Hello So on today's video i will show you My current skin care routine The last one is probably in 2016 And now is 2018 already It's been along time So i will show you The products that i use for my skin At least at the past 6 months And i will tell you my secrets too That i always use to take care my skin besides skin care Any further due let's get started The sunlight is so bright Before i start i want to tell you that my skin type is Dry to very dry But because the skin care that i use Now my skin type is normal and tend to be oily on T zone So like dry to combination I'm not the type of person that change my skin care oftenly Because my skin is very hard to suit So the products that i will show you will be almost the same as before After erasing my makeup the first product that i use is facial cleanser And the facial cleanser that i use for around 6 months is from The Body Shop Before this i use The Body Shop Vitamin E And now I use Drops of Light The reason why i change is because now my makeup is heavier than before And the Vitamin E facial cleanser is too lightweight Too gentle And i want to change it And the employee recommend me Drops of Light I was afraid because it is written as foam wash Usually foam wash facial cleanser will my make our skin dry But this facial cleanser didn't make my skin dry And i really like this Because i feel that this cleanser really clean my face And also this cleanser doesn't make my skin fell dry And there's no bad reaction Actually i will buy another one if it's finish But because i have a lot new facial cleanser Like Cosrx Body Shop in green colour and etc so I think i will not buy this anymore After i wash my face i always use toner day and night Before i use skin care Because for me toner will clean the residue that left And also prepare our skin To absorb skin care better So the toner that i use is from Kicho So basically the skin care that i will show you is from Kicho So basically Kicho is a brand from Korea that are not popular Because everytime i tell people that i use Kicho people will ask what is that But Kicho is the best skin care on my skin Because it's very hard for me to find a suitable skin care The popular products that people use are not suitable for my skin Only Kicho that suit And i've been using this for one and a half years And i love it so much The price is quite expensive equivalent with SKII and Shiseido But it's very very worth it I use it on day and night Sometimes i use cotton sometimes not So this is my toner After toner i will use essence I always use this at night Sometimes i will use it at the morning Depend on my mood After i use this essence i feel that my skin is improve More healthy and glowing Last time when my essence is finished and i didn't use it for several months And my skin look not so good Turn out that essence really affect my skin So i've always use this After essence i will use moisturizer And i use it from Kicho too This is Kicho Phyto Natural Moisture Cream What i like about this product is It's really moisturizing The moisturiser is quite thick So really moisturise my skin for a long time There are some moisturiser that i use that only moisturising for a short time And my skin look dry again So it's not good enough But Kicho is really good If your skin is dry and live in cold country You can try this That is the day cream For night cream i use Kicho Sheep oil Lanolin It's like an oil cream So it's really moisturise my face So if you have oily face i don't recommend this The skin care that suit me will not always suit you Same as Kicho Some of my friends said that Kicho is really good Some said Kicho make their skin spotty But over all this products is really good for dry skin Because it's really moisturising Make your dry skin more moisturise and really glowing After moisturiser i always use sunscreen or sunblock Because it's really important Guys even if you are still in secondary You should you use sun block Because it really protect our skin from sun Especially when you are still in school If you don't use it your skin will be burn and become dull easily And if you are at home you also need to use sunblock Because lamp also have UV Because sunblock will help to reduce dullness And also minimize The emerge of black spots And the sunblock that i use recently is Cosrx Aloe soothing sun cream SPF 50 PA+++ So i have some tips for you if you are buying sunblock Choose sun block with minimal SPF 35 Or SPF 50 is better Because the protection will be longer And choose sun block with PA +++ Because it is the strongest The best for my opinion So choose with PA+++ I currently really like Cosrx because it feels like moisturiser And it has no colour After we use it there will be no white layer' And also absorbs quickly So our skin instead of oily it became moisturize So I highly recommend this one I bought this because of the good review and it turns out really good And before i use Cosrx i use Xylitol Mild Sun Cushion Charis give this to me This sun cushion is really easy to use because it's compact But the colour is really white So if we use this there will be white layer on our face If your skin is light or fair tone there will be no problem But if you are medium tone never ever use this one Because it's really Really white Let me show you it's really white The cushion is almost finish and it was okay But it is really wasteful Because in cushion form So that's it my main skin care So I will tell you the other product that i use The first one is face scrub So usually i will exfoliate my skin first Once to twice in a week to lift dead cells So right now i've using StIves Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub And the smell is really good But the scrub is a bit rough But not really rough so it's still okay on my skin And after using it my skin will feel really soft Actually i'm using Laneige But my sister took it And it is in her room And after she took it i've never use that again But it's also very good And one more exfoliator that i like is And this exfoliator is a paper sheet In my last mkeuptutoral video i've shown you And this is the shape We can just scrub it on our face After that wash it with water and bam My skin feel more fresh and soft People that ever use it will say it's very good Besides, exfoliator i also like to use clay mask Because it makes my skin cleaner and reduces blackhead on my nose area In taking care of my skin, i'm all for it If i feel i wanna do it, i would use mask everyday I really taking care of my skin Because

Because i know when i'm not taking care of my skin, my skin will be damage So, i really work for it There are a lot of steps But, you guys don't need to follow all the steps Follow the steps that you needed to So, the most frequent clay mask that i use is Freeman Cleansing Apple Cider Vinegar The Claymask and Scrub This one can be use as a scrub But, i never use it as a scrub I always use it as a mask So, you just put it at your face and it has a cooling sensation and it does feels good on your skin And after you wash it, i leaves you a very fresh skin I like it very much and it's really affordable The other mask that i like to use is Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask Last time, i use it quite frequently Because it makes my skin cleaner But, i don't know why mine one dries out and harden So, it's hard to apply it The expiry date is 9 months after opening it And i think this mask is 9 months already So, i think i will throw it But, this one was fine and good Besides clay mask, i also like to use sheet mask Because clay mask is to clean the face But, the sheet mask is to nourish the skin If sheet mask whatever that's in my cabinets i will use it The important thing is it's hydrating, nourishing, or brightening And the most frequent mask that i used is this one I've shared with you guys before Mediheal because i love it And the SNP This one also good And, the last one i try is Leaders Aquaringer This one is a bit different with the other two After using it our skin feels a bit sticky But, Makes our skin moist and glows The essence is really absorbs to your skin So, after using this your skin will be moist and glows I like this one So, these are the product that i used So, these are the products that i always used I cannot recommend things too much to you guys You guys can see and try which one will suits you and try it Because skin care is like trial and error So, i hope this video can give you some inspirations For the product that you guys wanna try That's all for this video Hope you guys enjoy it Don't forget to like And Subscribe to my channel And turn on the notification button What you guys would like to see for my next video? You guys can comment down below Because i want to make videos that you guys would like to watch it Not only the videos that i like to make So, that we can enjoy together in this community So, that's it Bye bye

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