Valentine’s Makeup Tutorial – Soft & Flirty Smokey Eye

Hello everybody! For today's video, I'm going to be doing a Valentine's Day makeup tutorial for you, hey I was like, ooh, I'm gonna do something like, so intense like pink and purple, and sparkly, yas! And then I was like, Jacyln, get it together

In all reality, probably honestly eighty-five to ninety percent of women on Valentine's Day aren't going to realistically want to do, like, hot pink and purple, and glitter Like, they're going to want to do something more flattering and feminine, and soft, but still kind of sultry and sexy, you know what I'm saying? So, this is the look that I came up with I really wanted to focus on, like, the inner glow of the skin, and not so much like a blinding highlight, like a Mac truck coming at you, like in the dead of night on the interstate But more just, like, an all-over glow from within So, I definitely took the steps to do that today

If you are oily and if it is your nightmare to be overly, like, glowy or dewy, then just skip Skip right past that part But as far as the eyes, I wanted to keep it smokey, but soft and subtle There's no black incorporated No black eyeliner, no black eyeshadow

So, just very, very simple And of course, a bold red lip, just to give it that little mm mm, somethin' somethin' I really hope that you guys enjoy — this top is falling off of me, like I need to get it together I'm not gonna lie, I'm wearing sweatpants right now You wanna see? You wanna see the truth of life? Yaaaas! Damn, I really am thirsty today

Hello everybody I'm so happy to be filming It's Super Bowl Sunday, and you already know that I don't give a fuuuuck I took a poll on twitter a couple days ago asking you guys if you prefer voice-overs or talk-through makeup tutorials and talk-through won by a TON I think it won at, like, seventy-something percent

So, yeah I'm going to be doing a talk-through makeup tutorial today for Valentine's day! Yaaay For today, I'm going to be using some new products Well, at least, new to me Or things that I haven't used in a long time, maybe

I don't know, but I don't want it just to be the same thing as always So I'm gonna try some different techniques, and kind of try to switch it up Let's see how we do, and let's jump into it Okay, so I'm going to start off by priming my face, of course I'm using the Guerlain primer

Whatever primer you want for your skin needs, go ahead and slap that bad boy on Make sure your fingers are nice and clean Big rule of thumb Don't want to spread any germs Don't want to get any bacteria on your skin

So, make sure your hands are clean before doing anything on your face with your fingers I'm also gonna take some Make Up For Ever Smoothing Primer as well and put that in the centre of my face, because I definitely am battling some texture right now So, I'm gonna take a pretty generous amount of that and I'm going to put it right in this area around my nose I'm going to be using the Hourglass Vanish Stick Foundation It's my favourite foundation ever, but I actually wanted to use something different for today's look

But I can't, because I don't have my shade in any other foundation currently than the Vanish one So, last night I jumped on Sephora and ordered, like, a bunch of my favourite foundations in my shade, because recently I have been just, embracing my, like, natural fair skin, so everything else is, like, a deeper golden shade for my spray tans So, I'm gonna be sticking with this today I'm gonna be using shade Ivory and shade Bisque, and just drawing stripes on my face I know it looks like I'm applying a lot of foundation, that's because I am applingy a lot of foundation

But the thing that I love about this Hourglass Vanish foundation is I honestly feel like you can put so much on, and like, it never gets cakey It doesn't build up or get slimey I don't know It's weird, but that's why it's my favourite I'm going to be adding in the Cover Fx Custom Enhancer Drops

They come in several different shades I'm using the shade Celestial, because it is the lightest one And what I'm going to do, is just with the dropper, I'm gonna put this on the back of my hand I'm gonna be using a much smaller brush than normal I'm gonna be using a small, synthetic guy like this

I learned this tip from Nicole, known as LipstickNick She did my makeup when I was out in LA for a photo shoot And she was using this tiny little brush, and I was like, "What are you using?! And she was like "It's the Morphe E8! I love using this to apply foundation" I was like, "Interesting!" And I love the way my foundation looked, so now I've been using a small synthetic brush and I love it And this is the Morphe Y10 from their gold collection So I'm going to just pick up a little bit of that highlighter on the brush

I'm gonna tap off a little bit because that's just a wee bit too much i'm going to begin to blend this out I'm going to pick up a little bit more of that highlighter on the back of my hand on the brush and then just do the same thing to the other cheek and if you weren't going to use a stick foundation and you want to do this, all you would do is just mix it all together on the back of your hand You would do like a couple pumps of your foundation on the back of your hand and then a small drop of the highlighter and I just mix it together and then apply on your face, but I'm doing it this way since i used a stick foundation Alright I'm going to be trying different consider today and this is the Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Flawless Wear Concealer My friend Jackie told me that she loves this, months and months and months ago, so I bought it and I just misplaced it and I found it yesterday and I was like "Oooh let's give this a try!" You have absolutely no idea how hard it is for me to try a new concealer when I am so dedicated to a, like, current one Like right now the Tarte Shape Tape is my EVERYTHING! So just putting this on my face I'm like "What am I doing?!" I don't know

I'm so crazy about concealer, but I need to start branching out and trying more things Need to get it together! I'm gonna just grab a damp beauty sponge and just blend that out, and let's see how it looks Oh my gosh, I just love a damp beauty sponge I swear to God,I feel like it's a tool that I will never be able to give up Nothing blends out my under eye like a damp beauty sponge Alright now I'm going to pick some RCMA No Colour Translucent Powder, you already know it! Just on the tip of my damp beauty blender and yes, the beauty blender is still damp Just make sure that it's not soaking, I mean if your beauty blender is really really damp it's not going to apply your concealer or your powder right, so make sure there's no excess water and if you totally wring out and then you'll be able to use any powder you want, and I think the damp beauty sponges apply powder so beautifully

Now I'm going to take some CoverFX translucent powder and I'm going to just very lightly, like from the cap just take a little bit and just super duper lightly put this on my face I don't want to, like, add any coverage or anything, I just want to make sure that everything I applied is gonna stay in place Alright, now I'm going to fill in my brows Normally I do eyeshadow and then brows, but recently I have just been getting crazy, y'all! I've been getting crazy up in here, and doing my brows first So I'm gonna just comb everything upward with the spooly, and then just begin to fill in where I see needed

Can you imagine if I left my brows like this? Would you guys still love me? Okay, sorry, I'm wiping the foundation off my lips because it was looking like super crusty and gross Anyways, for today's eye look i'm going to be playing with the new Colour Pop single eyeshadows, which I am so excited to play with, because these were sent to me, like the past two weeks, I would say And thank you, Colour Pop for sending me these, they're so pretty! These are just the neutrals, these are not like, the whole collection But I put the neutrals in a palette, of course, you know me I was so excited about the colours, and I swatched them like two nights ago and was like, whoa, like the pigmentation! They seem so pigmented and so creamy, so I'm really excited to actually like use them today, and give them a go, and see how they apply I'm gonna start off with the lightest matte brown And this is in the shade "Wake Up Call"

I'm just gonna apply that to my crease area with a fluffy brush I'm gonna zoom you in I'm just going to place this right in that outer corner and then just dust it in this whole crease area I'm not really going too much into the inner corner I'm staying more out here, and once I basically have nothing left on my brush, that's when I'll just like, slightly swoop it in this area

Alright now I'm going to pick up "Note to Self", which is a little bit deeper and more of like a caramel brown This colour is so pretty I'm just gonna layer that right over top of what we just did, just packing it on this lower crease a little bit more Not lower crease, sorry, outer corner of the lid A little bit more just to deepen that up and then swoop it up into the crease

Alright now I'm gonna pick up this really dark kind of neutral brown and this is in the shade "Cloud 9" I got eyeshadow all over myself! And on a small definer brush like this guy right here, I'm going to just put that on the upper lashline I want this to be the darkest on the outer portion of the eye, and so once I get to the centre and the inner corner, I'm going to go really, really lightly, because I don't want it to be as pigmented in that area I basically have nothing left on my brush right now, I'm just kind of going over it, just flickering it I'm putting a little bit more on my brush and just slightly going upward, and now we're going to go back and forth Okay, so just a quick note, As I'm applying my eyeshadow, I'm noticing that this new Estée Lauder concealer that I tried is breaking up my under-eye It's not super bad, but Tarte Shape Tape would not be doing this to me! Alright, and now for the lid, I'm gonna go in with some shimmer, so we can make this very feminine, and dainty, and girly

And I'm going to be using "You Know The Drill" And I'm also going to mix it with "Let Me Explain", Because I like them both This one's a little bit darker of a champagne, and this one's like a lighter champagne So I'm gonna mix them together, and apply those to the lid Okay, yess! These are pretty nice! I'm gonna take a little bit more of that dark brown, and pop it on this lash line, because that shimmery colour just covered a lot of it up, which is fine that it covered some of it up, But I just want to make sure that we have a little definition in there I'm gonna take a little precission brush like this

I have been obsessed with little brushes recently, just to get nice and tight into certain areas, And I'm going to just take that dark brown and just emphasize a little bit of it, and just make sure that this outer area, not taking it up high, nice and low, is gonna make sure that it's got like a, "oomph!" I'm gonna make sure that this really lower outer corner just right here, not up in the crease but just super low, just has that depth See on this eye how it doesn't have a lot of depth right there? Which is fine if you want to keep it soft like that, but I just want to get in there and just make sure that just that outer corner is nice and dark, just for like a little bit of like a sexier, more smouldering, sultry look I'm just going back in with a little bit more of those browns that I used before, I'm just going to make sure that we have no harsh lines So for my lower lash line, I'm going to take that same dark brown shade that I've been using basically the whole time, and I'm going to just lightly put it just on the outer corner for this moment Picking up those light brown mattes, I'm going to just blend this out with a fluffy brush

I'm gonna apply some mascara now, so that my lashes are nice and black I'm using the L'Oréal Voluminous Carbon Black I'm gonna be using my favourite lashes, OF COURSE! I'm obsessed with them right now, and they are the "Intoxicating" lashes by Flutter Oh my gosh They are drama llama which is why I love them, they just make any look so, just

sassy, and flirty I'm obsessed But they ARE dramatic

So don't buy these unless you want the drama I am so frustrated at my under-eye right now from this concealer I do not like it! Like it is breaking up so bad I'm trying to like add some powder under there to like stop the breakage, and maybe give some coverage back, but it's like ugh, no, I am not happy with it! Alright, time to put some mascara on my lower lashes I'm gonna to be using the MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash That's such a long name for a mascara! So now moving on to the face, I'm going to be contouring using the Charlotte Tilbury Film Star Bronze and Glow palette, it looks like this! I know I've used the highlight before, but I don't think I've ever actually used this, like, bronzing, sculpting shade, so let's hope it looks pretty

I'm always really scared to try new contour colours I don't know It's just like It's just something I'm afraid of, because it's like the whole face is basically done at this point, and if you put on a contour colour that's like super muddy, or just too red, or just not your colour, you're just like, "Damn it!" Like, I don't know, I get really nervous I feel like that's why I really like to stick with my bronzer and contours

Like, I'm very devoted and I never want to like step outside the box, so it's very hard for me to try new things Okay, this is a pretty colour This is pretty! Yaaay! It definitely has a little bit of a red undertone on me, which I don't typically love Do you see all that texture right there? [Long sigh] What's going on with me? For blush I'm going to be using Becca Cosmetics Flower Child, I want my cheeks definitely to have like a pink, blushing, very girly vibe I'm just taking that same damp beauty sponge as earlier and just kind of carving out what I just applied, to keep it nice and clean

I pretty much do this no matter what, unless it's just like day to day and I'm using a huge fluffy bronzer brush just to apply bronzer kind of everywhere I always carve this out just to clean it up so that it doesn't look messy I'm gonna put in some clear brow gel while I'm letting that sit, so I can get these brows under control I always wait towards the very end to do my clear brow gel, just because, as I'm applying my makeup, like, I'll hit my brows, I'll move them around, So I just wait until the very, very end to apply this so they're just signed, sealed, delivered Now I'm going to just clean that up with a brush

You can see it just makes that area look much more put together, and just not not like a hot mess I'm gonna grab the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in the shade Luminous Light, one of my favourite highlighting powders if you want a really, like, natural, subtle glow I just love this one so much

It's what like, all the women in my family use I'm gonna grab a big brush, and what I'm gonna do is basically just dust this almost everywhere, like on all of my high points, because it's so subtle, but it's just going to give you like, honestly, a glow from within It's just gonna give you inner radiance It's not gonna be like, "BAM, highlight!" It's just gonna give you a really pretty, soft, feminine glow Now, if you are really oily, this would probably be your worst nightmare, but if you are dry to normal and you don't have to fight with oil constantly breaking through your makeup, then this would be the ideal way to really get that, just like, inner beam of radiance that girls like me, who are always dry to normal, are searching for

Now I'm gonna go back to that Charlotte Tilbury highlighting and contour palette, I'm gonna grab a really light amount of this highlight, because it is already a really, really subtle shade But I'm going to just put a pinch right there at the tops of the cheekbones Alright, and now for lips, I'm going to be using one of the new Morphe liquid lipsticks in the shade "Morphe" It's cute! Right? 'Cause like, Morphe, red okay

Use my code! PLEAAASE use my code! So now to finish this look, I'm just gonna go in with some Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix setting spray, and I'm gonna spray my entire face [Singing] Aaahhhh! Whenever I'm waiting for my finishing spray to dry, I always just try to stare straight forward, because if you look up or look down, you can make your eyeliner or your mascara smudge all over your face, because your face IS wet, so try to just look straight forward for like a full 60 seconds until it's dry Alright, so that completes this look! Of course I had to change and put on some pretty earrings, but I'm leaving the greasy hair in the ponytail Okay? Okay Anyway, so the one thing I take away from this video, trying a couple new products, is the Estée Lauder Double Wear concealer, I did not like

And I hate to say that, which is why I don't typically do first impressions on camera, because I hate, hate, hate to say negative things about brands Typically if a product comes out and I try it and I don't talk about it, that means I don't like it, if that makes sense Like I try tons of things off camera, but on camera, I just don't like giving things a negative review Um, but I know a lot of people like the honesty, and I – I didn't like this concealer It went on so beautifully, very full coverage, and it dried really quickly and very matte, so I had really high hopes, but throughout doing my makeup, it was breaking up, creasing, and just kind of like, fading away

It was like just running down my eye area, so I am not a fan of that concealer, sadly As far as the Colour Pop eyeshadows, I am super duper impressed with these These are really nice, especially for the price Like very creamy, very pigmented, I didn't have any trouble blending whatsoever, Like really, really beautiful I hope that they expand the line 'cause I love me some single eyeshadows

I hope that they make it like a really huge line, because they're really beautiful The only thing that I don't love about them is there is a lot of kickback, meaning, like, when you take your brush and you like go to like dip into a colour, I don't know if it's in focus If you go to like dip it into a colour like this, like you see how much product comes up? So you constantly have to be tapping, constantly have to be blowing off the product, which is not that big of a deal, especially for the price If it's gonna be like a $40 eyeshadow, then that's bothersome, but for the price, it's not that big of a deal But that's honestly the only negative in them that I discovered, so, yeah, that's it you guys! I really hope that you enjoyed this talk-through Valentine's Day look I personally love this look I think it's super girly and super feminine, and it's pretty easy to do if you guys follow along I think it's pretty easy

So anyway, I'm gonna stop talking I love you guys, thank you so much for watching, I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day, even if you don't have a man, even if you're all by yourself, I hope that you have a wonderful day celebrating you So, thank you so much for watching, I love you, and I'll see you later [Kiss] Bye!

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