Sunscreen for Acne Prone Skin • How to Choose Sunscreens & What to Avoid

Leah I'm sick of telling you to wear sunscreen Why do you not wear sunscreen? Well, I have acne prone skin, and I feel like every sunscreen that I use, it just breaks me out And I know sunscreen is supposed to protect our skin from like aging, and you know skin cancer But I would rather not have a breakout right now

That's why I can't use sunscreen Well, it's true that it's going to prevent photo aging As well as, you know, skin cancer and all that I know but I'm pretty sure I can find like at least an anti-aging skincare instead, But you do need to understand that sun exposure is actually causing your acne, too What? Every pimple in your face is actually started off by sebum oxidation Uh, what is "sebum oxidation" and what does that have to do with our acne? Basically the oil on top of your skin if the sebum can be oxidized by Uv exposure too, However, sebum oxidation is something that you might want to avoid if you have acne prone skin because it is the starting point of Everything related to acne causing factors Now, once your sebum is oxidized it can actually Become highly comedogenic and eventually blocking your pores and also that can develop into another acne That's why sun protection is bloody important And I do not understand why my acne patients are not paying attention to what I'm saying! Like, I'm here to help you guys, But why do you guys not listen to me? You guys are probably using, like, benzoyl peroxide, BHA and retinol, I don't know, whatever acne treatments or the active ingredients You're using that can actually raise photosensitivity and then whatever results comes from sun exposure I'm not responsible for that because you guys didn't listen to me Okay? Whoa okay, okay, okay? Calm down, Dr

Yoo, I got it I will use sunscreen – And you obviously don't want that hyperpigmentation, do you? Of course not! Then go apply your sunscreen every single day, 365 days, All year round whether it rains, whether it snows, doesn't really matter, just go apply sunscreen, okay? Use sunscreen guys First of all, we got to understand what chemical sunscreens are and also what Physical, mineral sunscreens are in order to understand what makes you break out from using those sunscreens So let's start off with chemical filters These are very very very interesting Because once you apply it, it gets absorbed into the skin and they absorb all the UV light And they convert that inside the skin to heat and they release it back The pros of using chemical sunscreens are definitely because of the Superior silky texture because it actually feels like skin care, it doesn't leave any white cast, it doesn't feel heavy, It layers beautifully underneath your makeup On the other hand, the reason why you might breakout from chemical sunscreen is that Number one, since chemical sunscreens are literally heating up your skin We all know that heated skin can actually exacerbate the sebum production, Therefore, it can eventually clog your pores And it can actually create the perfect breeding ground for "P-Acne" which is the acne-causing bacteria to grow more profoundly And another con, which is the biggest con I feel like, is that it can be seriously Irritating to sensitive skin types, and I do believe all of the acne prone skin types are somewhat sensitive So they need to be very very cautious when it comes to using chemical sunscreen I'll talk more about this later, but some ingredients of chemical filters can be very hazardous and very very toxic that can Seriously cause some skin damage Moving on to physical/mineral sunblocks These are basically a very straightforward sunblock It's a barrier or shield that you apply on top of your skin It doesn't penetrate into your skin or absorb into your skin And it bounces back or shatter the UV light that hits your skin

The most commonly used ingredients for physical sunblocks are zinc oxide as well as titanium dioxide Pros of using mineral sunblocks are: it doesn't irritate your skin Because it's literally sitting on top of your skin rather than being absorbed or being penetrated inside your skin The biggest con? White cast Everyone hates physical sunscreen due to this reason And it does come with that traditional sunblock smell, and doesn't blend into your skin pretty well So it doesn't really make a good primer underneath your makeup And some people do believe that physical sunblock can actually block and clog your pores because it's literally sitting on top of Your skin however in my personal opinion in my personal perspective, once you incorporate a really Well-balanced, like, cleansing routine, I don't think it's going to be a big problem with the clogging pore issue So, for those reasons, I would still personally recommend physical or mineral sunblocks over chemical sunblocks to you guys, Acne prone skin and sensitive skin types, and if you're less sensitive maybe you can opt for something that's hybrid that contains those chemical as well as Physical UV filters inside that can have a better blend-ability and texture, and it's more lightweight Number one never buy a screen that contains Oxybenzone or Benzophone Number Three

This guy is so scary – it can be a serious irritant, It causes skin allergic reactions But not only that, since this guy is the most finest it is the most penetrable chemical filters Among every kinds of sunscreens out there This can actually travel through our bloodstream inside And it can actually disrupt our hormone level and everything A lot of researchers and studies that found out this guy is Extremely toxic so you gotta stay away from Oxybenzones Another ingredient to avoid in sunscreen is retinyl palmitate Now, retinyl palmitate is basically a compound of Retinol which is a vitamin A derivative plus palmitic acid combined together

Now when this guy sees sunlight, It actually breaks down and produce a seriously Destructive free radical producing whatever compound, and it can actually affect our DNA cells, skin cells And lead to potential cancer, and US government scientists actually found out this guy can actually lead to skin tumors Still, 15 percent of American sunscreens actually contains this ingredient so watch out for this ingredient Sunscreen to Avoid number three: spray sunscreen bottles I know, it's so convenient, I love this guy too, because you can literally spray it everywhere, It's so easy to use But, while you're spraying, you may have a risk of inhaling all the sunscreen chemicals inside your body, And then it can travel through our organ system and everything There isn't really an official statement on the harmful effects from American FDA, however I think it's safe to avoid the risk

Now, you might be wondering: "So what is a good sunscreen? Just give me the answer!" Okay, here is my answer Ready? *Drumroll noise* Ta da! So the best sunscreen for acne prone skin, that I believe, is that's high in zinc oxide percentage, as well as that's rich in antioxidants So, let me break it down for you guys: zinc oxide is known to be very very beneficial for acne-prone skin type Because of its soothing and healing properties So it can actually reduce the redness, can prevent the future breakouts as well, and Also, zinc oxide is the most safest and the most recommended ingredient It offers good protection from both UVA 1 2 and UVB rays, so it offers a better UV coverage than titanium dioxide and most importantly it is a stable Ingredient that doesn't break down under the sun Then why is antioxidants so important to Acne prone skin? Now, we briefly learned about sebum oxidation in the beginning of this video Which is supposed to be the starting point of everything related to acne, and sebum oxidation can be prevented with topically applied antioxidants

And also you have to consume a lot of antioxidant-rich foods, too, It will help When you apply antioxidants topically it can actually boost your skin's natural Immunity that can actually fight against the UV Ray the free radicals the pollution and every other External Factors that can actually stress on your skin as well as irritate our skin So when you add antioxidant into your sunscreen it creates a beautiful, wonderful, Very very powerful extra level of protection to UV rays Another very practical tip for acne-prone skin is that take Vitamin D supplements Where do we get Vitamin D naturally? From the sun While we're blocking ourselves from all the UV Rays We can't really get enough Vitamin D, and vitamin D is a very interesting vitamin that plays a very interesting role in acne-prone skin

Korean researchers actually found out that acne patients are more likely To be deficient and have a low level of vitamin D and those who have clearer skin And by taking Vitamin D Supplement in a daily basis, it actually can reduce Inflammatory acne by 35%, and I was just blown away by looking at the study It's something that you guys can consider to probably take vitamins D supplements If you found this video informative and helpful Please share it with your friends and family – that would mean so much to me in creating more videos and more informative videos I am currently testing out a bunch of different sunscreens out there, So the part 2 of this sunscreen series will be more product focused, But, I just need a little more time You can join our Pom-Pom Fam by clicking the red Subscribe button down below, And I'll speak to you guys on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter @AboutLeahYoo all the things that you wanna do all The things just me and you

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