over the years, so yeah, my skin has taken quite a bit of a hit, and I guess that's what made me the type of person to approach for this product — I'm not sure If you've not used ginseng before, well, maybe you should look into using it because it's actually a very beneficial ingredient

At least based off of the little research I did online — and by little research, I mean that there is close to nothing on this but decades centuries old documents from China saying that ginseng is really good for your health And, to be honest, though, because I'm Asian, I had to go along with it because a lot of the natural remedies we come up with in Asia (even though there isn't scientific backing for it) WORKS So, I mean, it is what it is If they've been using it for centuries I don't see the harm in using — it unless you get it from a toxic landfill, in that case you might turn into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, but, aside from that From the research that I did find and please note that I am NOT a dermatologist You shouldn't take what I'm saying as your Holy Bible or whatever when it comes to skin care You should go out and check it out for yourself Also, ask your dermatologist or doctor before trying anything if you have very sensitive skin like I do [Side note] But I don't actually talk to my doctor at all

I just kind of go for it because I'm feeling around for my skin, but I mean just as a word of caution, definitely reach out to your dermatologist because the Internet should not be your number one resource But, like I said, I did a little bit of research and as a Responsible consumer you will know where to find the right sources of information Despite this I was able to find the research on PubMedorg — which is a reputable website for online science sources among many out there From the research I found out that for all of your research-based lovers out there, that ginseng can lower body temperature as well as helping with managing type-2 diabetes Also, there is ongoing research on it's anti-cancer activity

I'm so sorry if I'm stumbling, guys I'm not even joking This is my first time doing this with a script and, like — Actually, no, this is my second time doing a video with a script, however, the other one I did with a script was very laid back so I didn't really need to look at my script whereas this one I don't want to screw up Anyways, according to everywhere else on the web, though, ginseng can reduce wrinkles which is what this serum does say it will help reduce wrinkles as well as boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, treat heart disease and fatigue, and even help in the bedroom Yeah [cheerings sounds] But it's a long list and I'm not gonna go through all of it, but, hey! A lot of this come from centuries old documents like I said earlier

So how is this beneficial to the skin? According to all of the research into actually the information box on WishTrendcom when you look up the ginseng serum, yeah As I mentioned earlier ginseng helps improve blood circulation now in terms of your skin with increased blood circulation, you will look more lively and radiant because more oxygen is being delivered to your skin as well as nutrients On top of that the antioxidants from the serum or rather the extract will help purify your skin by removing any and, well, not all of them, but any waste products, so the waste in your skin gets a double sucker punch from the improved blood circulation as well as from the antioxidants in the extract On top of all of this, the nutrients will help improve skin elasticity — which is your great! Well The ginseng extract that comes from Geumsan ginseng is a species that is cultivating in Geumsan County I am so sorry if I am butchering this

Geumsan County is supposedly the ideal location to grow this ginseng (according to the info box on WishTrend like I mentioned earlier) because it is known to have a great natural environment perfect for the highest quality ginseng to grow — which I'm pretty much saying the same stuff in the infobox, so when you're looking at skincare make sure you look at the info boxes on the product websites So what makes the Geumsan ginseng so special, why does it have to be from Geumsan County? Well, it is because Geumsan ginseng contains 30 different types of saponins which are the chemical compounds that contribute to all of the health benefits that I mentioned earlier and more that I don't know about because there was a massive list On the other hand, Western ginseng only contains half that amount or less So you're only getting half of the amount or less of those nutrients that are beneficial to your skin and body Now I feel like I should really throw away my script at this point because, yeah, there we go

I'm gonna pick that up later So, the final verdict on this cute product — let's start off with the packaging Well I really really really like this packaging It's very simple You can see the product itself because of the clear bottle very Simple labeling right here

This brown is the same brown that they use on the box Which I don't have because I threw it away, but anyways Again You can see your product to see if it is becoming stale and this one It's it doesn't look sale to me It still looks the same as it was a couple of months ago Always keep your products in a cool, dry area so that it doesn't ruin them But for this one it is a cloudy light brown more like an amber toned mixture, and it's very viscous, so if you want to Use only one drop on a particular part of your face, then you're going to get one drop, I promise you

So squeezing and one drop and you don't get two because of how viscous this product is There it is It's like it's almost kind of like a thin syrup Very moisturizing It sinks straight into your skin and has a very light Kind of earthy smell to it not really that earthy, but it's a sweet earthy scent if you get my drift Oh, and I might as well plug this in: for the serum it contains 798% of that extract Yeah

I used this product for a couple of weeks, and I did notice that there was a wonderful, beautiful, radiant glow coming from my skin, and it was that type of glow that comes from within like WOW It really was that type of inner glow Manifesting itself on my skin because of this serum, and that was really great It was really moisturizing, perfect for when I really wanted to skip my moisturizer, but shouldn't have skipped my moisturizer But I did skip my moisturizer because I used this and thought it was enough But for my skin because it is kind of on the dry side it wasn't enough but for those of you guys have normal Skin I think it might be enough You just need to slap this on along with a sunscreen But this baby was really good to my skin

I didn't have any breakouts It's just, for me, I had a lot of acne scarring like it is dying down now by a lot — by a long shot The thing is is that I wanted to speed it up and this baby wasn't doing it all for me Some people have reported that it does help with their Fading their skin scars — or the skin scars, their acne scars And that's probably because of that increased blood circulation as well as the antioxidants keeping your skin clean So that's a great thing for those of you guys that have mild, like a small amount of scars whereas me I just have it like all over my cheeks and I'm still battling it here, but Yeah, that's why I stepped away from this for a bit because it wasn't exactly what I was looking for and I needed more moisturizing Products not really more

I already had a lot of moisturizing products I don't know why I said I needed more But the thing is I have a lot of moisturizing products in my skincare routine already So I didn't really need this product in there, however, About a week ago when I found out I really don't like my new eye serum my eye cream Which is the ROC — is it ROC? The ROC one, it's a drugstore brand that comes in a white and gold tube kinda thing? Yeah, I realized I don't really like it It felt kind of dry on my skin, like it didn't feel like it was doing anything for my eyes, so I revisited this product and started putting it underneath my eyes and my gosh That glow transferred to my eyes, made me look like I was alive And my wrinkles there Even though I still fall asleep late, and I will have wrinkles from that, they're not as profound anymore — if that make sense? I don't know if I'm using the right word right now [laughs] That is terrible They weren't as profound or as noticeable, rather They're becoming less and less noticeable and what you see now are the deeper wrinkles that I've had over the years, So, like, the newer ones are slowly disappearing which is wonderful because you know I would like to look like I'm 24 and not like 50 years old, but there are some 50 year olds who look great, so I'm not really dissing you guys just saying

Anyways what I recommend this product? For your face maybe if you really just want that one stop and go product for moisturization This is great because it seeps into your skin so quickly But if you already have a number of other products that do that for you save the 30 or so dollars and just continue using what you have

But but if you want a really good good a Really good eye serum I do recommend this This is so good and like for the $30 You could also use it anywhere else on your body You don't have to limit it to your eyes, so yeah, I'd say 50/50 It just it all depends on you But it's a good product overall It won't really hurt you, it won't really bother you too much — It's just there I guess that's how I felt about this product I'm glad WishTrend sent it to me so that I knew if I liked it or not And I'm able to share the word with you guys

Also, that's just how I felt You would probably have a different reaction Not gonna lie all of our skin is different — are different We have different skin types We'll leave it at that

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this video I'll see you guys next time and hope you guys have a great day See ya!

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