Things Girls With Acne Go Through | Girliyapa’s ChickiLeaks

If you're troubled with acne, apply this cream Apply these on pimples and even on places where you don't have them

The pimples will never go away I mean, will forever go away If you buy right now, you'll get the anger eliminating ring for free! So order right now at 7,99

Okay! Freakin' hell! Listen to me, your skin is really oily Wash your face at least 17 times a day and use a medicated face wash, understand? It's just dry skin that causes acne

Use a good moisturizer, something with aloe vera Why do you keep cribbing about acne all day, man? It's not your skin, it's you! Go kill yourself Will you have some salad? Grind some orange peel and apply paste! 20 bucks for all! 20 bucks for all! Tell me, madam, what'll you have? Orange, apple or banana? -I'd like an orange -Make an orange juice for madam! No, I don't want the juice I want the peel -450 bucks for a kilo! -What? That much? Oh wow! Congratulations, the pimples on your face have gone from being 2 to 3 You've got a pimple and it shall be named only on our Hike group I'll just get some votes in

Sunny 'Pimple' Leone! Hello, let's start the news today with the west, which is the most prone region on the face There are predictions of a little puss and blood from this region The skies in the north seem clear for the past couple of days, but but a pimple could pop up just before tonight's date Also, in the South, you could deep-fry some fries with the amount of oil produced here! Avoid stepping out without tissues And the scars, which are the results of brutally popping pimples will be there today and remain there even tomorrow

What's up? What are you watching? -Put on a nice movie, please? -Sure, madam What would you like to see? 'Pimpli life'? Or my favourite? 'Gangs of Muhasehpur (pimpletown)'? Faizal will pop everybody's pimples! Hey, why are you getting upset? Why be so formal between friends? Should I apologize now? Okay, I'm sorry However, I'll pop the one on the right It's my dream -Children! Your Aunts here! Bittu! -Auntie! -Come here! Aisha, come

-Auntie! You've become so beautiful Hey, who eats such oily food? Eat healthy home-made meals Who eats rice? It's packed with carbs! Eat some fruits

Who eats bananas? It's loaded with fat! Seriously? -Biscuits? -What do I eat? -Tell me today! What do I eat? -Water Just drink 8 glasses of water a day That's enough

Madam, your facial was 4000 bucks Hello there, my 'Pimple Kapadia'! You look so beautiful! Your face is like the moon, it also has craters like it Okay, bye! Dad, look my sis is playing connecting the dots with my face again! Dad, why are you laughing!? I'm not playing This is perfect!

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