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[Music] Unite on my channel Hi people! Welcome! In today's video we will be doing a tutorial for this super-natural very minimalistic thought minimal product, simply the minimum of everything Make-up for every day Perfect sense for the church! Ha-ha I really would like to really go to church this way, to be completely honest But this is me

Jesus loved me the way I was He is the one who made me I am not sorry But now seriously: this video is dedicated to all my unicorns around the world To everyone who left hundreds and thousands of comments asking me to do something crazy and completely different and get out of my comfort zone Otherwise, I mostly walk right along the line of my comfort line But today I just flew out of that zone, and plunged profoundly And I'm great at doing this No matter how silly it sounds, this makeup makes me feel alive It was really fun to free this kid inside me while I was working on this look for you people In fact, I was inspired by this jacket – no matter how strange it sounds I bought this in Sambal's if I must say, about a week or two weeks ago There's a sorc in the set

heeeej This outfit is Chanel I do not know why, but if I feel uncomfortable, I can not even look in the camera while I say those words I do not know why! It's weird, I thought I would never come to see that day Anyway, I had to have it At the moment I saw him, I was in the stage O MY BOY It's so cool He called me in so many ways

I like color, material I love everything about him It's completely discredited, it's different I just love him! When I came home a couple of days ago, I pulled it out of my bag I've made it to the door, that's something I always do It's irrelevant whether it's about smink, clothes, bags, jewelry If it's something I've long wanted – the moment I get it I put it in some visible place, so I can see it every day and I admire it Anyway, how did this hang on the door? And literally 20 times a day, every time I walk by, I thought I had to do the thing with that outfit Something that would be based on this I was just a scruffy team

And, I came up with this look I hope you will enjoy it too It reminds me very much of Lisa Frank I would die if I could wear this outfit and this one when I was little Until I was about 15 years old This would be my dream of dreams So, you have no idea I do not know It was very fun for me to get in touch with the child in some way And if you like this colorful smile, with lots of colors – please lick this video I think that's the little button right under the video to the right Click on the easy sign to let me know that you liked to see more of these videos Also subscribe to my channel, if you have not already

Except if I do not like you or you will not spend time with me It's the same thing It's obvious how excited I am to make this video! As if it had not been obvious enough so far I wanted to say it again

I put a primer on the eye, and we're ready to start The first thing we're going to do is maybe a bit weird But we take this Jeffree Star liquid cologne in the "Queen B" I'm gonna get some synthetic brush And put that little carmine on the inside of the eye I did not have a paint path or some creamy base for shadows In the yellow color So I decided to improvise, and it turned out to be great I look down and let this lipstick completely dry up for 20 seconds Next I will take the Makeup Forever eye shadow in the M-720 shade Which is perfect in so many ways! Because it's my birthday, among other things So I love her In fact, I had to put the shadow first, before the yellow, but it did not matter Do whatever you want Get what you want and you're ready to go I want to put this color only in the fold of the eyebrow because we will use a lot of sophisticated and intense colors And this will help in the process of blending, when we put it all up Now I take Anastasia Cream Waterproof Cream Shadow in the "Ice Blue" This color is really beautiful

It touches me in my soul I brush it with a synthetic brush And as you can see – I'm tapping, but I'm not rubbing creamy colors And I'll just blush it slightly with the yellow which turned out to be cool, because at the end some greenish shade turned out when you think about them And then it'll look great Then I take the MAC's "basic order" This is an old product It's embarrassing to use it But you know what, it was still creamy, and doing business So thank you for the MAC that I can always rely on for your products I love you! And I appreciate that And I'll actually make it a wing eyeliner with this What is really scary, even for me

Wing eyeliner with creamy shadow And then I'll try to flush just scary And at first it looks like you will not succeed and you will ruin everything, but honestly You can do it, if you add color a little bit And if you can see it, I go over it over and over again and blend it You will get to the point where it will be shaded, and you will overtake the shadow over it and look perfect

I promise Then I take Jeffree Star "Andogyny" a palette of shadows Let's start with this shadow in the "Fetish" What a very beautiful color is red And first I wanted to put a darker red like this one, instead of some intense, bright red Because I do not like to use too much bright and intense colors on my eyes In the end, I would not like the final look in that case So I like to melt more neutral colors with very bright shades Now I'm taking Urban Decay "Electric" palette And I'm using this beautiful silky violet in the "Urban" And I put in the entire outer part of the eyelid The reason why we first use all these creamy bases, in case you are interested, is that in this way the pigment in the shadows we put through will be more intense And since we put purple over red, this base will Change how that purple looks in relation to how it would look like we used it alone Then we take a little of this shade "Charm" It is this beautiful, mat-colored shade of the "Androgyny" palette And I put it right over the edge of this purple color Just to bend at blending Because I wanted to go from yellow to blue, then purple and rosy-red to orange I want all the nuances to flow one over the other You obviously know what I mean

Then I take a wet tissue for removing the smear, and I will tread it with my finger right under the eye in order to clear that part to be neat and sharp Then again I take the "Electric" palette And I take this – I do not even know how this shade is called, I can not read here – excuse me I take a small brush, and I begin to put that shadow over that orange-red that I first put on to get more expression Then I'll put that purple shadow again only this time we will put a brush on "Fix +" and we will again go through the part where we have put it, to be more intense You can do the same thing with the mat, and with shining shadows anywhere on the eye if you grow a brush with a little Fix Plus this step will really make the whole look a lot more intense Then we take the "Aurora" palette from Anastasia and we take this beautiful ice-blue shade With that I first brushed a brush with a bit of Fix Plus, just so you know Because otherwise it's too squeaky and it would fall under the eye but with what kind of spark, I put it right over this blue to get this beautiful metallic effect I adore Then I take the color "Thrash" it's some neon yellow-green blur and I'll just put it on a section between that yellow and blue I will not put it all the way to the inside, because I really like this look with Jeffree Star with a fluffy pink, but I still wanted to have a passage that bright zute over neon green all the way to blue Then we take this beautiful Makeup Forever "Star" powder That I do not even begin to talk about how this is highlighted – just watch Let everyone give a minute of reading this See this highlight I've had it for about two months, from my Sephora haul And people, I think I almost spent it I use it literally every day Now I put a primer on my face, then I'll put powder I use Dior "Forever" powder

People Oh, my God I'll have to talk to you about this thing in detail, in my video about the favorites that will come out soon But I can not describe how much I like this powder He's so beautiful! It makes my skin look like there's no pores at all

Whenever I put it, I can not believe how many people give me a compliment for how my goat looks And he asks me what I use from the product And I'm in the phase – it's not me, it's literally this powder Then, I use the Tarte "Shape tape" corrector – of course – for a landscape under the eyes And then I'm drowning with a wet sponge Since we first smiled eyes, and then created that sharp line, pay attention to using the spicy part of the sundries or some spicy brush How to get the corrector right to the shadow you put, without moving it or smearing it Now, for facials, I use Charlotte Tilbury Powder with a large, buffered brush Every time I use this brush, I get questions from where it is, and the answer is

Then I go to the lower eyelid And I'll start with this shadow again "Charm" and a large, puff brush for the line under the eyelashes It will be good to apply and flicker until it's great flashy and yet intense I will use this color to connect the line of lower eyelashes, with all the colors that we have already used on the upper eyelid Then I will take a little more precise brush and I'll put that purple shadow out of the Urban Decay "Electric" pallet and we will very well be flattened across the entire line under the eyelashes on the lower eyelid and by that we connect with the purple that we already put on the upper eyelid earlier Then I go back, and I will practically use all the nuances we've already used And put them on the lower eyelid Beginning with orange, purple and faded with a more intense shiny coral shade so that everything from the upper eyelid is well trained and perfectly aligned with the bottom I want it to look like a peacock when I turned out of profile I want everything to be connected to one another Now I take this absolutely beautiful matte blue, which simply calls me to use it I did not know where to put it and how to use it, so I just flung it with my finger right between this beautiful blue and purple just to extract it further

And I really liked it Somehow it added something to the whole look, which I did not expect and everything was combined as a whole We return to the "Trash" and I put it on the inner corner of the lower eyelid And then I'll just put a little mascara I use L'Oreal "Voluminous carbon black" mascara And for the eyelash lashes, I use House of Lashes, the style of "Boudoir" Do not worry – everything I use, every brush, every product, will be listed in the description of the video Because I know that I go too fast over everything

For lower eyelashes I will use MAC's "Extended play gigablack lash" mascara because it is my absolute favorite when it comes to lower eyelashes She has been fond of me for years, I think it will remain my whole life And then, in order to make it all the more intense, to really stand out I will put one MAC's completely fascinating pencil on the waterline For contour I use Marc Jacobs "Omega" bronzer which technically is a bronzer, but I will use it today for contouring so I'll use a slightly more precise brush, and start to apply it upstairs and lower it to the corner of the lips not quite right up to, because it would be a bit too dramatic You already stand about 2/3 times somewhere, then flip it with your hair

When I'm done with this, I'll make "Grandma" the length of all contour lines using "Perfect Setting Powder" from CoverFX This is one of my favorite powders I can not describe how beautiful it is and how natural it looks on the skin I was completely "Ride or Die" for RCMA's "No color transition powder" But this one definitely took over his place Because it is so natural, and it does not dry out the skin at all I just love it I love what it looks like

Beautiful in pictures Beautiful life It just looks like a goat And it's just great powder, I can not say good enough about it Then I will put on the eyebrow layer a transparent eyebrow gel from the brand Anastasia Beverly Hills, "Clear brow gel"

How they would stand in their place Then I'll take this "Highlighting blush duo" blush from ColorPop I do not know what his name is, I got these PRs And it was not written on the box, literally nothing was completely empty But I will already find the name for you people I will find it, and I'll put you in the link to the description of the video Now, for the fun part I take these Swarovski crystals that I found in the Michael's shop They have literally millions of colors I bought somewhere 30 colors of the most sincere

I put very little eyelashes on the crystals of the crystals and put them right in the middle of the eye For this occasion I used blue-greenish shimmer for which I thought it would go perfectly with this thought And then I'll highlight the corner of the inner part of the eye using another MUFE "Star Lit" powder In the shade 02 This shade has a very pronounced golden-green podton, which I thought would be perfectly compatible with these colors, so I put it in generous quantities on the inside corner of the eyelid and then I will put a small light green zircon of lime paint and put it right over the part that we've just before highlighted He was packing along with the glittering I put on my lower eyelid so I just had to put it in the inner corner of the eye

Ok now highlight I wanted to do something very fun, holographic something different

So I will use Makeup Forever "Star Lit" powder in several different shades And I started with purple Then I return to the one I already used in the inner corner of the eye, who has that greenish podton And I put it first on top of the cheekbone What I really want to achieve is to be green-blue-violet Then I will use Kat Von D "Holographic" palette and I take the shade "{Blue} Sapphire" in large quantities, and I place it on the highest points of the cheekbone In this way the highlight turns from a greenish-gold in blue, then in purple On the camera, this effect can not be seen so much with this light

But it was intense, and I was obsessed For lips, I'm going to use this Jeffree Star liquid leaf God, how many Jeffree Star products I used in this video I'm still using one of his liquid roses in the "Mannequin" It's one of my favorite hue shades of all time

And I knew that I wanted to use the liquid rust in this video, and I knew there would be some kind of nuance But as I was not sure which way to go, I will show you a few options And I definitely wanted to add highlight above my upper lip I want my lips to be especially prominent But I want my whole face and my whole body to shine And then I started the team that I added a silver metallic line in the center of my lips which made this look look very suitable for a festival

And for that I used the Path McGrath silver shadow mixed with a little mixing meduim John was standing behind the camera and he told me how he liked it, but I was sure it could do better He insisted that he was so cool, but I was in the 'No, I want to try something else' So I typed MAC Cosmetics in the "Teal" and we both agreed that it looked much better this way You could add a silver line to this if you want, but I did not want to be overdoed, so I finally left my lips on this

This is a makeup tutorial I sincerely hope you enjoyed it I did a great job recording it for you I love you And I'll see you in my next video Cao Cao [music]

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