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In these days i have seen a lot of comments,asking for which face wash,day cream and sunscream to use for different skin types So in today's video, i will share a few summer essential skin care products Let's start the video quickly I will go through many products for different skin types I hope you will find some useful products to add to your skin care regimeSo without wasting time, let's start the video

First of all let's talk about face wash, i have four options First is Lakme's Blush and glow face wash It's quite affordable and is very good for oily skin type So if you have a oily skin, you should definitely try this one out The next face wash is Plum's Green Tea face wash

If your skin type is combination or dry then should definitely try this After using this face wash it wont make your face feel dry and it will clean your face very thoroughly The third face wash is Wow's Activated Charcoal Face wash Charcoal help to deep clean our skin and also detoxifies it So this face wash is very good for this summer season

You wont feel any dryness after using this face wash I sometimes feel that this face wash is not for excessive oily skin,otherwise it is suitable for dry,combination and normal skin The next face wash is Biotique's Bio Pineapple oil control foaming face wash I love foaming face wash as I have an oily skin This is for normal to oily skin type

So if your skin is suitable,then you should definitely try this once After this it's time for scrubbing Most of the time i prefer my own homemade scrubbing products I prefer mixing yoghurt and oats and using it as a scrubber It suits all skin types

You can also use raw milk and rice flour for scrubbing After cleansing and scrubbing, it is time for toner I prefer rose water If you want you can use Kama Ayurveda Pure rose water or Mogra water Another very good product is Biotique'S Bio Cucumber toner

If you have a problem of open pores then you should absolutely use this You will get the purchase link of all the products that i am mentioning here If you want you can purchase it from there Next is moisturizer It is very difficult to choose one in summer season, especially if your skin is oily, i know since i have oily skin

Let's get into some very good moisturizer's for oily skin First is Neutrogena's oil free moisturizerIt is a must use product Next is VLCC's Lavang moisturizer for oily skin It gives a bit of a sensation which people might dislike otherwise it is very good

Next is my personal favourite the Face shop Bamboo gel It have an awesome fragrance and it is for normal and oily skin It hydrates and moisturizes your skin very wellIf you are going outside in sunlight you should avoid using this otherwise it is fine at indoors Next moisturizer that i have is Wow's 10 in 1 Active Miracle cream

It is suitable for all skin types- normal,dry,combination It have SPF 15 PA++ which is very good and you can use it as a day cream without any problem Next moisturizer which i have is Oriflame's Essential cold cream If your skin type is excessive oily then you should give it a try Next is the most important and essential item in this summer that is the sun block

I will share two of my favourite sun blocks First one is Neutrogena's ultra sheer dry touch sun block SPF 50 and the other is Lotus Herbal Dafe sun 3 in 1 Matte look daily sun block SPF 40 These two are my favourite but if you want to choose a sunblock according to your skin type then please check out my previous videos I have recently uploaded a video which explains in details which sun block is suitable for which skin Link is in the description box

Next comes night skin careYou can use the same products that you were using in daytime for cleansing and toning You just have to bring changes in moisturizer You can use a night cream or a moisturizer Lets see some options for night skin care

The first product for night care is Face Shop's Aloe soothing gel It is one of my favourite products If your skin is normal,combination or excessive oily then you can use it as a moisturizer It also hydrates your skin You can keep this product applied on your skin for a whole night and your skin will look refreshed in the morning

The next night cream is wow's Anti ageing night cream It is suitable for all skin types except excessive dry skin type So if your age is 20+, then you should try this product atleast once The next cream is Palmer's Skin Anti Dark Spot fade cream for oily skin So if you have oily skin and dark spots, definitely try this

But since this cream has retinol, you should try this cream at night time only After this you must be think which moisturizer you should use for dry skin For dry skins , i have 2 moisturizers You can use Himalaya's revitalizing night cream or Plum's Grape seed night cream You can use the plum's cream even if you have a sensitive skin

So these were all the summer essential skin care products You can buy any product that you like from the purchase link in the description box

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