Hi, YouTube It's Akilah, Obviously! And today I wanted to do a makeup tutorial for President Steve Bannon

Because we all live in a political climate and so I think we should make it, you know, a little bit more fun So this is about Steve Bannon and his looks All you're gonna need is: salamis, they smell awful–like his skin probably does and then just some like really off-colors Dark blood red Some white

Some green and grey And maybe even some light blue just to really show how dead and disgusting and decaying his skin is So the first thing you wanna do is remove all of the things that make you look like a person So I'm gonna take off this fun lipstick That's not his jam

We would be remiss if we didn't start with white since he's a white supremacist He would hate if we made his look on a super black face So we're just gonna try to white out as much as we can It's not "whiteface" because we'll be covering it with salami And I don't think most white people wanna claim him either so let's just be real

You're gonna put that all over, especially under the eyes like really white I'm brown, so it's mixing in and making this really, like, cool, sort of taupe–which would be relatively okay skin tone if you are a person, but again he's a goblin from the under world Think clown Like how this administration is filled with a bunch of unqualified, inept clowns? Even on the eyebrows They gotta look like they're ashy even though they're on your face

Like that's another real characteristic of this administration They just don't look like they moisturize like no one ever told them that lotion and the butters are a thing to have Now that we are mostly white, it's time to really get into looking gross So we have this great sort of khaki green Add that like "maybe I'm undead

" kinda look Look like a rejected mummy whose only refuge is a hateful site like Breitbart Also note that a person who actually looks like this thinks that his genes are superiorto anybody's So now you can see that this is kind of a really unflattering color The green is really just like a little murky It's not a straight-forward look, it's just a little gross That's sort of where we're starting

A mayonnaisey–like a tartar sauce We can just make this look as tartary as possible My inspiration for this iswhat's that guy's name in Men In Black He's a farmer He goes outside to investigate the aliens and he comes back in and he's like an alien wearing the human suit and he drinks all the sugar water? That's what we're going for That's exactly what Steve Bannon looks in the mirror and sees every morning The dark red's important

I'm not certain if he's an alcoholic, but he has that bloated, sort of, maybe fell into a vat of wine when he was young and like the Ring girl from the well came and got him–sort of look And I think that that's accentuated by just like, splotches So this is important You don't want to be too artistic with this It's really splotchy and it's sort of all over

Use the same makeup brush because is not to look good The more your mouth looks like a bleached a****le, the more you're doing it right Here's how you really sell the look: there are really great textures in the world that look more accurately like his skin So we have some deli salami It smells horrific

Stick it all over Just stick it Try not to gag You know, sort of like when I hear any news stories about him just suppress that gag reflex Cause this is our president, you know

We need to respect him So I'm just tryna be respectful Donald Trump has I believe tried to look crazier than Steve Bannon and he's failed I think that the orange look was a bold choice It's not too terribly overdone

This sort of is reminiscent of like a family member you're fond of like maybe your meemaw or you know your grandfather If they passed away and then somehow they came back from the dead and were like screaming about how they love the klan and how black lives matter is a terrorist organization This is the look Also, like if it falls off that's kind of like goes with this undead I'm sure he sheds part of his face all day everyday

In meetings When he's writing executive orders that put him on committees that Donald Trump doesn't get to read about The pink hair makes it a little cute so you're gonna wanna hide anything that's a little precious Please ignore my bun If I had like a dirty, greasy grifter wig that would be ideal

But if you acquire one and you know where to get it, please leave me a comment so I can enhance this look But I think this is right Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you soon with another video Ha, eww

Source: Youtube


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