Okay guys, let's start it with bare face Well, the first step is I'll spray the setting spray The setting spray that I recently use is Nyx Matte Finish and why I use a setting spray first? because after several times I tried the trick of spraying a setting spray first before wear my make up, I think my make up stays longer than usual

then let it dries And next, for the primer, I recently use two primers, which are Matte Rescue Benefit Porefessional I use this primer when my skin's super oily since my skin type is oily-combination so sometimes my skin can be super oily and sometimes it can be dry and now it is oily on my T-zone and cheeks area So I'm going to use this Porefessional Matte Rescue on my T-zone area and also on the cheek area And next, since my chin area is super dry, so I use Illamasqua Hydraveil It's super good for you guys who has dry skin It's seriously good! Well, yesterday, my chin was too dry, the skin's even peeled off So I used this Hydraveil before I wore my foundation, and my make up were not cracking Inside the Hydraveil itself, there is a spatula, so I'm just going to take one scoop of it

about this much Then I move it to my hand and apply it to dry area Okay, I'm done with the primer, but there is an addition for you who has super oily skin, if you guys has used primer for oily skin, has wore foundation for oily skin but they does not work, I had another tips for you guys who had this skin problem You can use eye primer on the most-oily area For me, the problem is on my nose area Don't ask me how oily my nose is You can fried an egg with oil from my nose So, for the eye primer, I'm using the eye primer from Catrice and I'll just apply it on super oily area, on this area of my nose, for example

Next, before I wear foundation, I'm going to use Porefessional Pore Minimizing Make up Well actually, this is a liquid foundation which is used to cover the pores But since its coverage is still not enough for me, who need full coverage, so I wear it as a base Well, it's super watery like a correction pen The packaging looks like this and there is a brush at the bottom Okay Now, I directly drop the foundation to the sponge I usually only use two drops, and then I'm going to apply it to this cheek area since it has the largest pores

Look how big the pores are on that area So I will dotdotdot After dotting, I will blend it using the same sponge We just need to tap it and it will cover the pores Okay After they're spread evenly, I will apply the color corrector first here I use green color corrector and the product that I use is from LA Girl A green color corrector is used to neutralize my redness around here like acne or the scars of it Don't apply many of it at the same time, apply it gradually, little by little So I suggest you to firstly put the product at the back of your hand Then we apply it to our face using our ring finger

Don't put too much of it when you apply it since we're only correcting, not covering So the color needs to be sheer and not dense Because if it's too dense and you layer it with foundation the color of our foundation will turns into greenish color It looks silly if your face looks greenish, people will think you're hulk So after tap it to redness area, don't forget to blend it Drag it around The main thing is apply as sheer as possible Okay We'll move to the foundation As for the foundation, I have two favorite foundations The foundation that I love recently is 88 liquid foundation, but it's brighter than my skin so I mix it with Loreal Infalible stay fresh foundation I had made a video of it, 'My Top 3 Foundation', this is one of them The L'oreal one has darker shade than my skin tone So I will mix these two products I actually in love with L'oreal product, so if the shade matches you skin, I think wearing L'oreal is enough

For the mix proportions of the foundation, the 88 is one and half pump and and for L'oreal is only half pump Well, I will mix it using a spatula And after it is mixed evenly, I will just apply it to all over my face

I prefer to use buffing brush, and this brush is from Jessup Brush I have used this brush for 3 years and everytime I clean it, hair has not fallen out Yeah probably only one and two has fallen out But the shape of it is still good And here I apply it with circular motion Because circular motion can make the foundation set to the pores so it looks more flawless

and if you can, make it only one direction circular motion If you don't have buffing brush, you can use usual foundation brush, the flat one but you apply the foundation by pulling the brush down So it covers the pores If you drag the brush up, the pores will be more visible It surely looks, yes, too light but it's okay, we will cover it with bronzer And for the under eye area, I'll use beauty blender

Well, I love to spray beauty blender with setting spray, so the make up becomes more long-lasting Actually we has done with foundation, but I still want to use the beauty blender, and I'm going to tap it to all over my face to make sure the make up, the foundation has set Next, I'm going to set the foundation using Catrice Nude Illusion Loose Powder Transparent Matt So, recently, this is the best loose powder the best I ever had So, I'm going to bake under eye area While baking, don't move, stay on your position, like this Because if you move, it will make

emm how to say it

it looks like we press and lock the make up If we move, it will create other strokes which we don't want to be there The point is to hold the position and if you can, glance up or bow like this when you're baking and for the application, make sure to press it so it will be absorbed well

Now I will swipe away the rest of it and bring it down so this side is also touched by the powder, therefore it is not sticky And now I'm going to use Too Cool for School Artclass by Rodin Okay, now the nose has more pointed I'm going to use highlight

For highlighting, I'm using Becca in Moonstone shade Here, I'm going to use fan brush so it looks more natural After finish with highlighting, I'm going to spray the setting spray again to all over my face to set the make up So this is the result And usually, if I wear full make up like this, it will last all day, from day to night I hope this video's helpful for you guys, Please comment down below, what kind of video that you guys want me to film and yass thank you so much for watching don't forget to like and subscribe and I'll see you on the next video


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