SUPER KAWAII Japanese MAKEUP TUTORIAL for Kimono by model Kimura U | 木村優のかわいい和風着物メイク

Hop, hop, hop! It's "shave my eyebrows" time! How does this smooth skin look? Today, I am wearing traditional Japanese clothes: A Kimono! It's cute isn't it?! To match this cute pink bunny Kimono, I will create a cute makeup style, today Everyone, get into the Japanese beauty mood and try it out! Today's contact lenses are actually from a brand that I have been using for 5 years

These are my favourite green colour contacts They don't only use green, but also browns and gray to create a natural look Let's start with the eye makeup first I took my inspiration from Japanese Maiko (Geisha in training) and used red on the corners to create slanted eyes Then I use a glittery pink on top to blend them naturally together

Next up is the eyeliner As usual I draw a thin line close to my eye line On the outer corners I stretch it for about 3mm By doing that, my eyes will look softer, bigger and more dolly like On the bottom lid, I will draw a line up to the corner of my pupils

I will create a little more almond shaped eyeline Next up are the fake lashes The truth is – TA-DA! I actually layered up two kinds of lashes, like this I will add them to my upper eyelashes My hint here is to use your fingers to shape the lashes into the round shape of your eyes

After they have curved, they should fit your eyes better I can really recommend this method to you The lower lashes were actually one pair of lashes that I split into two and stuck on By doing that, they will align with my eyes better and look more natural That's another hint from me

Next up is the Mascara! This time I only use the mascara to blend the real and fake lashes together Usually you would use the mascara horizontally and brush upwards But here I use it vertically to blend the visual appearance of fake and real lashes together It's "shave my eyebrows" time! TA-DA! Today I will use this Panasonic Feerie shaver to shave my eyebrows I managed to shave them beautifully again, today! How does this smooth skin look? Let me explain how to do the eyebrows

TADA For the eyebrows, I first use the brightest color to create a base When drawing, make sure you don't create hard angled eyebrows Instead curve then gently, but not too much either Make them slightly rounded to create this look After lining out the base, I will use this golden mascara

Depending on how I trace my base line, i can add more color Take the earlier line as base, and this one as the actual eye brows Furthermore, I will add this pencil to trace the lines and define the shape This one can draw smaller details, so I use it for the last finishing touches We are not done yet! On top of that I will use this blush on top of the upper eyebrow layer

If this one is used from the start, it creates strong vivid cosplay eyebrows If it is added on top of the brown layers, it creates eyebrows with a hint of pink Next, I will explain how to do the cheeks For the cheeks, I mix the different shades of blush together Then take the area under your eyes, and the top of your cheekbones

Spread it as if you are pulling the blush outwards Now, only doing that would be normal Change to a thinner brush, take the area under your eyes, Start directly here and spread it upwards in soft strokes I thought this resembles the red bunny eyes on my Kimono, and thus added it to my Japanese make up Let me explain how to do the glitter on my cheeks

First, take some lip cream on a cotton bud and spread it over the apple of your cheeks Ta-Da! Then take this manicure glitter on a cotton bud, roll it over your cheeks and it will easily stick The reason why I am using lip cream instead of glue is that, if you spread glue all over your cheeks, it becomes hard to take it off later、 and it sits heavily on your skin Instead, I use the stickiness of the lip cream to apply it all in one go Futhermore, I add these nail manicure heart pieces on top

I then top it up with manicure rhine stones My special makeup focus is this cherry blossom flower, here I added it to the lashes Add some lash glue to the corner of your fake lashes and stick it on Just by doing that you create beautiful Cherry Blossom lashes

The reason why I chose it, is that it matches well with this Kimono, but also, just like the Cherry Blossom represents Japan worldwide, I would like to represent the world's number 1 pink creator That's why I added cherry blossoms Now for my lips, Applying this pink lipstick, I generally dab the colour roughly on first and then spread it out I afterwards use a lipgloss like this to spread the color further I mix them both together, for a more natural and cute result

Now, I will change the natural pink hair that I had since birth, by wearing this wig Hop, hop, hop! This time I am wearing a bunny Kimono from Yumi Yamamoto, and matched them with ears from Pastel Parade My trademark is my pink hair, and I arranged it in a fluffy bunny like hairstyle I plan to show you how to properly wear a Kimono some time soon, so be sure to check it out Let's meet again! Hop, hop! Hiiiii, what was it again?! Sorry, one more time please! I look as if I have eaten something strange and it got stuck in my face

I'm gonna take this off Next is which one again? On the outer corner of the eye

What did I do again? Ah! I forgot what I did Inner corner, outer corners which one again? I forgot this one! I used this one too! How is this smooth skin? this is quite popular but wait no no it's using blush on your eyes Wait a moment Hop, hop, hop! And this is how this sparkly

WAIT A MOMENT! On that note The pink wig I have been wearing since birth will get changed to this Should I say my real hair? And then suddenly take it off?! Ta-Da

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