Why I decided to create all-natural skincare and makeup

– I was 39 years old, didn't think it was gonna happen right away, but we got pregnant right away (happy music) At seven weeks, I miscarried

I knew that I would never know what happened, but I knew that if there was something I could change, that I had to change it And so I started investigating my environment and everything around me I was seven weeks along, getting ready for work one morning and that's when I glanced down at my moisturizer The ingredients on my natural, healthy, organic moisturizer were chemicals I needed an alternative

Immediately that day, I put my moisturizer down and I went in my kitchen and used the only thing I knew that would be safe because I knew that I had to only put good things on my skin My skin's my largest organ, I know that, and I need to feed it what I would feed my body And then I started looking, I started researching and trying to figure out what I could do differently with my skin care I was a brand new nurse and my first job was in the burn center, and it's where my passion for the skin really started So I started creating my own ingredients

I wanted to create things that helped heal the body My passion is for healing, my passion is for the skin And I really wanted to give myself what big cosmo promised but fell short doing I didn't want the chemicals, but I didn't want to give anything up So I knew if I could treat my skin with food, I could possibly see results and it blew me away

It blew me away when I started putting food-type ingredients on my skin, my skin looked better than ever I decided to start a business so that I could not just help myself and my family, but I could share it with everyone I am Trina Felber, I am a registered nurse and certified register nurse anesthetist I am the paleo skincare expert, CEO of Primal Life Organics Paleo Skincare, and author of the book Beauty's Dirty Secret (subdued music)

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