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I don't often get to show you guys my favorite products and i think it's a little bit I'm sorry for a Lot of products that i Really Really Really Do Love so today i'm going to show you guys My skincare empties and some of them are Repurchase so let's Begin Garnier Clearance Instead of Two and One Makeup remover This is by far the most gentle and the most effective Eye Makeup Remover That You'll ever Come across if you're someone like me who wears very stubborn and waterproof mascara In a daily basis and you don't want to over tug and over rub or irritate that sensitive area This is going to be your best friend in fact it has been my best friend for the past i think 2 to 3 Years I've gone through probably 10 Bottles and i'm going to continue using this because it is not only affordable but it does the job so well I only found this In Australia and UK so far and I couldn't find it in the states but I will put the link down below where you can purchase it internationally

Another cleanser that I emptied out is "Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser" from COSRXI know this is loved by a lot of you guys out there, especially if you do have oily to acne prone skin this seems to be a really perfect fit for your evening routine or morning routine I used to really, really like this because I used to have you know way greasier, way oilier skin, but now that my skin is kind of back into balance it seems to be a little bit too drying on my skin so I kind of stopped using it but since it does have pHA technically speaking butyl salicylate inside and it does contain tea tree oil and other kinds of antibacterial ingredients, I started using this to wash my beauty blenders and wash my makeup brushes It kills the germs and also removes all the makeup residue that's left on the makeup brushes For the skin, sadly I don't think i'm going to repurchase this but it is a great, affordable cleanser

"Primera Miracle Seed Essence" is definitely something that I've repurchased over and over again for the last 4 years I believe now that my skincare routine has become a lot more simplified, I don't use this on a daily basis necessarily but since I started skipping my morning cleansing routine, I sometimes can't be bothered to even wash my face with water even so what I do is I soak this "Primera Miracle Seed Essence" saturated in the cotton pad and then I swipe it gently all over my face It hydrates the skin, It gets rid of all the excess sebum that you build/accumulated overnight Then I'm good to go! I love this product because it has more than 93% of lotus seed extract and lotus seed extract is really, really rich in amino acid Amino acid is one of our natural moisturizing factor that your skin contains inside the skin and it contains one of my favorite ingredients yes you guessed it, niacinamide and it has other things such as wisteria and hyaluronic acid Overall, the ingredient list is really, really minimal, it's really effective in brightening up your complexion and hydrating your skin, so I highly, highly recommend this Another niacinamide containing product that I emptied out is "Paula's Choice Niacinamide Booster 10% Formula" Now, this comes in a very fluid, watery consistency

It only comes in 20mL, that's the only thing that is stopping me from repurchasing because it is a lot I can use this up in probably two weeks if I use it every single day The reason Why I love niacinamide so much is that it promotes the ceramide production and also collagen production as well so it naturally hydrates the skin and naturally plumps up the skin It also minimizes the appearance of pores and it can also help diminishing your hyperpigmentation or dark spots What I noticed with this product is that it did really effectively remove the redness or the blotchiness like uneven complexion It does contain adaxial glucosamine which works synergistically with niacinamide to help in brightening your complexion and it also contains licorice root extract which is known to be a very, very effective brightening agent as well

Other than that, it has other skin replenishing and skin soothing ingredients This was my very first Paula's Choice product so if you have any other recommendations from her range, definitely let me know in the comment box below I also did empty out the "Niacinamide 10% and Zinc 1% Formula" from The Ordinary It was wonderful, It is in fact one of my favorite products from The Ordinary range It does help immensely in regulating your sebum production and I do feel like the zinc inside is working so, so effectively to a lot of oily skin people out there However with this product as well, I wouldn't say it did help at all in fading my hyperpigmentation or any kind of blotchiness or redness to be honest

I know a lot of you guys want me to compare The Ordinary products To a lot of you know, a little bit more expensive skincare brands that contain the same active ingredient but often times it's really not comparable because The Ordinary it just contains like that active ingredient and other ingredients inside is basically like solvent, whereas other skincare brands would put like skin replenishing ingredients, skin soothing ingredients that will help buffer out the irritation that may occur using that strength of active ingredients I don't know, it's oftentimes really not comparable "Alpha Arbutin" is another product that I emptied out from The Ordinary range

It didn't do anything for me at least so I felt like I was just applying this like hydrating serum to be honest I mean, it does have hyaluronic acid which is nice but it didn't really you know improve my skin tone or I didn't really see any improvement in hyperpigmentation or discoloration or any blotchiness I'm sorry the lighting had to change but anyways, the next product that I emptied out is Laneige Water Sleeping Mask" and I've digged this so much over the past few months I emptied it out quite quickly because i really, really loved It and especially during the hotter month , your skin tends to give up hydration significantly because the transepidermal water loss happens, your skin tends to get dehydrated So fast and this is like the perfect product that really, really does the job in quenching back that lost hydration This product is definitely formulated for those of you guys who have combination to oilier skin types it's so lightweight, It's non pore clogging and It doesn't give you that crazy morning face when you wake up you know that happens to a lot of overnight or leave on products you do wake up with more plump skin because your skin did a perfect job in retaining the hydration product and I do also use this sometimes in the morning if I feel like my skin needs that kind of like quick, intense hydration rather than applying like a thickener, heavier moisturizer, this is something that I would apply for 10 to 15 minutes and then I wipe it off and then I would apply makeup and it just does the job

Without any surprise, I did empty out the "Elta MD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46" I love it so much and you guys know how much I love it I think I emptied out in probably two months when I emptied it out, I didn't have a backup of this product so I was kind of you know testing out other SPF products That I had and my Skin Was Totally freaking out I knew this was a good product and living without this product really made me realize how amazing Elta MD's SPF is because Other SPF made my skin flush and made my skin red and tingle and kind of itchy and sometimes, I would get like whiteheads because my pores would get clogged My skin was freaking out, I was freaking out and the moment that I got a backup, my skin came back to normal I'm not associated with Elta MD at all like sometimes I wish I am because I really do want a lifelong supply of this product I take quite a bit of common nutrition supplements and products and at first when I came across HUM nutrition, I thought it was just like another generic you know supplement and when I read the interview of the founder and I think that's always a good way to kind of find out about the entire product philosophy because it always tells you why they had to create what they're doing right now

The founder of HUM Nutrition used to have really, really bad acne for years and years He visited a lot of dermatologists he did everything that he could do topically but then he soon realized he was deficient and nutrients and also the hormonal imbalance and all that so he now really believe that beauty comes inside out which is true and which is something that I really relate to and that's the only reason why I got into this strand So I took daily cleanse, gut instinct, flattered me OMG Ibelieve "Daily Cleanse" is one of the best-selling supplements that they have It's for clearing up the skin but how it works is basically detoxifying and also purifying the liver and your inside organs to have better skin

It's working so far so amazingly and I really love it OMG is basically omega-3 and I love taking that as well but I do substitute with my cod liver oil supplements I take "Gut Instinct" because I sometimes do have kind of digestion problems and I also am interested in probiotics as well Gut health is something that I'm highly interested in "Flatter Me" was kind of okay kind of gimmicky but I don't know if it really worked or not and HUM nutrition green beauty powder is something That you want to get if you hate the taste of Kale or hate the taste of you know green veggies I mix a scoop of "Green Beauty Powder" to every drink that I have and a lot of my friends who hate like kale juices, they got into it because of me, and they've been thanking me ever since so I really, really love this I think that's it for now thank you guys so much for watching! If you're not following my instagram yet, do follow me @aboutliahyoo

I try to upload a lot of interesting content there but you'll be the judge ^^ Anyways, I'll talk to you guys there and until we see each other, stay healthy and happy and I'll see you guys soon! Bye!

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