Women Find The Cause Of Their Acne

– I would love for like a day where it's not like oh my God your skin looks really good right now, but it's just like, oh my God, your skin is fucking flawless (pop music) Today we're getting our acne diagnosed

And I'm very excited about it – I'm slightly nervous just because I've been avoiding them for a while now – When I was a teen, I actually had really clear skin And like never had to wear make up It wasn't until like I was in my 20s and all of a sudden I started getting like weird cystic acne that I was like what the fuck is going on? – So about six months ago, I was completely normal skin

Now, as of today, I'm pretty combination – I feel like the dermatologist is gonna tell me that it's like hormonal because I do find that my acne is very cyclical – At first I thought it was my makeup, so I changed my makeup And then I thought it was because I wasn't cleaning my brushes enough And I just hate that I can't walk out the house without makeup on

– I'm ready to just get it figured out (upbeat music) – My name is Dr Vicki Rapaport And I am a dermatologist at Rapaport Dermatology I'm gonna help diagnose their acne

Explain to them what kind of acne that they have Hi Alaina How are you doing? – I'm doing well, I'm excited – I'm gonna take a really good look at you and then we'll decide what to do based on what I see So now comes rule number one in my book

Absolutely no picking allowed, right? – Right, see that's a problem I'm a picker – Okay, so you're a picker – Yeah – That's good information, that's stuff I need to hear about

From afar, it looks a little bit T-Zone Not so much on your forehead, but down the middle of your face is central acne And yes, it is definitely cystic I mean, they're small cysts, but they're cysts Even if you told me you didn't pick, I would know you were not telling me the truth because I can tell

– I know – But that's good in a way that it's mostly old picked lesions, it's not a lot of active things You do you have a couple little tiny pustules And then you have a couple old scars on your chin It's pretty clear you have a genetic predisposition to either have a lot of oil glands in these areas, compared to the average person, or your oil glands are just easily turned on

Remember, stick with science We do know a couple things now and it's kind of new There's something called the glycemic index I've been shown that high glycemic index foods can affect acne White sugar, white rice, cookies, candies, sodas, having a high glycemic index food that increases your insulin levels does actually affect your oil production

We've diagnosed your acne, and now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do a liquid nitrogen slush on you It's gonna take off the very top surface layer And just help start the whole exfoliation progress I like the idea of doing the lightstim on you It's gonna take about 10 minutes, and like I said, there's no down time

And it kills the bacteria on your skin (upbeat music) Let's talk about Bree first It's really interesting about Bree is that you see her from afar and you think that she has a lot of acne, but actually she just has more post inflammatory lesions that are old So we're treating Bree topically Alaina, she had a little bit different acne

Hers was a little deeper, a little more cystic She was very, very, very oily Her oil production will be good later in life, but now it's just causing more acne For her, we did something oral, an antibiotic which will kill the bacteria – Thank you so much for everything today

I feel like we worked out some serious issues You're now my dermatologist and my therapist – The first time going to the dermatologist, I was quite nervous I knew she would have to tell me what I needed to hear And I didn't think I was necessarily ready for that

Because I thought I was doing the right things – I had a very strong inkling that it would be hormonally based And I think she emphasized more of like a genetic basis on it – She had told me that my diet is a big cause of my acne I thought she was gonna tell me something completely different

– I fully recommend going to a dermatologist I honestly don't know how it took me so long to go Like, I feel really silly about it I recognize that, like healthcare can be kind of expensive, and finding the right doctor can be intimidating, but like, if there is something bothering you about, like, the way your skin is, there's not a reason for you to live like that (upbeat music)

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