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Shaving eyebrows! Inspired by the famous anime character Candy Candy I created glittery freckles Today I'm introducing a makeup matching with my self-produced uniform of the sweets store Candy A☆GO☆GO! in Takeshita Street, Harajuku The fashion point of this outfit is, this is the actual uniform worn by the staff at CANDY A☆GO☆GO! And, as a collaboration item of KIMURA U and CANDY A☆GO☆GO, you can buy this online as well This collar is one special point where the lollipop actually sold in the CANDY A☆GO☆GO! is embroided here! The fashion point for this skirt is There is also embroidery of "Yum Yum Yummy" and "CANDY A☆GO☆GO” here I put sweets in the embroidery here so everyone would want to taste the delicious sweets from CANDY A☆GO☆GO! It is the same with the tights here

Adding on to my original design here, the design part goes up to the thighs Even in winter time when you want to wear thigh-high, these fake thigh-high tights will keep you warm enough You can find a heart shape here, which makes even the back look cutely coordinated You will also find the white blouse with white skirt version as well Please check it out online! It is a cute and glittery makeup inspired by the chraracter "candy candy"

Now everyone, let's try! For starters, I used this foundation This matte and white colored foundation For the eye shadow, I started with darker brown adding it to one third of the eye length starting from the corner in a half ellipse shape Adding some more lighter brown to it and creating a gradation This will emphasize the deep carving of the face, making the eyes look wider

For the eyeliner, I'm using this brown liquid type Starting from the inner corner to the outer in quite a thin layer, but the outer corner should stick out 3mm For the lower eye lid, starting from the outer corner inwards, pulling in up to one-third the length of the eye This will give a slightly droopy eyes look For the fake eyelashes, I'm taking two different types combining together, to make them match the shape of your own eyes

Once the two eyelashes are attached together, soften them with your fingers, curving them into the shape of your own eyes Also for the bottom lashes, cutting them in 2 small parts and adjusting them so they will match the shape of the eyes When you place it too low just to give that droopy eye effect, it will give that unnatural look, so to give both the droopy eye look as well as natural look, the key is to mix and match into the shape of your own eyes Now comes the eyebrows! Since my trademark is this pink hairstyle, I'm going to shave off my own black eyebrows! Shaving off! Wow! They disappeared! Oh no— heeeelp! I think it looks beautifully shaven off now Let's create the pink eyebrows now

I'm starting the layer with brown powder If I start out with the pink color it may look a little too much like cosplay so it's better to have the pink layer over the brown layer Once the brown color is laid, adjusting the shape with a pencil eyeliner Since my original eyebrows are fairly pointing upwards I'm softening the angle by using the concealer to adjust the shape When it is finished, I'm adding the final pink layer over it For the blush, I'm using this strong pink mixed with more reddish natural blush Mixing different colors will blend in well to your skin

Adding blush is not limited to your cheeks, as the anime character "CANDY CANDY", adding it up to the nose, making it look like freckles Next is actually writing the word "candy" on my cheek! What I have to be careful when writing the word "candy" is if I use a mirror to write the words, it will become opposite The solution is looking at this actual memo I wrote of "candy" and matching the wording by looking at it through the mirror When finished, I'm adding glitter over it When putting on the glitter, we want to be careful not to damage the skin so, I'm using milk lotion instead of glue

Using spangles, I'm adding fake freckles I'm using two colors of white and pink stars to make it Adding it in random dots to the places where I added the blush previously I'm also using milk lotion here to attach it instead of glue Now that the spangles are in place, since I used milk lotion on the skin, some of the blush has come off

Supplying the layer with a little more blush Finally the lipstick comes out I'm using the stick type strong colored lipstick Using only this will make it too strong a color so, I'm adding a thin layer of light pink lip gloss to soften it up For the final touch, adding a pink, really glittery line to the double eye lid

For the wig, I have got this Candy Candy inspired one with the wavy hair divided in half on the top I've roughly banded them into a pigtail style and afterwards used a hair pin to bring it upwards Placing my handmade original ribbon, The CANDY CANDY HAIR is done! Inspired by the famous Japanese Anime character Candy Candy, I've used spangles to make glitter freckles and made a fluffy hairstyle! Everyone, please visit the CANDY A☆GO☆GO! store in Harajuku, come and see the really cute uniform, and try out this makeup as well! Today's outfit was designed by me in a collaboration of KIMURA U x HATSUNE MIKU in a style of hoodies with raglan sleeves combined with tights This design of HATSUNE MIKU I did has the theme : "MIKU MIKU Speaker" which was designed in hope that more people around the world can enjoy the beautiful voice of HATSUNE MIKU Today, I'm introducing my design ofwhoops, not design What I produced Sorrymy mistake Using the pink freckles and white freckles Not freckles! Spangles! Spangles! One more take! White and pink freckle whoops! I said freckles again! Nooooo!

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