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Hi guys it's Dr Mona I'm here with Lauryn skinny confidential

Hi! So today we're doing this entire video on skincare so today we're doing this entire video on skincare because I finally met my skincare match in a person yes we don't go on the Sun we don't go in the Sun we both care just we're like equally as obsessed with skincare in a healthy kind of unhealthy way but it's fine I might have a weird like thing with it I'm wearing driving gloves at like 6 o'clock at night yes I was telling her earlier that I've even hit a car when I was driving so I was trying to protect my face and couldn't see but you got to do it you got to do that's GOAL I'm jealous you hit a car I really am! I'm like kind of proud of the story cuz I told it twice today yeah I like it! Uhm so I thought would be really cool I love your content I love that you always talk about facial massage think your thing LOVE facial massage I cannot wait to talk to your audience about it so I feel like you incorporate it with your serums with your products right totally so what I do every morning is I don't put makeup on until I do facial massage because I found that when I do facial massage it D bloats your entire face so I had jaw surgery probably three to four years ago and I'm still swollen from it so when I wake up in the morning I have to do something that's super deep loading and facial massage I lose like 20 pounds in my face and does it happen around your eyes too but everyone gets the puffiness around their eyes everyone hates that totally so you'll see a lot of people with bags under their eyes and they say it's because they have lack of sleep but it's actually because they need lymphatic drainage and that's what facial massage is gonna do it's gonna drain all the fluid in your face and get that out and that's moving it and moving the circulation and the blood flow that's even that's kind of similar with like something like cellulite when you're doing that deep massage and you're getting rid of that drainage that's what can help the lumps look better the dimples look better so it's kind of the same concept totally yes so when you're using different skin care products there is a method to make it you know look better you can make it react better on your skin to prevent sagging on your skin to make sure you're completely protected so I just brought a bunch of random skin care products of mine she's got some of her tools and we'll go from like step 1 to 97 of skincare I'm into it! Let talk skin it's like my favorite subject in the whole world so let's let's do like a nighttime routine you get home you have makeup on do you use makeup remover do you use oil with what's your thing I don't wear a lot of makeup like it's not something I wear every single day mm-hmm but if I come home and I just got off the shoot and I have makeup on I like to get in the shower because I actually take my skincare down to here all the way to my shoulders all the way to my hands I mean that's how nuts I am that's like what we were going to talk about later I'm glad you even said it like not don't scare the audience they're like this is so overwhelming

Do you do that morning and night so are you always doing always you do two showers a day? I don't do it in the morning I like to shower at night so what I'll do is I'll come home and I'll take a shower right now I'm trying out Dr Lancers products I actually read his book younger which you have to read I love him oh the book is so good and he talks about his three-step method and that's exfoliating cleansing and nourishing so I get in the shower and I oil cleanse first which has nothing to do with him I use grapeseed oil from Whole Foods like the raw cold pressed okay pour it all over your face just regular grapeseed oil it's from the oil aisle see I have an oil cleanser but whatever if I don't have this on me I'll use coconut oil just it's a better idea if you're taking makeup off to use this when you're using a makeup removing wipe you probably notice you're tugging and pulling it doesn't get everything off this is just such a gentle way to remove makeup totally and if you don't have this in your traveling mm-hmm you can use olive oil from room service oh my god amazing because they don't always have coconut oil get Oliver yeah I'm like can I get a side of olive oil it's for my salad at 11 o'clock at night Amazing! Best tip ever oh so you just remove all your makeup and I really try to go like this instead of like this and we talked about this earlier I mean you were saying like you you hate wipes like me I hate it because I see myself pulling it I mean always try to push up but even the pulling and the tugging can cause like creases and lines and your skin it's just something you want to avoid totally so the wipes are a no no the olive oils are in and the grapeseed oils in I do it in the shower I just get all that makeup off and then obviously I'm gonna have a little bit more makeup on and that's where the exfoliant comes in and that's gonna scrub the oil away yeah and all like your makeup and anything else that's on there and I take that down to my neck I take it down to my shoulders and if you read Dr Lancers book younger he'll explain why the shoulders are so important all this area that you want to stay youthful so neck your chest your hands I mean I don't get down to my toes I'm just kidding and I exfoliate so if they're like an exfoliator you use cuz I want to know your tips too! I honestly so there's like there's chemical exfoliator and there's physical exfoliator a chemicals the one you're gonna feel with those beads that's when you're actually gonna feel like the outside skin coming off the physical is something like a retinol or glycolic acid that's actually like getting into your cells and exfoliating on the inside so I'll use a physical like maybe twice a week and a chemical maybe two or three times a week the one thing with oil make sure that I always double cleanse I use an oil obviously and then an actual cleanser after whether it's an exfoliant just to make sure you get all that residue off that way you'll prevent breakouts some people are scared of oil because of the breakouts don't be scared as long as you get it all off you're completely fine if I'm not in the shower when I use an oil cleanser I always do the white washcloths trick all of my white towels are ruined me and I will not stop washing my face until there's nothing on it I love it I'll wipe my face and there's like any residue of makeup it gets really confusing when I have a spray tan because I just keep rubbing and it's my spray tan but don't think that! The struggle is so is so real clearly in this situation but anyway I'll keep wiping until there's no and then I'll move on to something else so we got the oil taken care of so due to your oil cleansing to take your makeup off screw the wipes do an exfoliant or cleanser I do an exfoliant right now cuz I'm doing that three-step method sometimes it's different but I actually have a tip and I'm sure you already know this but you know that on St

Eve's apricot smell or the scrub that's horrible it's so rough the beads are fake well I mean they're like synthetic beads well it says so apricot kernels yes so I'm on a mission because I know a lot of people use that don't use that on your skin it's really bad for it not that you use that I mean I don't I wouldn't but I mean I'm surprised I can say maybe there was like an essence of apricot kernel that's a good good tip in general just because it says some things in it it could be the smallest amount and there could be a lot of other things so totally you know it's like food yeah right they say that it's like you know essence of vanilla and it's actually a vanilla sugar You know what I mean exactly so I'm definitely do your research on that so then I cleanse yep get out of the shower and here's something I get asked a lot they say well what if you still have mascara under your eyes so then I actually put oil underneath my eyes when I get out of the shower and just make sure that all that mascaras often give myself like a little bit of massage underneath my eyes that's really smart because when's the last time you've got like a pimple around here like that's not where you break out so you don't have to be as concerned and oils super nourishing and this is like a really sensitive area so it's really smart to do yeah it works really well Put it on your lips too – yeah so dry right now oh my god I've been doing coconut oil like everything on my lip so we're both complaining about it it's weather it's tough it's so dry yeah and then after I do that it comes to I always say this word wrong but I'm gonna say and how I say it and serum I like, you know what I like that you say it that way it's like you I'm going to serum you say serum But it's like your thing okay I pronounce everything wrong I like it! And that's when I do the facial massage and I do it at night too and so I use this it looks like a big vibrator I turn it to turbo and I just go up and I have my serum on already so it's like has feels like a wheel you know what I'm saying so it's not like dry circuit right because if it's rubbing as your skin you might feel like it's pulling totally and I don't wait to pull so the serum goes with its arm serum does that I just go up and I go I go down my neck and then I go up too but I'm just trying to get all that fluid out and then this is my opal I think it's sold out but I'm obsessed with this and you put eye serum in here and then you just go around your eyes these two things are going to make any bloat in your face completely disappear I heard that Kim Kardashian her face is so contoured and tight she goes to a place in New York where they actually do 30 minutes of facial massage before she goes to an event

So, oh yeah facial massage I'm telling you it's like if I can be on like this mission it's so life-changing if you don't have one of these this is obviously better put on a serum and just really like massage up like you can put it in your fingers massage an upward direction be gentle but firm at the same time as long as you're not tugging on your skin totally and you can also use your hands like you just said I don't want people to feel like they have to spend a ton of money for facial massage it's something that I did for years free and I didn't even know I was really doing it until I started realizing that without it it wasn't good so after that I actually put on more serum after that you can layer 3 for Sur the key is I would wait like maybe a minute in between products just to like let one settle in my serums are amazing what what do you do you have like two or three that you always use so right now I'm using I mean Dr Lancers more like a moisturizer so I'm kind of mixing that with the serum and I'm using Dr Dennis gross right now I love it and it's vitamin C and collagen and all those things I think it has hyaluronic acid and I that's what this one is too amazing acid and what is this one this one's just Drunk Elephant I use Drunk Elephants good I used to Sulwhasoo which is good but hyaluronic acid every single person should be using and your serum like even if you're using other things add that to it because you just can't get enough of it I love my skin eats a yeah it like sucks it right into your skin immediately really quick on serums there's liquid base here which is like more of like your traditional serum and then there's oils which some people call serums and oils a little bit different your like liquid serum the one you use for massage that should be the one that goes under your moisturizer if you're using an oil I would use this either with your moisturizer or after but because it's thicker you don't want to use this as like your first base you always want to go from like light to heavy that's such a good tip water-based serum then your moisturizer then your oil great tip I love that great okay so how do we still learn more like there's always still so much know is the skincare to me is so fascinating because there's so much you can learn and then I just put eye cream on always cuz it's your eyes ring finger ring finger which I try to use sometimes this too and I bring everything down to my shoulders and neck and hands if you're in your 40s or 50s 30s even watching this and you're starting to notice like color spots age spots like sun damage you understand like and you wish you would have done this at a younger age so if you're watching this and you're not concerned just start now and you'll thank yourself later I mean this is what I say to girls that read the skinny confidential that are 18 I say do you want to look the way you look in 20 years okay yes and I'm like then bring it down to your hands and neck know what I mean exactly like let's do this yeah and let's stay out of the Sun and not go in the tanning bed we had Dr Dennis on our podcast and he says the key to youth is staying out of the Sun literally it's like the key it's the number one thing you could do for anti-aging and it's free so it's pretty it's a free tip I mean you could buy a ski mask like I haven't wear it around Cabo that's the best thing the best thing oh my god I love it I am I like hate floppy hats but won't go anywhere without one she's because I'd rather I'd rather look so dorky and than to be in the Sun you know what that's a good tip on sunscreen so sunscreen should be your absolute last step especially if it's like a physical like kuznick oxide because you want it to actually block the Sun obviously you wear makeup over what I would do is put on your sunscreen and try to wait like 5 or 10 minutes to really let it absorb and one thing you know a lot of people put eye cream on their eyes and then avoid that area but don't neglect the under eyes with your sunscreen because this is the area that's like most susceptible to wrinkles it's most sensitive yet we forget about it when it comes to sunscreen so when you're putting this on like literally go from here all the way down cuz like the under eyes and the chest and the neck are what people complain about aging the most and we kind of forget about it we just like stick to the cheeks totally don't be afraid to put it on your ears on your eyelids on your lips on your hands I mean I do I do that I wear I have sunscreen on my chapstick – amazing like all these things need protection I mean I actually you're gonna think this is batshit um I have a sunscreen that's a leave-in conditioner for my hair I actually haven't gotten to that but I'm like super into it look

I just think the Sun is aging in every way my chihuahua lays in th Sun and she has sunspots I mean I mean really serious she has sunspots she's always in the Sun and I'm always moving her around she loves it but it really does give you those sunspots and it cancers there's so many different things right guys so a lot of negative things get your incidental sun exposure when your walking to 7-Eleven to fill your gas tank and even then wear sunscreen yeah the kind of sunscreen that I really like right now is caffeinated I like it because it tightens your face I'm always looking for things that are going to contour and tighten my face for blow and caffeinated sunscreen has really done that for me that sounds so enticing I've never tried any would love it but other than that other than wear a hat I mean those are my skin tips pretty much it I wear I keep a baseball cap in my car at all times and weights and obviously only blocks a little bit but whatever you can do just be obsessive about it because it's worth it it's your skin you're leaning with it and I think if you want like little tools that you can buy that are under $20 I love a Jade roller let me put mine in the frigerator so it's cold amazing it's the same thing as like want something swollen you put ice on it it's literally the same concept but it's just something that's a tool for your face and if you can't afford that literally dump your head into a bucket of ice water all the supermodels do that to tighten the face that's amazing it works so well um green tea bags on the eyes I love a nice roller have you tried that? No! Uhm yeah try a nice roller I think you would like that if you put it in the freezer and roll your face it's just like ice it's just like this roller that holds cold so it helps fight inflammation well that sounds nice I'm always looking to tighten and plump and make it tight and right so alright I hope you guys enjoy this video all of our favorite skin care tips we're both obsessed with skincare so if you have any questions feel free to reach out on Instagram I'm @drmonavand and I'm @theskinnyconfidential and you guys have to check out our podcast because Mona is going to be a guest on it and she's sharing a lot! Okay guys so now we're filming a YouTube video on skin with Dr Mona and we're gonna talk about facial massage serums I don't know how to say that serums you say hahahaha we're going to talk about serum serums whatever hahahahaha

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